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Su Xiaotong, Wang Ziqi-“The Imperial Coroner” Gained Good Reviews With Good Plots And A New Cast

The Imperial Coroner

Su Xiaotong, Wang Ziqi, and other unknown actors received unanimous cheers from the audience for their brilliant performances in the drama “The Imperial Coroner”. It is another representative work of a small-budget web drama that has accomplished a counterattack.


The drama accomplished a high yield with zero promotional planning. How is the web drama “The Imperial Coroner” bursting into the limelight?

The director and producer invited a lot of friends to act in the drama to save on the cost. Then they put the money into the storyline polishing and video post-production.

Su Xiaotong

The actress, Su Xiaotong, who plays the leading role, Chu Chu, is a dance student at Beijing Film Academy. Her pay was far less than the national standard, but many people are attracted by her naive cuteness and persistence.

The first time Su Xiaotong made an impression was in 2019 when she co-starred with Zhang Xincheng and Zhou Yutong in the ancient suspense drama “Young Blood”.

Su Xiaotong played Xiao Jing. She make viewers feel very protective of her in each moment with Wang Kuan.

Wang Ziqi

The leading actor Wang Ziqi is also a newcomer. Born in 1996, he is currently a senior at the Beijing Film Academy.

Why will you be attracted to “The Imperial Coroner”?

1. Netizens who have seen the drama have a general feeling that some parts of what is said in the drama are more realistic than the novel, while the lines are a combination of the ancient and the modern.

2. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a costume drama with simple make-up. The crew also didn’t overuse filters to shoot it. At the same time, many ingenious ideas are practical and interesting.

3. Su Xiaotong and Wang Ziqi’s wonderful interpretation is one of the points. Especially, Su Xiaotong attracted the most attention.

Su Xiaotong

As a young coroner who has come to the capital to take the exams, she is a soft, youthful naive girl, but she is not “stupid” at all. She is very experienced in handling every detail when it comes to her area of expertise. For autopsy results, it is clear and logical.

Su Xiaotong’s performance comes with a vivid image, and she can easily manage the confusion that comes with growing up. Who wouldn’t love a girl like that?

While, Wang Ziqi’s Xiao Jingyu looks cool,but he is not greasy at all.

4. The characters have distinct personalities and may not look amazing at first glance, but, on closer inspection, each one has a life lesson.

5. For the love part of this drama, it looks very fresh.

Viewers know clearly that the relationship between Xiao Jinyu and Chu Chu is growing step by step in the process of solving cases.

It is unlike conventional idol drama, in which as soon as the leading roles met at the first sight, they fall in love at once. Or they have to put on the plot of the hero saving a beauty.

There are also no out-date lines.

The Imperial Coroner

Some netizens said: Finally, we see a costume detective drama that is no longer an insult to the audience. Not only are the lines funny, but the main characters and even the villains’ intelligence are great.

None of the actors are familiar or have ever heard of them before, but it just looks good. Both the male and female leads are not stunning in appearance, yet they all fit the roles.

The plot is good. The details of the case are realistic and never overwhelming. Every actor’s performance is spot on.

For viewers who like Su Xiaotong, “The Imperial Coroner” brings a different quality to the audience, even though it is without the participation of an A-list star.

Have you watched “The Imperial Coroner”, starring Su Xiaotong and Wang Ziqi? Feel free to leave your comment.

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  1. Worth watching drama. All actors & actress very good acting. I love the drama so much that I watched three times. Final episode is very satisfied as Chu Chu & Xiao Jin Yu married with good ending. This is the first I watch historic detectives drama.
    Since they are married, hope there is Season 2 with all the same actors & actress.