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Gen Z – Wu Gang, Zhao Lusi

Gen Z is an urban romantic drama directed by Han Xiaojun, starring Wu Gang, Zhao Lusi, Luo Yizhou, Zhang Meng, Jiang Shan, Zhou Cheng’ao, Zhu Junlin, Li Baihui, and Yan An, with a special guest appearance by Dai Luwa.

The drama tells the story of Ren Xinzheng, a professor at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, who is committed to spreading Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and resigns to start a TCM heritage class in the hope of training successors who can truly pass on the ways of TCM.


Gen Z

English Title: Gen Z
Chinese Title: 后浪
Genre: Urban, Romance, Medical
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Han Xiaojun
Writer: Liu Liu
Product Company: YOUHUG
Released Date: 2023-05-14
Boradcast Website: YOUHUG MEDIA



Ren Xinzheng, a professor at the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), is committed to spreading the word of Chinese medicine. He resigns to start a TCM heritage class in the hope of training a successor who can truly pass on the way of TCM.

Sun Tougou also accidentally joins the master class and is at odds with Ren Tianzhen, Ren Xinzheng’s son, as well as with a group of students such as Yang Xiaohong, a lawyer-turned-practitioner, Peng Shiyan, a pediatrician at a tertiary care hospital, and Zhao Liquan, who carries the expectation of the whole village to become a famous doctor.

This group of students, who brought with them their own doubts, followed their mentors, such as Ren Xinzheng and Song Linglan, who had made a great wish, and forged ahead in the direction of passing on the TCM, learning to pass on the Traditional Chinese medicine.

Episode Plot

At a restaurant during mealtime, Sun Toutou nervously tended to pots and pans in the kitchen, trying to fulfill several takeout orders before they became delayed. Though she was originally a delivery person, she was so efficient that even the restaurant’s owner thought she was talented. As she hurriedly left, he even reminded her that there was a position available for a chef at the restaurant for 4,500 yuan a month.

On the way to make a delivery, Sun Toutou ran several red lights, risking being fined by the police. She eventually arrived at her destination, but the delivery was still late. Zhao Liquan asked Ren Tianzhen if he could borrow his suit for a defense he had that afternoon. Ren Tianzhen gladly lent him his suit and even ordered takeout, which Sun Toutou delivered.

Sun Toutou arrived late and immediately apologized to Ren Tianzhen with a smile. She said that the school route was too complicated when her phone suddenly rang, reminding her of another overdue order. She repeated the same excuse and Ren Tianzhen felt that her lies flowed out of her mouth so easily. Despite Sun Toutou’s apologies, Ren Tianzhen bluntly cancelled the order. Sun Toutou angrily threw the delivery at Ren Tianzhen’s head and ran off to her next order.

Ren Tianzhen, still wearing his new suit for the defense that afternoon, was completely drenched in soup. He had never experienced such a scene before. During the defense, he was still immersed in his anger from earlier and did not even hear his advisor’s questions properly. Fortunately, the chief examiner had a father who was friends with and had mentored Ren Tianzhen, and he immediately repeated the questions. The defense was hastily and successfully completed.

While delivering food, Sun Toutou heard a woman screaming for help. She found a man twisting the woman’s hair, causing her to scream in agony. Sun Toutou immediately intervened and rescued the woman from the attacker. However, the man retaliated and they fought on the floor for several minutes. Shockingly, the woman who had been rescued did not help. In fact, when they gave statements to the police, the woman accused Sun Toutou of starting the fight, claiming it was because her delivery was late and she didn’t give a good review.

Sun Toutou was completely convinced that there were shameless men in the world, where the person who saved someone was accused of being the attacker. She had become a regular at the police station, always willing to help people while delivering food, without seeking any appreciation. The kind-hearted police officers comforted her, advising her to call them in case of emergency and leave the rest to them. Sun Toutou couldn’t understand what would happen if she was beaten to death before the police arrived, considering the situation at the time.

