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A Privacy Safe – Gulnazar, Simon Gu, Yang Tongshu, Guo Dongwen

A Privacy Safe is a romantic film directed by Zhang Jieyong and starring Gulnazar, Simon Gu Cheng, Yang Tongshu, and Guo Dongwen.


A Privacy Safe

English Title: A Privacy Safe
Chinese Title: 隐私保险箱
Genre: Romance, Drama, Suspense
Duration: 100 min.
Director: Zhang Jieyong
Writer: Pi Zhen Fei, Zhang Jieyong
Released Date: 2012-07-09
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频, 爱奇艺



The film tells the story of a bank that has opened a new privacy-safe business, in which three boxes are left unclaimed. The bank sends its staff to investigate the owners of the three boxes and finds that the boxes contain hair, ID cards, and letters, and that each box hides a secret from the past, and in the end, the confession and guilt in the secret dissolve in forgiveness.


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