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“Youth With You 3” Off The Air, Tony Yu Jingtian Withdrew

Tony Yu Jingtian

The talent show ”Youth With You 3“ is coming to the end. However, the show and the trainee Tony Yu Jingtian have been caught in a storm of controversy before the upcoming finale.


On the evening of May 4, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television issued an official document urgently calling off the subsequent recording of ”Youth With You 3“.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television

“In response to the problems related to website variety show “Youth With You 3” reported by the public, we attached great importance to it and held talks with the relevant persons in charge, ordering iQIYI to suspend the production of “Youth With You 3”.

The emergency suspension by the Bureau of Radio and Television before the finale had an unimaginable impact on both the show and the trainees.


Subsequently, the official account of “Youth With You 3” confirmed the news and said that they sincerely accepted and firmly obeyed.

Tony Yu Agency

In the early morning of May 5, Tony Yu (Yu Jingtian)’s agency officially released a statement that Tony Yu was unable to continue the recording of the show due to medical reasons and therefore Tony Yu Jingtian decided to withdraw from the competition of “Youth With You 3”.

There are many opinions on the reason why the show has been suspended. Most netizens believe that Tony Yu is the key, while others were saying that it is likely to be related to the “dumping of milk”.


Some time ago, a netizen posted a video to report that some people were dumping a brand of dairy products down the drain and that the brand was the title sponsor of “Youth With You 3”.

The title sponsor prints voting QR codes on the lid of each bottle of dairy products, and each QR code corresponds to one vote.

If you want to vote repeatedly for your idols, you have to buy more drinks. So there is a situation where fans buy dairy products just to vote and don’t drink them.

The drinks that have been opened can’t be sold twice, so there is a situation where dairy products are poured down the drain and recycled plastic bottles.

The Xinhua News Agency

But this wasteful behavior caught the attention of the official media after the video went viral. On 4 May, the Xinhua news agency severely criticized the phenomenon.

Recently, Yu Jingtian, who is extremely popular in the show “Youth With You 3”, has been subjected to much controversy.

The KTV run by his parents was suspected of involving in porn services and drugs. The local media has also publicly reported similar content before, and there are many drug-related judgments about it.

Even though Tony Yu Jingtian’s mother clarified that the KTV had been transferred out as early as 2008, but then the industrial and commercial changes were only completed in 2019, there were still many drug-related cases that existed before 2008 which could not be reasonably explained.

Then netizens once again found that Yu Jingtian’s parents were not only deeply involved in the KTV operation, but also wrote off some related companies on May 1.

Tony Yu

The storm over this matter has not completely passed, Tony Yu Jingtian was picked out again by netizens. When he participated in a talent show in South Korea, he was claiming Canadian nationality. The netizens questioned Tony Yu Jingtian’s dual nationality.

Tony Yu Jingtian, who was expected to make his C-position debut, faced all kinds of questions. He did not give a response.

After the news was revealed, netizens have been boycotting Tony Yu and asking him to withdraw from the “Yout With You 3. They hope it will not affect the future and career of the other trainees!

However, many days have passed, although the boycott is getting stronger and stronger, Tony Yu has no intention of withdrawing from the competition, and is not even affected at all.

This matter involves too wide a scope. Not only Yu Jingtian lost a lot of fans, but also there are many netizens organized to report.

ranking before final

After the controversy of Tony Yu, the ranking of “Youth With You 3” has also changed. In the voting before the final, Yu Jingtian, who had been in the C position, had been replaced by Luo Yizhou, but the gap was not large.

Many of Yu Jingtian’s fans said they would vote their idol back into first place again. But now it seems that not only will Tony Yu Jingtian not return to first place, but the group’s debut is even more out of reach.

Yu Jingtian

But whatever the reason for the show’s suspension, it is the innocent trainees who have suffered the most, such as Lian Huaiwei, the trainee who was once just one step away from making his debut, Sun Yihang who persisted in his dream for seven years and so on.

All the trainees are going on stage with all their hopes, but in the end, they can only sigh helplessly.