Over the years, Ren Xinzheng had been searching for the successor of the Jiang’s acupuncture technique. Finally, his friend Wu Shandao received accurate information and found the direct successor of the Jiang’s acupuncture technique, even obtaining the photo of the successor. Ren Xinzheng discussed the matter with his family, including his father-in-law, a renowned old Chinese doctor. He learned that the girl grew up in a welfare home, and both her parents sacrificed themselves while saving others. Moreover, her mother was the successor of the Jiang’s acupuncture technique. The old man felt that he had a connection with this person and decided to provide the ten thousand yuan himself, especially considering that the girl was the successor of the Jiang’s acupuncture technique.

Ren Xinzheng brought Sun Toutou out of the police station and took her to the Chinese medicine clinic. Sun Toutou had a rough demeanor, not looking like someone who would study acupuncture. Ren Xinzheng advised her to speak less and offered her a daily wage of one hundred yuan, as well as free Chinese medicine lessons. At first, Sun Toutou couldn’t believe that such good fortune existed, until Ren Xinzheng brought her to the clinic where many people surrounded her and called her “Uncle master”. She was surprised and delighted, and at that moment, Ren Tianzhen arrived.

Ren Tianzhen, who is naturally innocent, called Sun Toutou a fraud when he met her, saying she was just a delivery person. When his father asked him to carry the luggage, he naturally refused and even claimed he had a backache. He gave Sun Toutou a stern look and left.

In the evening, Ren Xinzheng severely criticized his son’s unreasonable behavior. However, Ren Tianzhen couldn’t understand how a delivery person could know traditional Chinese medicine, making him feel that his seven years of university education were a waste. Unlike Ren Tianzhen’s upbringing, his family had a long tradition of practicing medicine. Both his parents and grandparents were experts in traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, he believed that anything related to medicine was rigorous and would never allow someone like Sun Toutou to randomly throw food on people’s bodies.

Early in the morning, Ren Tianzhen’s family gathered together for breakfast as usual. They diagnosed each other’s conditions by taking their pulses. Ren Xinzheng was even more remarkable, as he could tell what flavor of ice cream his father-in-law had eaten the previous day just by taking his pulse. When washing dishes, Ren Xinzheng’s wife asked him how he knew, and he just smiled and said he smelled the ice cream scoop that his father-in-law had left in the kitchen last night.

All the staff at the traditional Chinese medicine clinic had arrived, except for Sun Toutou. Ren Xinzheng went to her house in person and found that she looked sleepy and had not woken up from a deep sleep. She did not look like a successor to traditional Chinese medicine at all. Ren Xinzheng asked her why she didn’t come to work, and Sun Toutou demanded a higher salary, claiming that her rate yesterday was that of an extra and being a queen was an additional charge. To encourage her to study hard, Ren Xinzheng promised to give her 4,800 yuan a month and immediately wrote it down.

Sun Toutou unexpectedly received a monthly salary of 4,800 yuan and the opportunity to learn medicine in a respected industry. This was an unprecedented “windfall” that she had picked up. She immediately bought desserts and champagne and celebrated with her roommates. She felt that she had never been so lucky and even stepping on dog poop wouldn’t be this unlucky. Her roommate reminded her to be vigilant, but Sun Toutou thought about her recent experiences and felt that she was just a poor person, and the other party could not get anything from her.

Ren Xinzheng resigned from school and heard Sun Toutou say that she loved playing claw machines. He thought that this game should be fun. In order to prevent his wife from blaming him, Ren Xinzheng specially invited his wife to go to the mall to play claw machines. Just as his wife was happily playing, he quickly told her about his resignation and asked Song Linglan to help him retrieve his books from the school.

When Song Linglan saw the wall of books piled up, she complained while organizing them, saying that Ren Xinzheng didn’t consider her feelings when he did things. Song Linglan’s mother, Zhang Jiru, who understood her well, comforted her and said that Ren Xinzheng had his own ideas when it came to doing things, and that they should understand and support each other.

Ren Xinzheng planned to open a traditional Chinese medicine apprenticeship class. The venue and enrollment plan were already in the works. One night, an old friend came uninvited, hobbling on a cane with a painful look on his face, asking Ren Xinzheng for help. This person was very familiar with Ren Xinzheng and claimed to have gone abroad, unable to resist the temptation of seafood and ending up with gout from overeating. Ren Xinzheng’s acupuncture quickly helped him stand up and leave the cane behind. When the friend heard about his plan to open a traditional Chinese medicine apprenticeship class, he immediately offered a venue for free.

