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Heart's Motive – Huang Xiaoming, Yan Ni

Heart's Motive is a suspense and crime film directed by Li Taige, led by Huang Xiaoming, Yan Ni, Tu Men, Adi Kan, co-starring Zhang Jiaxin and Wang Yinglu.

The film tells a realistic "truth" story.


Heart's Motive

English Title: Heart's Motive
Chinese Title: 最后的真相
Other Titles: 隐秘的真相
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Duration: -
Director: Li Taige
Writer: Deng Ji, He Yihe
Released Date: 2023-08-25
Boradcast Website: -



Down-and-out lawyer Ding Yifeng receives a seemingly ironclad "open-and-shut case" and is determined to make a comeback by mounting a "not guilty defense."

Unexpectedly, the suspect, Jin Ximei, rejects Ding Yifeng's offer and instead, expresses a desire to die.

Is what meets the eye always the truth? Is what is heard always reality? Amidst layers of confusion and uncertainty, the truth remains elusive...


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