2022 Chinese Drama List

The Imperial Coroner – Su Xiaotong, Wang Ziqi

The Imperial Coroner” is an ancient sweet detective comedy co-produced by Penguin Pictures and Ling he Media, directed by Lou Jian and starring Su Xiaotong, Wang Ziqi, Yang Dingdong, and Zhao Yaoke.

The drama is adapted from the original novel of the same title by Qing Xian Ya Tou, which tells the story of Chu Chu, a young girl from a family of coroners in the southwest mountains in the late Tang Dynasty, who comes to Chang’an alone to realize her dream.


The Imperial Coroner

English Title: The Imperial Coroner
Chinese Title: 御赐小仵作
Genre: Ancient, Detective, Comedy
Episodes: 36
Duration: 39 min
Director: Lou Jian
Product Company: Penguin Pictures, Ling he Media
Broadcasting website: Wetv, Tencent Video
Release date: April 29, 2021


Su Xiaotong Su Xiaotong as Chu Chu
Wang Ziqi Wang Ziqi as Xiao Jinyu
Yang Yandong Yang Yandong as Jing Yi
Zhao Yaoke Zhao Yaoke as Leng Yue


In the late Tang Dynasty, Chu Chu, a young girl from a family of coroner in the southwest mountains, comes to Chang’an alone to realize her dream of becoming a coroner and takes the coroner examination.

Xiao Jinyu recruits Chu Chu as a partner to uncover the mystery of the case. The mystery of Chu Chu’s background breaking the balance of power in the capital, and a power struggle ensues.

With each case was solved, the team unravels the mystery step by step and finally solves a shocking case that has lasted for 18 years.

Xiao Jinyu and Chu Chu are successfully married, and Chu Chu is finally approved by the emperor and given the status of “Imperial Coroner”, realizing her dream in life.

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