With a smooth venue secured, Ren Xinzheng discussed with his wife and decided to provide dormitories and meals for the medical students at his own expense. This would not only help them to get to know each other better but also establish rules early on. His wife supported Ren Xinzheng’s ideas almost entirely. Although she complained a little when she heard that he wanted to pay for everything himself, as a traditional Chinese medicine enthusiast, she knew the significance of the matter and did not refuse her husband’s proposal.

Sun Toutou received her salary and naturally had to arrive at work on time. The next day, when there was only one minute left until eight o’clock, she hurriedly sat in front of Ren Xinzheng. Ren Xinzheng took out the pre-prepared “Huangdi Neijing” for her to read carefully. This dry book was a bit overwhelming for Sun Toutou. She only graduated from junior high school and found it difficult right away. It was known that she would not be obedient. Ren Xinzheng reminded her that she had already signed an agreement yesterday and she had to be obedient after receiving her salary. Sun Toutou was speechless and had no choice but to move a stool and sit next to a small table in the training class while reciting the book.

Shiyan is Ren Tianzhen’s senior brother. He currently works in a pediatric hospital and got injured unexpectedly due to a medical dispute. Ren Tianzhen went to visit him and couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the bandage on his head. Shiyan explained that he had prescribed the right treatment, but the patient insisted on taking Chinese medicine without permission, which resulted in the blame being shifted to him. He was given a one-month break by the hospital. Ren Tianzhen often secretly learns Western medicine from Shiyan. This time, when she heard Shiyan complaining about traditional Chinese medicine, she suggested that he should join Ren Xinzheng’s Chinese medicine heritage class. It would be good for him to experience and see if traditional Chinese medicine is as magical as it is said to be. Maybe he could even refute rumors in public and make his father no longer look down on everything. Anyway, he had nothing better to do, so Shiyan readily agreed to study for a few days.

As graduation approached, Zhao Liquan also visited two classmates and heard that they were planning to join the principal’s apprenticeship class. He started to waver in his heart and decided to study together with them. Despite coming from a poor family, Zhao Liquan had ambitious aspirations. After finally getting into college, he planned to become successful and lead the people in his village to prosperity or escape from the mountains. Ren Tianzhen and Shiyan understood the heavy burden on Zhao Liquan and even gave him the fruits and milk that the hospital had sent as condolences. Zhao Liquan didn’t hesitate and put them all into his own backpack.

Zhao Liquan participated in interviews at several hospitals, but unfortunately, he wasn’t hired. He received a call from his hometown and, in order to prevent his parents from worrying, deliberately claimed that he was currently working at a top-tier hospital. His parents were proud of their son and felt that he had a bright future.

Yang Xiaohong was a well-known lawyer in the local area, commonly referred to as “Miejue Shitai” (an honorific title). She rarely lost the cases she took on. One day, after winning another lawsuit, as she walked out of the courthouse, she ruthlessly refused to shake hands with her colleagues. In just a minute, one of her colleagues turned and fell down the stairs, losing consciousness. The situation was critical, and Yang Xiaohong didn’t know how to administer first aid, so she quickly called the hospital. The ambulance finally arrived, but it was too late for the best rescue efforts, and her colleague passed away suddenly. This incident had a heavy impact on Yang Xiaohong. The phrase “it’s best to never see each other again” that she had just said had unexpectedly become a reality. Having witnessed a scene of death, Yang Xiaohong walked the streets in a daze. When she saw an advertisement for a traditional Chinese medicine apprenticeship class, she immediately enrolled.

Sun Toutou was in charge of admissions for the first time. When she saw Yang Xiaohong readily enrolling without even asking about the tuition fee, she felt that this person was very arrogant. Ren Xinzheng’s reputation was well-known, and soon the class was filled with students. Sun Toutou and the teacher cleaned the classroom together. It hadn’t been used for a long time, and the windows couldn’t even close properly. The teacher asked Ren Xinzheng to tell Liu Changsheng to fix the windows. However, since no one had asked for rent for the entire venue, it was embarrassing to trouble others again, so Ren Xinzheng paid for the repairs himself.

