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Sui Yongliang (隋咏良) Profile

Sui Yongliang

Sui Yongliang(隋咏良) was born on September 16 in Dalian, Liaoning, China, and is a Chinese actor.

In June 2014, he became famous for his role in The Gold Medal Lawyer, in which he played the role of the rich and handsome "Zhong Yukun".

His main works include The Legend of Qin, Wu Xin: The Monster Killer, The Starry Night, The Starry Sea, Love and Destiny, The Lion's Secret, etc.

Basic Info

Sui Yongliang

Stage Name: Sui Yongliang
Chinese Name: Sui Yong Liang / 隋咏良
Place of Birth: Dalian, Liaoning
Nationality: China
Birthday: -
Height: 182cm (5'11")
Weight: 70kg (154 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: -
Weibo: 隋咏良


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