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“Youth With You 3” Tony Yu’s Advancement Speech: Who Said The Theme Song C Will Be The Final C

On March 20, the ranking of the first round of the “Youth With You 3” was officially announced, Tony Yu got first place. But obviously, We did not see a very happy or relieved expression on his face. It would be strange to look like this when he got first place.


But then Yu Jingtian immediately answered everyone’s doubts by speaking very boldly in his ranking speech. And there was a sense of challenge and defiance. He said very confidently: who said the initial C will be the final C. This made the audience suddenly realize that Yu Jingtian was minding the matter.

In fact, according to previous seasons, including Cai Xukun, Li Wenhan, and Liu Yuxin, all of them debuted in the first place, but also served as the center of the theme song at the same time.

However, this time, Yu Jingtian was not able to win the first C of the theme song due to a foot injury, which probably made him unhappy even after winning first place.

Yu Jingtian’s speech caused the cheers of all of the trainees. The atmosphere inside the training ground was instantly raised up.


But he must have very good strength to say such words in front of so many people, after all, the talent show must rely on the strength.

Although Tony Yu is young, the performance experience is very rich. And because the relatively early entry into the entertainment industry, make him understand the cruelty of competition.

He knows how to take every opportunity. That’s why he is brave to say that he has to tearfully break the rules. Can not get the theme song center position, then he must win the final center position.

But when Yu Jingtian said this, there was a feeling that he was pointed directly at the initial center position owner. And in fact, Luo Yizhou’s current ranking is not very high.

Luo Yizhou

Although Luo Yizhou has a good appearance and strength, but did not get first place in the vote will inevitably be questioned.

The program team is certainly very good at taking advantage of such conflicts and immediately turned the camera to Luo Yizhou.

But Luo Yizhou is also really a person of great charisma. In the face of Yu Jingtian’s straightforward provocation, he stood up directly from his seat and asked the program team for a microphone to speak. It felt like the atmosphere at the scene must have been tense and awkward.

Luo Yizhou

He affirmed Yu Jingtian’s words firstly, saying that he admired Yu Jingtian’s expression just now. Then he said, we will talk through the stage performance. This is the dialogue between the strong? It feels like there is respect everywhere but also full of aggression.

Of course, after receiving the reply, Yu Jingtian is also very smart, did not continue so awkward and tense atmosphere. After all, it is a variety show and they still have to train together in the future as good friends.

He chose to use a smile to defuse the awkwardness. But Luo Yi Zhou is obviously more determined and even revealed a little disdain.

Tony Yu Liang Sen

But the funniest is Liang Sen who was standing next to Tony Yu, because after listening to their speeches, he joked that he felt a bit redundant. But this is Liang Sen’s style, behind the seemingly casual he must also have put in a lot of effort.

It is such a showdown that makes viewers chasing the talent shows because the talent show is born for the dream. Who is your pick so far? Is Tony or Luo Yi Zhou, in the end, who can become the final C, we have to wait and see.

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  1. To those who havent watched the full version. This wasnt his full speech, first he thanked all the people around him, IQIYI and the staff members, his fellow friends who were eliminated and lastly a question was asked to him and in terms of that a whole lot of explanation was edited from that scene, I promise you that his full speech is so much different than what you see in the episode. He answered that question not to provoke Luo Yizhou’s fans but to encourage that what you see might drastically change because each and everyone of them can take the spot anytime. If you guys decide to hate Tony because of this then you should be ashamed because he just likes friendly rivalry, dont hate on him.

  2. Tony fan is afraid Yzhou’s steal Tony Comfort seat. Get burn Yzhou’s performance have praised by all 4 mentors even lisa is impressed.

  3. Even if he did not mean to direct the remark to Yizhou, mentioning the first center obviously people would look at him like what the trainees did. Love Yizhou’s response though, very classy and very mature way of handling a snide remark.

    1. Yzhou’s is so mature he didn’t attack Tony like Tony attacking him. He is the real face of Idol and the center. Even everyone in youth with you season 3 trainees loves him. Media will love him too. Go team Yizhou

  4. Tony didn’t mean that he is trying to replace Yizhou then become a center he just simply means he want to break the rule concluded from all season of this program(every first center become to the last center)
    He is not direct speech to someone
    First center that he speech here don’t represent Yizhou but means all previous first center of ywy had become a final center,so he want to try to break the rule to become the first one who is not first center but became the final center
    That quote is very popular on Chinese internet that ppl concluded from the last 3 season of ywy before Tony said it,it was already there and super famous,it actually become the top seach in china when this season started
    He didn’t say that because he thinks that he is high.he just want to prove and challenges ywy’s stereotypes
    In my opinion,
    No one owns the final center for now,not Yizhou not even Tony,So every trainee has the right to say,right to dream for the final center
    I don’t understand why Yizhou fans butthurt like it’s already cemented that Yizhou will be a final center and Tony attempting to steal it.

