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No Boundary – Darren Chen, Zhang Yishang, Wang Yifei

“No Boundary” is an ancient romantic drama directed by Zheng Weiwen, starring Guan Hong, Zhang Yishang and Wang Yifei, co-starring Gu Zicheng and Yang Ze.

The drama is based on the novel “Kai Feng Zhi Guai” by Weiyu, which tells the story of Duanmu Cui, a straightforward fairy, and Zhan Yan, a cold-faced constable, from working together to solve cases to having a secret love affair.



No Boundary

English Title: No Boundary
Chinese Title:
Ancient, Romance
Director: Zheng Weiwen
Writer: Shunjianqingcheng
Producer: Ruan Jie
Product Company: iQIYI
Broadcasting Website: iQIYI
Release Date: 2021


Darren Chen Darren Chen as Zhan Yan
Zhang Yishang Zhang Yishang as Duanmu Cui
Wang Yifei Wang Yifei as Hong Ying


During the Song Dynasty, Bao Longtu came to power on Kaifeng Prefecture, the new “Bao Qingtian”.

Duanmu Cui down to the world to set up a sect “fine flower flow”, intended to stop the demons crossed the border.

The fourth grade with a sword guard Zhan Yan, by the order of Bao Zheng, interchanged with Duanmu Cui.

From then on, they worked together to solve cases and had a secret love affair in the end.

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