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  1. Throw Tony out and continue the show. Why have to victimized all the other trainees?? Crush everybody’s hope just because of 1 person? Totally unacceptable!

    1. Its not Tony’s fault okay? you guys are blaming a 18 year old teenager for bringing down everybody but it wasn’t even his fault. And moreover the fact that Ywy3 had to stop recording wasn’t entirely because of Tony too, it was mainly because of the pouring milk yogurt incident. Tony already has a lot of weight and difficulties right now, he has already quit the show, Stop blaming him.

      1. Don’t ever blame someone without presenting concrete evidences to support your argument against him/her. 🙂

    2. The show isn’t postponed because of Tony!!! Please know that for sure and read carefully! The government won’t care about a trainee idol controversy. What they care about us about the dumping milk! It affects on the environment. STOP BLAMING TONY!!!

    3. Yo bro it’s not nice to criticize someone like that when there is no such as evidence saying that Tony is the reason why youth with you is under suspension and it’s not time to blame anyone because blaming anyone won’t u suspend the show okeay😌

  2. Bring Yu Jingtian back to the YWY 3

    he deserved so much more than this, idc who ends up as center or not. I wanted him debut so much that I felt kinda sad for him I definitely liked him and he did not deserve all this hate he’s getting.

  3. Bring tony back to the show!!! he has nothing to do with the issue of his parent!!!

    1. Please bring tony back he don’t deserve to quit please 😭

    2. but how can you explain he said he is Canadian in South Korea but said he is happy to be a Chinese in China? It’s intolerable in China!

      1. No need to explain that because that is the truth tho. And the program must been aware of that fact. If his dual citizenship will cause him trouble and untolerable as an idol, then they should have address that or not even let him join the show beforehand. They shouldn’t give the anti an opportunity to ruin his reputation and future. They even brought that matter a week before his suppose debut, seriously? So don’t be like those cruel people and stop questioning him for pursuing his dreams. Blame those people who chose to waste milk becauase that is the real issue here.

  4. I am at the same age as Tony so this thing really kind of hurts me because I can’t imagine how much pain this talented, hard working boy who’s at the same age as me gets has to endure because of something his parents were involved in. Like, I am completely blew away by the lack of empathy the fan comments on Chinese social media (most of them I witnessed on Douban) have, what is this 18-year-old boy supposed to do ? He didn’t choose the family he was born into, he couldn’t control what kind of business his family was running at the time, even if he knew anything about it, what could he possibly do? Abandon his family or refuse his family’s support as an underage? Report his family?? Hell, though it sounds naive, to me the most sensible thing to do is for Aiqiyi to protect Tony’s own innocence, like if I were the manager I would publish something claiming that how Tony as someone who just reached 18 has no control over what his family did, and it is his HARD WORK and his DANCING, PERFORMING SKILLS that got him to deserve the C-position and fan base ! He’s only 18 and it is even more important to get him what he deserves as an hard working trainee, so that he could have his own future and support himself, instead of being dragged down by his questionable family ! Literally can’t feel more sorry for Tony, and all the other trainees who are affected by this scandal… (including my picks, X and Neil) I don’t think there’s anyone else in the story to blame other than Tony’s parents and the overall toxicity of the flawed moral standards the Chinese fanbase, online community and press media have.

    1. I couldn’t agree more on everything you said in this article. However I feel that about his parent’s issue, we shouldn’t just believe the rumors, there might be more story to it than it seems, so I think we shouldn’t keep blaming Tony’s parents too. The toxicity of the flawed moral standards of the cnetizens are indeed very…….. unbelievable. And obviously, someone is trying to bring Tony down, cause why else dig out this kind of news and spread it on the internet literally ONE WEEK BEFORE FINALE? This incident is not only unfair to Tony, but also unfair to all the other trainees that have worked so hard.

      1. Not just the trainees but the staff & crews also of YWY3. The people who spread those rumors definitely doesn’t have conscience at all.. Maybe they thought,, they have gain something but in reality they just loss real big one. Karma real quick. Believe me.

