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Zhao Yingbo

Zhao Yingbo(赵英博) born on August 21, 1997, in Yantai, Shandong, is a Chinese singer, actor, model.

In 2017, he participated in the competition of the Mango TV talent show “Super Boy”, thus officially entering the entertainment industry. In 2021, the ancient immortal drama “My Dear Brothers” was released which he played the lead role.


Basic Info

Zhao Yingbo

Stage Name: Zhao Ying Bo
Chinese Name: Zhao Yingbo(赵英博)
Birthday: August 21, 1997
Place of Birth: Yantai, Shandong
Nationality: China
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 184cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: –
Fandom Name: Ba La Gen
Weibo: 赵英博v


  1. Zhao Yingbo won the national top 12 in Super Boy.
  2. His parents run a Yibin Burning Noodles in the cafeteria of Shandong Technology and Business University.
  3. Likes to play basketball.
  4. Likes to watch movie.
  5. He is good at playing yo-yo.
  6. Favorite Romantic drama is “Meteor Garden”.
  7. Favorite Actors: Andy Lau, Chow Yun-Fat, Stephen Chow, Guo Jingfei.
  8. He is lazy usually, but works hard.
  9. He doesn’t drink because he’s allergic to alcohol.
  10. He believes in love at first sight.
  11. Zhao Yingbo’s first love happened in his junior high school year, but it only lasted a week.
  12. Idela Type Girlfriend: kind, soft, beautiful.


  • Cry Me A Sad River(悲伤逆流成河)(Qi Ming)(2018)

Television Series

  • Prince of Tennis(网球王子)(TBA)
  • My dear brothers(亲爱的吾兄)(Hou Chi)(2021)

TV Shows

  • Super Nova Games(超新星全运会第二季)(2019)
  • Super Boy(快乐男声)(2017)

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