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“Youth With You 3” Tony Yu: If Debuted Successfully, Hasn’t Thought Of Being A Leader

Tony Yu

A few days ago, “Youth With You 3Tony Yu was interviewed by The Beijing News.

During the interview, the reporter asked if it was stressful to be a trainee with some fame before the show. Tony Yu said that as a contestant with a well-known should be more relaxed, though if you do not have a fan base, you have to pay more effort.


In the show and in private he showed the same character. In fact, he does not want to show his private life in the show, but the program is 24 hours monitoring recording.

So sometimes, in the night, when he fell tired, he will put down the idol image management, it will be broadcast, very embarrassing, this program has been broadcast his very real life.

Tony Yu

He is satisfied with his current ranking, but in terms of performance, he thinks there are still a lot of regrets to make up for. He had just failed in a goal he had set for himself before, so now he was setting a new goal. His previous goal was the theme song C.

The reporter asked whether he wanted to be the leader, Yu Jingtian replied, “because I am very young now, it might not suitable to be the leader.”

Tony Yu

He feels that trying not to face outside questions, is the best way to resolve it. Because there will always be people to question you.

If someone says which point he is not doing good, he will do his best to change it. For example, someone said his colored contact lenses are very ugly, he may change them. But if it is such as “ah, you are ugly”, then he will do plastic surgery, so it depends on the Situation.

More than caring about outside evaluations, he said he wants to be responsible for the image of his output and wants his fans to feel that they can be proud of being his fans.

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  1. Hahaha, baby.. No need to do plastic surgery. You are handsome enough without it. One more thing, we’ll accompany you through all the way even after the debut, no matter what may come. Don’t be influenced by negative opinions and improve on things that needs to be improved. Just be your own self, and continue bringing wonderful works and stages in the future. We love you!