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Night Peacock – Liu Yifei, Liu Ye, Yu Shaoqun, Leon Lai

Night Peacock is a romantic film directed by Dai Sijie, starring Liu Yifei, Liu Ye, Yu Shaoqun, and Leon Lai.

The film tells the story of Elsa, a Chinese-French flutist, who travels from Paris to Chengdu, where she has several encounters and the resulting emotional entanglements.


Night Peacock

English Title: Night Peacock
Chinese Title: 夜孔雀
Genre: Romance, Drama
Duration: 84 min.
Director: Dai Sijie
Writer: Dai Sijie
Producer: Wang Haiyi
Product Company: SMG Pictures, HAIXIU MEDIA
Released Date: 2016-05-20
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频, 优酷



Elsa first fell in love with silk researcher and flute master Ma Rong in Chengdu, and later developed feelings with tattoo artist Jianmin in Paris.

Ma Rong provided her with a sense of belonging in life, while Jianmin tattooed a night peacock on her body, leaving an unforgettable imprint.

The former found a type of silk that met his ideals - the Night Peacock, while the latter forever marked the butterfly-turned Night Peacock on Elsa's skin.


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