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Su Xiaotong Was Spotted Dating Zhao Tianhao In Disney. Relationship Was Exposed?

Su Xiaotong

On the night of June 29, A netizen released photos of 23-year-old Su Xiaotong touring Disney intimately with the boy Zhao Tianhao who is participating in “Twinkle Love”, The dating rumors have caused a lot of discussions.


Su Xiaotong made her fame for her role as Xiao Jing in The web drama “Young Blood”. Later gained attention for her role as Chuchu in The hit drama “The Imperial Coroner”.

She has been affectionately called “daughter” by audiences for her ignorant appearance and simple personality.

Su Xiaotong Relationship Exposure

In the photo, Su Xiaotong is wearing a pink coat with a rabbit ear headband on her head. The boy is sitting beside her, holding an umbrella, watches Su Xiaotong fix her hair. They look very sweet.

After the news was revealed, some netizens found out that the alleged boyfriend of Su Xiaotong is the male guest “Kong Long” (Zhao Tianhao). He is joining in the recently broadcasted relationship variety show “Twinkle Love”.

Zhao Tianhao

Then netizens search out more evidence about their traveling together and being in a relationship:

The black short sleeves that Zhao Tianhao was wearing when he was traveling with Su Xiaotong appeared in his live stream a few days ago;

Su Xiaotong was suspected to be introduced to Zhao Tianhao by Ya Ya, the female guest of “Twinkle Love”.

Viewers who have seen the show have a bad impression of Zhao Tianhao, so when Zhao Tianhao was revealed to be Su Xiaotong’s boyfriend, many fans expressed their unsatisfaction.

Wang Ziqi Wang Churan3

On June 1, when Wang Ziqi and Wang Churan were exposed to be in a relationship, many CP fans had their hearts broken, feeling that the male lead had been unkindly to have such a dating rumor during the period of drama broadcasting.

Now that it’s Su Xiaotong’s turn to be photographed dating, the hearts of CP fans have broken once again.

Su Xiaotong

However, the details of Su Xiaotong and Zhao Tianhao’s relationship are just speculations by netizens. Going on a trip together does not necessarily mean falling in love. They may also be good friends.

At present, both of them have not yet come forward to respond to this matter. How do you think Su Xiaotong’s suspected romance exposure?

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