  5. I don’t feel like there was any animosity between the two and it felt like a friendly competition. I actually was happy Tony said that. It’s an open acknowledgement of Yizhou’s talent if the top person sees him as the true rival, and not the other trainees in the top 9. I’m glad that Yizhou will get more attention now because of this :)!

  6. this is a part of advertising the show, but honestly speaking if you going to watch the whole elimination it such a pity that there were many trainee who are very talented but they were not notice by the viewers (possible with screen time and such)
    Is such that Tony have the higher chance on debuting as an idol, in my ipinion (not bias to anyone) i think it is better to be humble on getting top 1 because its still just the 1st elemination comparing to 59 trainee (talented or not) they were not recognize. I watched the other season, i think you should be grateful first for what you have, not everyone who have skills or wihout skills can stay till the end of the show.

    1. Absolutely agree – that callout was not necessary. Luo Yizhou handled it with such grace and made me like him even more.

      1. It was evil editing. If you watched the full speech Tony gave (which is available on iQIYI) then you can see that he and LYZ shook hands at the end and have a good relationship. He did not call out anyone. This spreading of false rumours is extremely damaging, not only to Tony’s reputation, but also to Tony and LYZ’s friendship

    2. But Tony didn’t direct it to Yizhou tho. People have different interpretation. I don’t think it’s rude. What’s wrong with voicing out ur goals. He’s not happy nor he is sad because he knows that this is just the first elimination. You can be the first place in the first elimination and then get eliminated on the second one. Life is always unexpected. (I’m a Tony + Yizhou fans btw)

      1. I don’t understand why can’t people voice out what they want. Everyone has different opinions. But that word[ disdain ] I don’t think that word should be used.

        1. Who are you replying to? Are you replying to me or others?

  7. Tony did not lose the center position due to foot injury. Luo Yizhuo deserved the position and he was chosen because other trainees thought he was talented.

    Tony will most likely be center once the season ends because he is so popular. Besides Yizhuo is more of a leader than a center anyway. There is a difference.

  8. Pretty savage! I know it might be bothering Yu Jingtian for a long time. It’s always mentioned the “curse” especially the theme song evaluation period. He wanted to break that. What’s so arrogant of wanting to change that? And clearly, people are getting more invested on Chuang, saying that QCYN 3 is boring, and this episode just spiced things up, left the viewers wanting to know what will happen in the end.

  9. What’s wrong with voicing out your goals? I dont think Tony wants to drag other people with his speech because technically, he said that to motivate himself to do better for their next challenges. I dont understand why many Yizhou fans are very angry about Tony’s statement.

  10. A little competition never hurt anyone, it’s the fans that are blowing this out of proportions. But honestly, even this article is highly biased. “disdain”? Where did the author see that because I sure didn’t….. not sure disdain is the right word to use here. Also Tony did not lose “due to a foot injury”, the other trainees simply voted. This article could’ve been written more from an objective point of view and with better English…

    1. I totally agree your comment.
      As we see at that situation, Yi Zhou respect Tony statement however he also courage to stand for his ambition,Is this means disdain?

  11. There’s nothing wrong with what tony said. It was just a motivation for himself. Everyone knew about the Produce Curse of Iqiyi like the fans always keeps on highlighting that part thats why he is determined to break the curse. It was not to humiliate yizhou. This video makes it too dramatic.
    But i also agree with yizhou, let us just wait for the finals. I know you two will surely debut! Yizhou as the leader, tony as the center.

    1. we all have different interpretation, his fans will like it and his anti fans won’t.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with what tony said. It was just a motivation for himself. Everyone knew about the Produce Curse of Iqiyi like the fans always keeps on highlighting that part thats why he is determined to break the curse. It was not to humiliate yizhou. This video makes it too dramatic.
      But i also agree with yizhou, let us just wait for the finals. I know you two will surely debut! Yizhou as the leader, Tony as the center.

      1. Yass! Yizhou has the leader vibes probably because he went to military and Tony has this vibe that captivates you once he starts performing. Who says that only center can be leader?