According to the requirements, the apprenticeship class needs to collect basic information from each student. Yang Xiaohong reported her foreign name, and someone questioned whether she was being mysterious or perhaps a person with no social standing. Yang Xiaohong publicly took out her doctoral degree certificate. Shiyan and Tianzhen had master’s degrees, and they finally met someone else with a doctoral degree.

On the first day of class, an unexpected incident occurred. A deranged woman rushed into the training class and accused Yang Xiaohong of being a murderer, claiming that she had killed her husband. It turned out that the woman’s husband was the same person who had been taken away in an ambulance that day. The insane woman believed that Yang Xiaohong had caused her husband’s death due to anger. How could that be possible? Sun Toutou poured a bucket of water on the deranged woman’s head, finally calming her down. Ren Xinzheng’s wife realized that something was wrong and immediately examined her pulse. It was discovered that the deranged woman had hysteria and was also pregnant, but the fetal heart rate was unstable, so she was immediately sent to the hospital.

Ren Xinzheng’s friend, Liu Changqing, has recently been discussing a project for a medical and nursing center. He has extensive resources and a silver tongue, which has piqued the interest of the other party. However, due to the long payback period, they were cautious and inquired carefully, asking Liu Changqing about his advantages. Liu Changqing deliberately boasted that the dean of the Medical College, Ren Xinzheng, is his friend and has just resigned to support him in his entrepreneurial venture. He is currently establishing an apprenticeship class to promote the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine. As soon as the other party heard Ren Xinzheng’s name, they immediately became interested and insisted on meeting him right away.

When Liu Changqing and his team arrived at Ren Xinzheng’s office, Ren Xinzheng was busy swatting flies. He is skilled at treating illnesses and saving lives, but not at using official jargon or being deceitful. The other party asked if Ren Xinzheng already had a well-established teaching outline and detailed plan for the apprenticeship class. Ren Xinzheng truthfully replied that he did not and mentioned that it was his first time opening an apprenticeship class, so he was learning as he went along. Ren Xinzheng’s response was completely different from Liu Changqing’s previous claims. Liu Changqing had boasted that Ren Xinzheng not only had exceptional medical skills but also had valuable experience in teaching acupuncture.

Liu Changqing noticed that some of the investors were wavering, so he seized the opportunity to suggest that Ren Xinzheng diagnose the big boss’s pulse. The investors were eager to give it a try since not everyone has the chance to be diagnosed by a renowned Chinese medicine doctor. Ren Xinzheng glanced at his watch and mentioned that the class was about to start, so he asked them to come back next time. Liu Changqing further suggested that everyone could benefit from listening to a lecture by a renowned master. Ren Xinzheng explained that today’s class would cover the emergency treatment of heart attacks, strokes, and sudden deaths. The group exchanged puzzled glances, and Liu Changqing was dissatisfied with Ren Xinzheng’s response.

In Ren Xinzheng’s classroom, only Sun Toutou dared to sleep on the desk. Ren Xinzheng used this as an opportunity to remind everyone that during class, they should maintain a proper learning demeanor. Even if they feel sleepy, they shouldn’t use their phones or appear distracted. At the very least, they should keep their minds engaged while dozing off. Ren Xinzheng was lenient towards Sun Toutou, but she seemed unaware of her own behavior. She already had an unsavory reputation in society, and her master had a negative impression of her. Sun Toutou’s best friend heard about the apprenticeship class and specifically took time off to attend. She pleaded with Ren Xinzheng to allow her to sit in on the class, emphasizing that as a nurse in the hospital, knowledge of emergency treatment was essential. Ren Xinzheng made an exception and agreed!

At lunchtime, the ordered takeout arrived. Upon hearing that Sun Toutou could “smell and recognize dishes,” Shiyuan initially thought she was boasting. He intentionally added a little something to each takeout box and asked Sun Toutou to guess. To everyone’s surprise, Sun Toutou got everything right. She not only identified the ingredients and seasonings but also accurately described the cooking techniques. Everyone was impressed, and Ren Xinzheng, watching from the side, was pleasantly surprised. He happily told his wife that Sun Toutou had a natural talent and a keen sense of smell, showing potential in studying traditional Chinese medicine. Sun Toutou received praise from everyone and immediately agreed to take charge of the meals in the future.

