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Voice of the Nation – Wang Lei, Gulnazar, Li Zonghan

Voice of the Nation is a war drama film written and directed by Qing Shan, co-directed by Bai Binhai, starring Wang Lei, Gulnazar, Li Zonghan, and Hai Yitian.

The film tells the story of a group of young people who, during the war years, use their blood and music to inspire the world to awaken to the fate of their country and inspire the soldiers on the front line of the war against Japan.


Voice of the Nation

English Title: Voice of the Nation
Chinese Title: 为国而歌
Genre: Drama, War
Duration: 110 min.
Director: Qing Shan, Bai Haibin
Writer: Qing Shan
Producer: Xu Dongbin, Yang Shu, Xu Xing, You Tian, Zhao Shili
Released Date: 2019-10-18
Boradcast Website: -



The movie revolves around the growth and creation of the song " March of the Volunteers" by the Chinese musician Nie Er, and tells the story of a group of cultural heroes who are devoted to the fate of their country. They use their passion to compose the strongest melody of the Chinese nation, " March of the Volunteers."


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