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How Is Zheng Yecheng, Crystal Yuan Bingyan’s Relationship?

Zheng Yecheng Crystal Yuan

My Sassy Princess“, starring Crystal Yuan Bingyan, Zheng Yecheng is well received by viewers.


It did not take the usual way but made noble princess “melting” the heart of the cool Jinyiwei(The Imperial Guards) Shen Yan step by step, laughing constantly.

Although the logic of the plot is a bit formulaic, it is very sweet, the pace is super fast!

Crystal Yuan Bingyan and Zheng Yecheng dating in the drama is the biggest point of “My Sassy Princess”.

The character design of the two main roles, princess and guards, already has a natural conflict and complementarity, so the story is also relatively interesting.

Zheng Yecheng

Zheng Yecheng previously had the name of “the most handsome Jinyiwei (imperial guards)”, mainly responsible for being handsome and fighting.

In “My Sassy Princess”, the role of Shen Yan is a handsome Jingyiwei, somewhat mild on the outside but wild on the inside. Zheng Yecheng’s outstanding appearance managed the setting of the character of a beautiful man.

Crystal Yuan Bingyan

Crystal Yuan Bingyan’s peak work is “Love and Redemption“, which cooperated with Cheng Yi. Yuan Bingyan played Chu Xuanji and became many viewers’ dream girl because of her delicate and lovely personality. The CP formed by her and Chengyi also deeply impressed people.

This time, Crystal Yuan brought viewers cute and dynamic “Liu Ling” with her excellent acting skills again. She interpreted the essence of the role, layered acting skills harvested unanimous praise.

With the simple headdress with elegant makeup, a long flowing hair, dancing in the courtyard, she is like a fairy falling down to earth. It is the first time we see such an attractive Yuan Bingyan, too cute!

My Sassy Princess

Yuan Bingyan is soft and gentle when she speaks, standing together with Zheng Yecheng, who is exquisitely handsome, they are matched perfectly to the extreme.

The Age, height, temperament is also a good match, no wonder the audience can’t help but applaud madly

Although Yuan Bingyan is 2 years older than Zheng Yecheng, she looks still young. They not only have a lot of fun in the drama but also have a very good relationship outside the drama. They also attended offline events together.

It is obvious that they have become good friends over the drama.

The plot of the drama is a girl chasing after a man, and it’s essential to promote CP. But for Yuan Bingyan, she needs to be vigilant, and the previous lesson should not be forgotten.

Love and Redemption

In 2020, when “Love and Redemption” was aired, the love between “Yu Sifeng” and “Xuanji” was so touching and intense that the audience was delighted.

As the leaders, Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan interacted sweetly with each other outside of the drama to achieve a good publicity effect, so that their CP fans could enjoy a good time.

However, In the “Liu Li Yun Ge Hui”, they suddenly became strangers, each other stood far away as if they did not know each other. The specific reason is not known, but it caused an uproar outside, the fans were in an uproar, especially the CP fans.

Neither of them responded to the cause, after which no interaction, it is so awkwardness.

That is the opposite case of hyping CP, Crystal Yuan and Cheng Yi became “familiar strangers”.

Zheng Yecheng

So this time Yuan Bingyan and Zheng Yecheng should pay attention and deal with their relationship well. Otherwise, they may lose a good friend once again.

Do you like the “Princess and Guards CP” formed by Crystal Yuan and Zhang Yecheng?

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