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Zhang Yishang

Zhang Yishang(张艺上), born on March 4, 1996, in Chongqing, is a Chinese actor.

In 2015, she played in her first movie “Railroad Tigers”. On, March 30, 2021, the ancient romance web drama “No Boundary” in which she starred was aired.


Basic Info

Zhang Yishang

Stage Name: Zhang Yishang
Birth Name: Zhang Yishang(张艺上)
Birthday: March 4, 1996
Place of Birth: Chongqing
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Height: 172cm
Weight: 50kg
Fandom Name: Ni Shang
Weibo: zzzzz_张艺上
Instagram: zzzzzyyyyysssss


  1. Her agent is T.H ENTERTAINMENT.
  2. Education: she studied acting in the Central Academy of Drama.
  3. He has been studying dance since he was nine years old.
  4. At the age of 16, she went to Beijing Dance Academy to study folk dance.
  5. Loves to sing and play guitar.
  6. Likes to eat spicy foods.


  • 深夜食堂(Si Si)(Midnight Diner)
  • Asura(阿修罗)(Hua Rui)(2018)
  • 就想和陌生人说话(Ren Yaya)(TBA)
  • Railroad Tiger(铁道飞虎)(Xing Er)(2016)

Television Series

  • Sword Snow Stride(雪中悍刀行)(Shu Xiu)(TBA)
  • Wonderful Hand(妙手)(He Xin Xin)(TBA)
  • No Boundary(玉昭令)(Duan Mu Cui)(2021)
  • Detective Chinatown(唐人街探案)(Sa Sha)(2020)
  • My Story for You(为了你我愿意热爱整个世界)(Zhang Yao Yao [Zhang Chang Gong’s sister])(2018)
  • Candle in the Tomb(鬼吹灯之精绝古城)(Ying Zi)(2016)

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