Currently, the students reside and eat in the apprenticeship class, and all expenses are covered by Ren Xinzheng. His wife suggested he think of ways to raise funds, but Ren Xinzheng was not skilled in such matters. He asked his wife to handle the financing for now and inform him when things became critical. Ren Xinzheng’s salary at the hospital was substantial, and his expenses were not excessive, so he had grown accustomed to finding ways to support himself.

Shiyuan, Rentianzhen, and Sun Toutou went to the supermarket together to buy cooking utensils for the apprenticeship class. While they were there, they encountered someone promoting a Taobao store. Rentianzhen politely declined the person’s friend request, but Sun Toutou, well aware of the difficulties of starting a business, readily added the person on WeChat. Shortly after, they noticed that the girl promoting the store had fainted. Items around her fell to the ground, and she appeared pale, clutching her abdomen tightly. Her lips even turned purple. Shiyan, being a pediatrician trained in Western medicine, immediately determined that she was experiencing low blood sugar. After confirming that the girl had indeed skipped breakfast, Rentianzhen swiftly opened her acupuncture kit and applied acupuncture according to the treatment for low blood sugar. After a short while, the girl’s color returned to normal, and she was finally able to stand up.

This incident made Sun Toutou feel a sense of accomplishment. During dinner, she happily told her master and mistress about their rescue at the supermarket. Based on Sun Toutou’s description, Ren Xinzheng and his wife realized that it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. The fact that the girl tightly held her abdomen indicated that something was wrong. When they heard the location of the acupuncture treatment from their son, they were startled and quickly asked where the girl lived.

Since Sun Toutou had added the girl on WeChat during the day, she was able to find out where she lived quickly and promptly took her to the hospital. The girl’s life was out of danger, but the emergency room had to remove one fallopian tube, which would reduce her chances of conceiving in the future. In reality, she had an ectopic pregnancy, but Ren Tianzhen mistakenly treated her as having low blood sugar. The miscarriage that occurred that day was directly related to Ren Tianzhen’s actions. Back at home, Ren Xinzheng criticized Ren Tianzhen severely and was almost on the verge of hitting him. Reflecting on the frightening moment just now, Ren Tianzhen felt a deep sense of remorse.

Sun Toutou was surprised to hear that the rescued girl had an ectopic pregnancy. She never expected such a young girl to have this condition. Seeing Ren Tianzhen’s heavy-heartedness, she couldn’t help but ask Peng Shiyan how many fallopian tubes women have. Upon hearing that there is only one, she thought it was not a big deal. Sun Toutou encouraged Ren Tianzhen not to lose heart, stating that they saved the girl, and they shouldn’t retreat just because of a small accident. Then Sun Toutou asked Ren Tianzhen what he wanted to eat tomorrow and promised to make it happen.

In the morning, Yang Xiaohong couldn’t find her human anatomy model that she used for practice. She asked Sun Toutou and discovered that she had placed the model in her own bed. Yang Xiaohong never liked sharing things with others, so she immediately got angry and went to find the class monitor. She accused Sun Toutou of stealing her belongings. Peng Shiyan was surprised and when he saw Sun Toutou arriving shortly after with the human anatomy model, he comforted Yang Xiaohong, telling her not to make a big fuss and that they could practice with the model together. Yang Xiaohong disliked sharing a dormitory with Sun Toutou, but there were no extra bedrooms in the teacher training class. So Yang Xiaohong suggested moving back home to live on her own.

Ren Xinzheng heard about this matter and couldn’t help but ask if everyone knew the reason for them to live with their roommates since there were still a few classmates who were not accustomed to it.

Sun Toutou nonchalantly replied, “If you want to learn, you can’t go home and sleep.” This whole thing started because of her, and she seemed quite proud of it. Ren Xinzheng couldn’t help but give her a stern look and explained that in the study of traditional Chinese medicine, they needed to practice clinical consultations regularly. By living with classmates, they could consult each other conveniently and make progress together. Ren Xinzheng’s sincere words were well received by everyone. Indeed, compared to the precious bond with classmates, a learning tool worth only a few yuan was insignificant.

