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Mojin-The Lost Legend – Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Shu Qi

Mojin-The Lost Legend is an action-suspense film directed by Wu Er Shan, and starring Chen Kun, Huang Bo, Shu Qi, Angelababy, and Xia Yu.

The film focuses on the story of Hu Bayi, Wang Pangzi, and Shirley Yang's re-entry into a thousand-year-old tomb in the grasslands.


Mojin-The Lost Legend

English Title: Mojin-The Lost Legend
Chinese Title: 鬼吹灯之寻龙诀
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Suspense, Thriller
Duration: 125 min.
Director: Wu Er Shan
Writer: Zhang Jialu
Producer: Tao Kun
Product Company: Wanda Pictures, HY BROS
Released Date: 2015-12-18
Broadcast Website: YouTube



In the late 1980s, Hu Bayi, Wang Pangzi, and Shirley Yang, who were once prominent grave robbers, planned to retire and start a new life in the United States.

Hu Bayi, the former legendary tomb raider, had become a street vendor, constantly pursued by the immigration authorities.

Hu Bayi and his fiancée Shirley moved to the United States with the hope of living a normal life. However, on the eve of their wedding, they discovered that Hu Bayi's long-lost first love, Ding Sitian, whom he believed had died in the "Hundred Eyes Pit" twenty years ago, had miraculously reappeared! Hu Bayi, Wang Kaixuan, and Shirley Yang made the decision to venture into the millennium-old tomb in the grasslands once again.


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