2023 Chinese Drama List

Long Is The Night – Li Xian, You Jingru

Long Is The Night is a microfilm directed by Liu Licheng and Lin Jingchao, starring Li Xian, You Jingru, Liu Yan, and Hou Bowen.


Long Is The Night

English Title: Long Is The Night
Chinese Title: 孤夜车神
Genre: Drama
Duration: 18 min.
Director: Liu Licheng, Lin Jingchao
Writer: Liu Licheng
Released Date: 2018-01-25
Boradcast Website: 优酷



Li Dacheng is a retired boxer who makes his living by driving a late-night taxi.

He is deep in a funk when his girlfriend leaves him unannounced until she reappears late one night. He is unaware that this woman will bring him an even bigger crisis.

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