Linglan was worried about the heavy daily expenses when suddenly Wu Shandao came with a sponsor to visit her home. Linglan was very happy and even mentioned that Ren Xinzheng once said, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” When Ren Xinzheng returned home, he heard the sponsor’s conditions and immediately declined their sponsorship. He explained that he had already resigned from the medical university, so accepting the sponsorship would be inappropriate. He earnestly recommended Wu Shandao to give lectures on behalf of the sponsor. The sponsor hesitated because their company often received orders from overseas, and those clients were attracted by Ren Xinzheng’s reputation. Ren Xinzheng smiled and said that Wu Shandao could give lectures for this phase of the course, and in the next phase, they could lecture together. This way, the sponsor had no objections.

Near the end of class, Ren Xinzheng assigned homework to the students. With Qingming approaching, he asked the students and Linglan’s mother to learn how to fold “yuanbao” for ancestral worship. It was a tradition for their teacher training class to pay respects to their ancestors every year, and Ren Xinzheng also made some green rice balls.

In the evening, all the students in the teacher training class gathered together to fold paper. Sun Toutou found it troublesome and suggested buying them online, claiming it would be cheaper and more convenient. However, Linglan criticized her, saying that it was a gesture of affection and remembrance, so how could they buy them online?

Linglan received the outfits she purchased for everyone to wear during the Qingming Festival. The boys had suits with pants, while the girls had dresses. Sun Toutou found it inconvenient to wear and was criticized by Linglan’s mother for her improper posture. She reminded Sun Toutou that it was formal attire and should be worn with proper etiquette.

Ren Xinzheng led everyone to pay respects to their ancestors. When they arrived at the mountain, Linglan tied a red string at the intersection they passed through as a marker. She reminded everyone to pay attention to the markers while walking. Finally, they reached the tomb of Doctor Huang and led everyone in reciting the “Great Physician’s Sincerity” oath. However, Sun Toutou disrupted the solemnity by saying it was just a formality and considered superstitious behavior.

Sun Toutou didn’t understand this way of ancestral worship. In her opinion, a group of people offering fruits and then swearing along with it seemed like a cheap trick to please the crowd. The solemn atmosphere was disrupted by Sun Toutou. Yang Xiaohong couldn’t stand it and said that it was impolite to make grandiose statements in a cemetery. If it were the burial place of loved ones, it would be even more unacceptable. However, Sun Toutou claimed that she grew up in an orphanage without parents, so she had no need for ancestral worship. She even mentioned that the most memorable festival in her impression was when people came to the orphanage every month to adopt them. Many children would sit neatly at the entrance, waiting for the adopting families to choose them. The quiet and beautiful children would always be selected first, and even sick children would find families. On the contrary, she was left behind because of her unruly behavior.

Upon hearing Sun Toutou’s words, some people were moved. Yang Xiaohong was about to apologize to Sun Toutou when suddenly Sun Toutou quietly leaned in and whispered in her ear that she was just joking with them earlier. Such lack of manners earned a stern glare from Ren Xinzheng, and he continued leading everyone in reciting the medical classics. Sun Toutou was isolated by everyone and stood alone, watching everyone earnestly recite, feeling somewhat awkward.

At Huafeng Mountain, Ren Xinzheng and Linglan had just arrived in the village with their students when they saw many villagers warmly welcoming them at the village entrance. They knew that Ren Xinzheng would always provide free medical consultations here every year, so they had come early. Ren Xinzheng and Linglan noticed that with the improvement in living standards, more and more people were addicted to the internet. They stayed up late at night, felt lethargic the next day, and even developed various complications. Therefore, they prescribed a remedy called “Internet Disconnection at Ten O’Clock.” When the students asked the teachers about their regular sleep schedule, Ren Xinzheng analyzed the modern pace of life and said that going to bed before 11 p.m. was the most basic rule. If they consistently followed this routine for three months, many minor ailments would naturally heal.

