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Zhu Yuchen (朱雨辰) Profile

Zhu Yuchen

Zhu Yuchen(朱雨辰), born on February 27, 1979, in Shanghai, is a Chinese actor.

His main works include Struggle, My Youthfulness, Love in Cosmo, Family’s N Power of Exponent, Young Couple Times, Anti-Terrorism Special Force, The Chinese Dream, Crossroad Bistro, and so on.

On May 18, 2022, his new work the urban life light comedy My Super Hero will be broadcasted.


Basic Info

Zhu Yuchen

Stage Name: Zhu Yuchen
Chinese Name: Zhu Yu Chen / 朱雨辰
Nickname: Xiao Yu
Place of Birth: Shanghai
Nationality: China
Birthday: February 27, 1979
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 179cm (5’10”)
Weight: 65kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Fandom Name: Fish / 鱼儿
Weibo: 朱雨辰


  1. Zhu Yuchen’s agent is 18 Culture.
  2. Education: he studied at The Central Academy of Drama and majored in Acting.


  • Spy Game(Han Jie)(TBA)
  • Here It All Began(Yang Yang)(TBA)
  • Hakka(Ye He Xing)(TBA)
  • My Super Hero(Wang Niu Lang)(2022)
  • Hello Procurator(Yin Chuan)(2021)
  • The Coolest World(Fang Lue)(2021)
  • Crossroad Bistro(Du Shi Jun)(2021)
  • Black Lighthouse(Cheng Zi Lin)(2020)
  • Inside Man(Fa Da Sheng)(2020)
  • The Chinese Dream(Xiao Zhan)(2019)
  • Entering a New Era(Kang Ning)(2018)
  • Magic City(Support Role)(2018)
  • Fuhun Qian Guize(Unknown)(2017)
  • I Am the Red Army(Nie Jiu)(2016)
  • The Chaser(Chang Ping An)(2016)
  • Anti-Terrorism Special Force(Yang Can)(2015)
  • Dating Hunter(Pu Bian)(2014)
  • Love at Jurassic(Huang Yuan Shuai)(2014)
  • Wen Family’s Secret(Qiu Fei)(2012)
  • Cool Storm(Chen Mu Feng)(2012)
  • Young Couple Times(Xu Hang)(2012)
  • Management Marriage(Ye Xiao Yu)(2012)
  • Family’s N Power of Exponent(Chu Mu)(2011)
  • The Romance of Jianghu(Ji Yue)(2010)
  • I Love 3 Hearts and 2 Minds(Main Role)(2009)
  • My Youthfulness(Fang Yu)(2009)
  • Memoirs in China(Cao Guang Han)(2008)
  • Struggle(Hua Zi)(2007)
  • We Have Nowhere To Place Youth(Ge Jun)(2007)
  • Vagabond Vigilante(Song Teng Xiao)(2006)
  • Hui Niang Wan Xin(Wu Hui Jun)(2006)
  • The Vinegar Tribe(Unknown)(2005)
  • Flying Butterfly(Lu Xin)(2004)
  • King of Food(Shunzhi emperor)(1998)


  • My Beloved Bodyguard(Piao Chang Sheng)(2016)
  • Chinese Horror Story(Zhang Ling)(2015)
  • Blind Spot(Tommy)(2015)
  • Lacuna(Zhang Lei)(2012)
  • Love You You(Hao Chang)(2010)
  • What Is the Big Deal(Wang Xia Po)(2009)
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