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Patrick Shih

Patrick Shih(Shi Boyu, 施柏宇) born on August 9, 1996, in Taiwan, China, is an actor.

In 2016, the drama “Games Generation” was aired which he played the lead role. In November 2019, he became well know to viewers for the drama “Someday or One Day”. On July 29, 2021, he starred in the fantasy romance drama “First Love Again”, in which he played the role of Ye Youning.


Basic Info

Patrick Shih

Stage Name: Shi Bo Yu
Birth Name: Shi Boyu(施柏宇)
English Name: Patrick Shih
Nickname: Pai Pai
Birthday: August 9, 1996
Place of Birth: Taiwan, China
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 184cm
Weight: 73kg
Blood Type: O
Fandom’s Name: Pai Bao
Instagram: patrick8589
Weibo: 施柏宇patrick


  1. Patrick Shih’s agency is Eelin Entertainment.
  2. Education: he studied at the Fu Jen Catholic University majored in Chemistry.
  3. He was the captain of the school basketball team.
  4. Likes football, baseball and other ball sports too.
  5. He dreams of devote in cosmetics development.
  6. Likes to drink tea and coffee.
  7. Favorete juice is Guava juice.
  8. Doesn’t like plum juice.
  9. Prefer watermelon over ice cream.
  10. Favorite Snacks is Chocolate Cookies.
  11. Patrick Shih can cook.
  12. He can play piano.
  13. Likes to fishing.
  14. Likes to play games.
  15. Likes to watch comedy.
  16. Likes to stay at home.
  17. Likes to travel to USA.
  18. Favorite cartoon character: Pikachu.
  19. Patrick Shih likes to sleep naked.
  20. Favorite color of clothing is black.
  21. Prefer to shopping offline.
  22. He feels that his most attractive body part is his eyes.
  23. Using an animal to describe himself, he chooses dog.
  24. The actress he would most like to work with is Yang Mi.
  25. Favorite Idol: Lisa-BlackPink.
  26. He wanna be a actor like Huang Bo.
  27. His first love was at the age of 15.
  28. The first part he looks at a girl will be her eyes.
  29. Patrick Shih has more female friends than male friends.
  30. Ideal Type Girlfriend: long and straight hair, wearing high heels and dresses, older, love him.


  • 0.1% World(好想去你的世界)(Gao Ang)(TBA)
  • Someday or One Day: The Movie(想见你)(Mo Jun Jie)(TBA)

Television Series

  • First Love Again(循环初恋)(Ye You Ning)(2021)
  • Someday or One Day(想见你)(Mo Jun Jie)(2019)
  • HIStory2: Crossing the Line(越界)(Wang Zhen Wu / Zhang Li Qin)(2018)
  • Gamer’s Generation(电竞纪元)(Nan Ke)(2016)

Variety Shows

  • Everybody Stand By 2(演员请就位2)(2020)
  • Super Nova Games: Season 3(超新星全运会第三季)(2020)

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