2022 Chinese Drama List

The Golden Hairpin – Yang Zi

The Golden Hairpin is an ancient detective comedy co-directed by Lin Yufen, Liang Shengquan, Ren Haitao, and Guo Hu, starring Yang Zi.

It is based on the novel “The Memoirs of the Hairpin” and tells the story of a love-hate relationship between a eunuch, Huang Zixie, that leads to a mysterious case of royalty in the Tang Dynasty.


The Golden Hairpin

English Title: The Golden Hairpin
Chinese Title: 青簪行,簪中录
Genre: Costume, Mystery, Suspense, Romance, Comedy
Director:Lin Yufen, Liang Shengquan, Ren Haitao, Guo Hu
Writer: Jin Haishu
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, NCM Television, Fonghong Pictures
Broadcast Website: WeTV
Released Date:


Yang Zi Yang Zi as Huang Zixia


Huang Min is an official of Jindu City. His daughter, Huang Zixiao, is a hard-working, intelligent, honest, and kind-hearted woman. She had helped her father solve cases since she was a child and made many extraordinary achievements.

One day, Huang’s family is brutally murdered. The only survivor, Huang Zixiao, is becoming a suspect and fugitive overnight. To reopen the murder case, She travels thousands of miles to Beiyan to seek help from Li Shubai. As the first test for her, Li Shubai orders Huang Zixia to find out a mystery case in Beiyan. Huang quickly uncovers the collusion of corruption and profit behind the case and becomes Li Shubai’s trusted assistant.

Li Shubai wants to start investigating the murder of Huang’s family, but he is trapped within Beiyan by the ensuing case. In the selection of Li Shubai’s bride, Wang Ruo, the daughter of the Langya Wang family is a strong candidate, but a record of her horoscope is falsified. She is repeatedly involved in death crises. In a scripture meeting at the Jianfu Temple, someone is killed in a fire.

Huang Zixiao and Li Shubai work together to uncover the truth behind family, love, and friendship. Huang Zixiao’s justice and kindness gradually break Li Shubai’s cold shell, and together they embark on a journey to find justice.

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