During lunchtime, Linglan had a slight cough. The air in the village was chilly, so Ren Xinzheng told her to take a car back to the clinic the next day. Sun Toutou was feeling listless near the stove, and Ren Xinzheng took her pulse and instructed Linglan to make some ginger syrup for her. Sun Toutou was experiencing her menstrual period, which she usually endured silently. When she saw Ren Xinzheng’s wife putting socks on her and reminding her not to walk barefoot during this time, and even bringing her a cup of warm ginger syrup to drink, Sun Toutou was deeply moved. It was the first time someone had cared for her like this.

Sun Toutou, who had just sat quietly like a girl, immediately became nervous when she heard that Shiyuan wanted to drink the chicken soup left for her. She quickly wanted to get up and grab it, even blaming Shiyuan for causing trouble. Linglan heard Sun Toutou blurt out the medical classics recited during the ancestral worship in the morning, and she found it amusing. Sun Toutou had a good memory and didn’t forget things easily. Linglan mentioned this to Ren Xinzheng, who believed that the child’s nature wasn’t bad; she just lacked proper upbringing, and perhaps her sense of belonging was too low. With proper guidance in the future, there should be positive results.

Ren Xinzheng began to establish some rules. Every day, the students would have to hand in their phones for a few hours, during which they could focus on studying. However, Sun Toutou was extremely dissatisfied. Not only could she no longer use her phone, but she also couldn’t sleep in the morning. Otherwise, the class monitor, Shiyuan, would use Ren Xinzheng’s teaching baton to compel her to get up. Sun Toutou secretly went to Ren Xinzheng’s room, intending to steal her phone, but Ren Xinzheng caught her red-handed. Feeling bored and unsatisfied with the food, Sun Toutou took advantage of the darkness and escaped in the middle of the night.

This is a deep forest in the mountains. It’s easy to get lost during the day, let alone at night. Sun Toutou, carrying her luggage, mumbled to herself and completely let go, unintentionally ignoring a path marked by Linglan. She took the wrong path and walked for a long time without finding her way out. With no other options, she leaned against a tree to rest, but soon there was commotion from a hornet’s nest in the tree. Swarms of hornets chased after Sun Toutou, stinging her frantically. Sun Toutou let out a scream and started calling for help.

Luckily, Ren Xinzheng and Ren Tianzhen arrived in time and safely brought Sun Toutou back. Sun Toutou had a hard lesson and no longer dared to be mischievous. Ren Tianzhen couldn’t help but chuckle when she saw Sun Toutou’s swollen face, and Ren Xinzheng quickly crushed some herbs and applied them to her face as a poultice.

After returning from the study tour at Huafeng Mountain, Ren Xinzheng arranged for the students of his lineage class to study at his father-in-law’s Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic. In order to enrich the students’ knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, he also invited well-known domestic TCM practitioners and scholars. Sun Toutou was the first to raise her hand and ask the master what she would be instructed to do, whether it was preparing herbal medicine or something else. Ren Xinzheng directly reminded her that her current task was to clean and maintain hygiene, and she didn’t have a separate teacher. From now on, she would only study under him.

After finishing the arrangements, Ren Xinzheng had a patient come in. The young girl looked like a high school student and was paralyzed in the lower limbs due to a car accident. Her mother had been single for many years and finally managed to raise her daughter, but now they were struck by another calamity. They had asked all the Western doctors, who said there was no hope for her to walk again. So they came all the way to Ren Xinzheng. He carefully diagnosed the girl’s condition and believed that there was still a chance for treatment. He asked Linglan to bring him his medical books.

According to the medical book, the prescription consists of a 300-year-old roof tile, which is then soaked in the urine of a child for one week. The tile is then cooked into a traditional Chinese medicine and consumed daily. The prescription is quite peculiar, and it must be a 300-year-old tile. It might be a bit difficult to find, but since it’s a prescription, the girl’s mother sees hope and believes that the 300-year-old tile can be found. The students below looked at each other when they heard about the prescription. It seemed so strange. How could an old tile cure paralysis? Moreover, there was no possible chemical formula mentioned. How could it be possible?

Ren Tianzhen had been learning medicine from his father since childhood and had witnessed many incredible things. He told them not to be surprised, as Traditional Chinese Medicine is vast and many prescriptions have miraculous effects. These things couldn’t be explained by science, but they could still heal illnesses.

