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Wu Kong (Immortal Demon Slayer) -Eddie Peng, Ni Ni, Ou Hao

Wu Kong (Immortal Demon Slayer) is a fantasy film directed by Guo Zijian, starring Eddie Peng, Ni Ni, Ou Hao, Yu Wenle, Qiao Shan and Yang Di, with a special appearance by Yu Feihong.

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Jin He Zai, which tells the story of Sun Wukong, who, 500 years ago, defied the Mandate of Heaven and launched a struggle against the gods.


Wu Kong (Immortal Demon Slayer)

English Title: Wu Kong (Immortal Demon Slayer)
Chinese Title: 悟空传
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Action, Drama
Duration: 123 min.
Director: Guo Zijian
Writer: Guo Zijian, Jin He Zai, Huang Hai, Fan Wenwen, Huang Zhiheng
Producer: Liu Wenyang
Product Company: NSM
Released Date: 2017-07-13
Broadcast Website: tubi, YouTube



At that time, Sun Wukong was not yet the awe-inspiring Great Sage Equal to Heaven; he was merely a rebellious and untamed monkey.

The Heavenly Court destroyed his Flower Fruit Mountain in order to control the destiny of all beings. Determined to confront the Heavenly Court, he vowed to destroy all regulations.

In the Heavenly Court, Sun Wukong encounters A Zi, whom he cannot love, his lifelong enemy Yang Jian, and Tianpeng, who missing and yearns for his former love, A Yue.

Their identities destined them to eternal conflict, but Sun Wukong is not the only one unwilling to be manipulated by fate. However, their rebellion brings about even greater catastrophe.

The question remains: were their actions fueled by reckless passion, ignorant of the vastness of the heavens and earth, or were they the suppressed despair of a fate that cannot be changed? Is it true that destiny has already been predetermined? Sun Wukong refuses to accept it. Once again, he swings his golden cudgel, determined to make all Buddhas dissipate like smoke and clouds.


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