  5. Tony’s parents are to blame! They did all that illegal stuff. Now, their son has to pay for their sins. Can’t stop shaking my head. What a waste, not only for Tony, but for everybody on the show. They were put in the spotlight and got dragged into the mess because of Tony’s parents controversy.

  6. I feel sorry for him, he’s really hard work and want to reach his dream. When he almost reach it, then the storm (rumors) come to him, cause of the rumor about his parents’ KTV that nothing to do with him and his dual citizenship. I think it’s doesn’t big deal, ok, having dual citizenship is prohibited, but i think it’s doesn’t make to be an issue.

    This show is about a place to reach one’s dream to be an idol. Unless he make something that unforgiveable, that really another case. But he do nothing but reach his dream. i really want him to debut, if can, i want him to back and debut.

    1. Dual citizenship is just a small matter? He is breaking Chinese law, you say he still wants to make a debut in China? Isn’t that a joke? What do you take Chinese law for?
      In China, drug trafficking is a serious matter that can involve three generations of children. How come his parents didn’t think about his son’s future when they were doing this? His parents breaking the law was the biggest obstacle to his stardom.
      He could have done well elsewhere and no one would have attacked him. But being a public figure is definitely out of the question.

      1. Btw china moron keyboard warriors… U all always talk about china law… But are you guys following? Without concrete prove and slander others in the internet, not against law? Joke la… hope u get sue in court when the lawyer letter(from the victims) come to your mailbox

        1. you really have no respect for Chinese laws, cultural values, and history

  7. When I’m about to vote for tony, I was so shock to see “quit”. I feel so sorry for tony. YWY3 will not be YWY3 without tony!!! I hope he will rise from all those controversies he encounter and debut successfully in time! 🥺

  8. This is so brutal to Tony’s career and future. Why was there no protection, why didn’t YWY step up and protect Tony and the rest of the trainees? Would giving you one of his citizenships be good enough for Chinese fans? This really taints the debuting 9s image not just Tony’s. The company should’ve come forth and defended Tony before antis tried to harm Tony in turn also harming their own favourites and the show itself. Now the show is suspended and no one wins. If Tony came first fair and square in all 3 ranking evaluations, that means he’s talented and worthy. Don’t dig up useless dirt to drag him down. It drags other trainees down too and now everyone is hurt. I remember hearing about similar controversies with other c idols, but they were all covered up. Why wasn’t Tony protected at all. If that many fans are telling Tony to withdraw and he actually does, does that mean if millions of Tony fans tell him to come back YWY will urge him to come back? Because that sounds bad like the show doesn’t have a backbone to protect it’s contestants.

    I feel sorry for Tony altogether, he worked hard and he’s only 18. Imagine having your dreams and hopes ruined at 18, his adulthood hasn’t even started yet. Dual citizenship be damned, I’m pretty sure in previous controversies like this, the idol just abandoned one of their citizenships (simple as that). And the c media didn’t trash them like they did to Tony. When fans accused Tony of being two faced because Tony talked about him being proud to represent China in Pd101 but he allegedly said he was Canadian in the Korean show. It was because one of the interviewers asked him first “does being the only Chinese trainee getting into the finals make you feel proud/give you an advantage?” What else was he supposed to say to that question? “Oh no sorry I’m Canadian, I’m not proud of being Chinese” Like ok he answered the question how it was asked. So he said “I’m proud to be Chinese”.

    The issue with his parents also has nothing to do with him either. I’ve seen many Chinese fans say that Tony’s actions are not his parent’s actions. What about other c idols who were proper drug addicts who also became successful. In this instance Tony isn’t even remotely related to the drug and prostitution allegations on his parents. Keyword: his parents 13 years ago! Tony grew up in Canada not China where the KTV allegations could’ve affected him. It’s like saying my dad murdered someone, oh no now I’m a terrible person for being related to him.

