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Wolf Warriors II – Wu Jing, Wu Gang

Wolf Warriors II is a military action film directed by Wu Jing and starring Wu Jing, Frank Anthony Grillo, Wu Gang, Zhang Han, Celina Jade, Junyu Shanshan, and Ding Haifeng.

The film tells the story of Leng Feng, who takes off his military uniform and is caught up in a rebellion in an African country. He is unable to forget his duty as a soldier and returns to the battlefield to launch a rescue mission.


Wolf Warriors II

English Title: Wolf Warriors II
Chinese Title: 战狼Ⅱ, 战狼2
Genre: Action, Military, War, Thriller
Duration: 123 min.
Director: Wu Jing
Writer: Wu Jing, Liu Yi, Fen Wu Yao Ji
Producer: Lu Jianmin
Released Date: 2017-07-27
Broadcast Website: YouTube, MGTV



Leng Feng, who was discharged from the military, initially came to Africa to find the killer of Long Xiaoyun. However, he suddenly gets involved in a rebellion in an African country.

Due to the political stance between nations, the Chinese military is unable to carry out armed operations to evacuate overseas Chinese in Africa.

As a veteran, Leng Feng cannot forget his duty as a soldier. Despite having the opportunity to safely evacuate, he resolutely returns to the occupied area, leading his compatriots and refugees who are caught in the midst of slaughter, embarking on a life-and-death escape.

As the struggle continues, his primal instincts gradually awaken, ultimately venturing into the war-torn region to fight for his compatriots.


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