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A Tale of Three Cities – Sean Andy, Tang Wei, Qin Hailu, Jing Boran

A Tale of Three Cities is a romantic film directed by Zhang Wanting, starring Sean Andy, Tang Wei, Qin Hailu, and Jing Boran.

Set in China in the late 1930s, the film is based on a true story about a romantic love affair in a time of war and chaos.


A Tale of Three Cities

English Title: A Tale of Three Cities
Chinese Title: 三城记
Genre: Romance, Drama
Duration: 130 min.
Director: Zhang Wanting
Writer: Zhang Wanting, Luo Qirui
Producer: Wang Zhonglei
Product Company: H.BROTHERS
Released Date: 2015-08-27
Broadcast Website: Huashi.tv



In the turbulent 1940s and 1950s, love was definitely hard to come by. A token of commitment, a love song, or a promise was enough to keep lovers deeply connected.

Policeman Fang Daolong, with a complicated identity, meets the legendary woman Chen Yuerong, and their love story spans three cities. They fell in love in Anhui and separated in Shanghai, but they both held onto a promise to meet again in Hong Kong.

That night, Fang Daolong waited for Yuerong's boat to arrive at the shore of Hong Kong Island, but the boat had an accident.

Eventually, Yuerong arrived safely in Hong Kong, and they started a new life together.


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