    Super unfair, Tony and the other trainees need justice for their hard work. Seriously let him debut and bring him back! Or give him up, stop letting the media drag Tony around.

    1. that true..back tony yu please…18 years old boy he give there best for her dream please back ywy3..im 1 fan tony yu..im sad very beacouse he quit

  9. I just hope that this issue will not affect other trainees’ career, especially it’s a boy band. An issue of one can really affect the profile of the group.

    1. This is why many other trainees’ fans are against Tony’s debut.

      1. Still now many sponsors like Este Lauder have cancelled their sponsorship with YWY. Tony Yu leaving still impacts the rest of the trainees as the whole debuting group just lost millions of fans who was supporting Tony as well. If YWY properly defended Tony, the debuting group may be less affected and sponsorships could still pull through. They’re losing a lot from these undefended controversies which. YWY should’ve really done something to protect not just their most popular trainee but the rest of the trainees too.

        1. Maybe because iQiyi couldn’t do anything, the rumours and dirt on Tony are spreading everywhere, its rlly hard for iQiyi to defend Tony also. And the fact that Tony quit is probably his company’s decision not iQiyi (my guess). But anyway its just really heartbreaking to see my favourite trainee leave ywy3 🙁

    2. Does this mean that YWY 3 will not continue? I feel so sad especially for those trainees who have the potential to debut, just like Lian he went back to the show because he wants to prove to everybody that he’s good enough. And then it’s one step closer to his dream and suddenly this issue came up. It’s very unfair.

  10. As an international viewer of this show it feels uncomfortable to comment on this season, but I will give it a try and welcome more accurate and up to date info about the subject.
    I hope for everyone involve in the show will be reasonable enough to cancel the show before the audience will start to question the morality of the exploitation of Tony Yu mental state for rating While Compensating the Candidates whom their careers will suffer because of the cancellation. Of course, an addition of official apology will be an more ideal aftermath to the show but I don’t think the production of the show is capable of being accountable for what they committed so cancelling and Compensating will be good enough for me.

  11. Can someone enlighten me on why they make Tony’s nationality a big deal? Does that mean anyone who will join must be what? Sorry, but I always heard this kind of issue not just from this show regarding the nationality of someone.

    I feel sorry for Tony 🙁

    1. China does not allow dual citizenship. If he does have dual citizenship, then he is breaking the law in China. He can give up his Chinese citizenship. Just like “Chuang 2021” Zhou Keyu owns American citizenship, and he doesn’t have Chinese citizenship, so he doesn’t have any issue.

      1. He didn’t break the law. He only breaks a rule. And I knew dozens of my colleagues breaked the same rule. No big deal.

        1. Go and learn more Chinese law. Don’t talk nonsense here.

          According to Article 3 and Article 9 of the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China
          The People’s Republic of China does not recognize Chinese citizens as having dual nationality;
          If a Chinese citizen who has settled abroad voluntarily joins or acquires a foreign nationality, he or she automatically loses Chinese nationality.
          If a Chinese citizen loses his Chinese nationality, he shall cancel his Chinese household registration and Chinese resident identity card, and shall no longer enjoy the rights and obligations of a Chinese citizen!

          If you do not report it voluntarily, the Chinese authorities have no way of knowing whether you have lost your Chinese nationality. So it is in fact possible to have both a Chinese and a Canadian passport. You will still have your Chinese registration and citizenship, but it is not legal.

          1. Thank you so much for answering my question. Now I know why it comes to this point. But it’s very unfair for other trainees. As you can see some of them travel from different countries, some join this program again to prove themselves. Their hard work, effort, and dedication for their future and success. And then because of this issue, it will turn into nothing.

    2. This is not my opinion. I am just repeating what I’ve read elsewhere. I actually don’t understand why it’s a big deal either and felt he should debut. Chuang has trainees that aren’t Chinese citizens, so what’s the big deal?

      I read that dual citizenship is a big deal. Not only is it illegal, it’s also frowned upon by the general population because they view it as you not having pride in being Chinese. With regards to the KTV his parents owned, apparently they think that he was raised with money that was at the cost of other people’s lives (prostit*tion, drugs, etc.). That children of anti-drug police often get targeted, and have to pay the price for their parents actions, so why not him?

      Do two wrongs make a right though? I’m not from China, so it’s really not in my place to comment on the validity of their people’s reaction to this. He is in a show to enter the Chinese entertainment industry, so it is what it is. From my personal opinion, it seems a lot for an 18 year-old to garner so much hate. I can’t imagine what he must be going through right now. He was literally days away from having all his dreams come true.

      Some fans seem to instigate that other trainee fans did this. But to be honest, they have nothing to gain from this. The backlash is so severe, with the show being put on hold. The trainees will forever be associated with this scandal. I feel like other shows/groups would have more to gain from this. Personal opinion here, no proof whatsoever.

      1. The main issue here is that in China we don’t accept a person to debut whose parents might have committed crimes. You MUST also be responsible for your family members’ crimes. (I totally disagree with this and I may not want to come back to China to work after this drama.) So there is a risk that the government may ban Tony later as they already did for Yuyan in The9. The fans want Tony to quit to protect the whole group. Another factor is that they want to increase the probability that their picks debut.

        1. In fact, quit is the best way to protect him. Otherwise, when everything put in front of the public, he will get more hurt. He will be ruined totally.

        2. What did they ban Yuyan for? She was just a guest mentor on the show.

      2. First of all, dual citizenship is illegal, and then if you know Chinese history, you will know why it is so harsh on drug trafficking and also has to affects future generations.
        There is also the craziness of the fans that has caused the public to turn against Tony Yu.
        There are Verdicts of Tony Yu parents’ KTV drug trafficking on the net, the fans are still trying to whitewash him and run to denigrate the children of anti-drug police, which is unacceptable to the public. Rather than people being upset with Tony Yu, they more hate the crazy behavior of his fans.
        In short, Tony Yu should not debut, He could not lead young people who have not yet developed the right values. He can debut at home as a karaoke prince.

        1. I guess what I’m also confused about is has all this been proven true? It seems like he’s getting persecuted before a fair trial. I don’t follow all the stuff Chinese netizen were able to dig up, but the internet is a dangerous place since a lot of things could be edited/photoshopped/faked. I would hate that his career ended because of false accusations. This happening the week before their debut and the video resurfacing at the same time, taking down the entire show. Last year, Tencent debuted Bonbon Girls after THE9, but this year, they started the same week and ended early. The timing of everything seems fishy to me.

    3. That is NOT a big issue at all and those crazy fans are exaggerating the issue! They only want Tony quit. According to China’s nationality law, all people lost their China’s nationality the moment they obtained other country’s Nationality. However, according to some other rules, Yu JingTian needs to go back to Chengdu to withdraw his personal id card in China. He didn’t do that as many others. Yes, I know a lot of my colleges who also didn’t do that as well. It is not against China’s law, it is just against a rule.

      1. So where is he from? Saying he is Chinese and holding foreign nationality?
        Anyone in China, including foreign frirends, must abide by Chinese laws and relevant rules. As an idol, it is necessary to take the lead. Netizens are right to question him.
        If he is not going to be a public figure, who would care about his affairs.

  12. I feel so bad for Tony :(. I hope he will rise from this. I watched that clip. I interpreted it as, he is from Canada, as in he was living there. To be fair, he moved there in 2008 when he was 6. Most of his memories are growing up there, so it’s not that farfetched for him to say he’s from there from a location perspective. Right after he said his parents were Chinese, which I personally think implies he is Chinese. He never tried to hide his ethnicity or anything. Do these people not feel any shame for ruining the career of an 18 year-old kid? I understand he’s trying to debut as an idol, but is it really his fault that these rumors were spread about him? No one even knows if it’s true. And even if it were, I would say he has 0% blame here. The emotional and mental stress this kid must be going through :(.

  13. I believe in Tony. #Bringyijingtianback #bringtonyback #youthwithyouseason3