When Sun Toutou was cleaning the courtyard, she saw Ren Tianzhen watering the flowers. Surprisingly, she approached him on her own initiative and stared at him as if infatuated, saying that he looked handsome and everything he did was good-looking. Ren Tianzhen had a bad impression of Sun Toutou and naturally didn’t give her a friendly face. He simply turned around and continued with his work. They exchanged a few words teasing each other, but when Sun Toutou noticed that she had annoyed him, she quickly tried to avoid him. Unfortunately, she accidentally bumped into a middle-aged man and broke his glasses.

The man demanded compensation, claiming that the glasses cost over ten thousand. Sun Toutou was stunned and quickly shifted the blame to Ren Tianzhen. When the man heard that Ren Tianzhen was Ren Xinzheng’s son, he immediately approached him with flattery. It turned out he was Xu Meng’s father. Last time, when he collapsed at the mall due to low blood sugar, Ren Tianzhen mistook him for the girl who needed acupuncture. In reality, Xu Meng had an ectopic pregnancy, and the treatment could have caused a major disaster. This time, Xu Meng’s father complained that his daughter had gone mad and disappeared, refusing to work as well.

Xu Meng’s father brought Ren Xinzheng and Linglan to their daughter’s house to pulse diagnose her. Upon entering Xu Meng’s home, they could see it was a two-story villa with a nanny. Xu Meng’s father was very angry to hear that her mother had gone out, leaving only their daughter and the nanny at home. He was upset because his daughter was prone to illness. Linglan entered the room and saw Xu Meng with disheveled hair, crouching by the bedside trembling. She gently approached her and performed pulse diagnosis, discovering that she had stagnation of Qi and blood stasis.

Upon hearing about Xu Meng’s condition, Ren Tianzhen immediately requested to bring her to the medical clinic where he could help treat her properly. Ren Tianzhen had been feeling guilty all along because his own mistake had led to the removal of one of Xu Meng’s fallopian tubes. Sun Toutou, on the other hand, got involved in a fight with a patient’s family member while trying to help her friend. As a result, she was summoned by the police station to give a statement. Ren Xinzheng once again went to the police station for her release. Despite seeing her stubborn attitude, Ren Xinzheng allowed her to live in the clinic for the convenience of taking care of Xu Meng.

After discussing among themselves, they decided to bring Xu Meng to the Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic for treatment. Linglan took everyone to pick tea leaves and learn how to identify medicinal herbs. The hilly area had fresh air, which helped Xu Meng relax. Ren Tianzhen stood by Xu Meng’s side, never leaving her for a moment, truly taking care of her like an older brother.

In the evening, Ren Xinzheng took several children from the clinic to go out and gaze at the night sky. They were usually busy with concrete buildings and had never taken the time to admire the stars. Linglan called Sun Toutou over and taught her to appreciate the beauty of nature. Surprisingly, Sun Toutou, who was usually noisy and lively, became quiet. The stars in the night sky were much more beautiful than diamonds. Ren Xinzheng taught her how to recognize the North Star so that she would know which direction to go when she got lost in the future.

Linglan arranged the dormitory, with Sun Toutou and Xu Meng sharing a room. The two had completely contrasting personalities. Xu Meng rarely spoke and was very reserved, while Sun Toutou was like an untamed monkey, leaping onto the bed with ease and comfortably stretching her legs while inviting Xu Meng to experience the softness of the mattress. Xu Meng had strict upbringing and probably rarely encountered such an ill-mannered girl. Linglan was already used to it and instructed Ren Tianzhen and the others to leave their phones in the living room every night at ten o’clock. Sun Toutou couldn’t disagree, as she couldn’t win against the majority.

Late at night, the sound of a ringing phone startled Xu Meng, who screamed and ran into the living room. Unfortunately, the phone kept ringing, and the living room was filled with cries of horror. Linglan, Ren Xinzheng, and the two elderly people in the house were all disturbed by the noise. Linglan carefully comforted Xu Meng, while Ren Tianzhen stood by her side. With everyone’s reassurance, Xu Meng’s emotions finally stabilized. Ren Tianzhen, fearing a relapse, stayed by her bedside throughout the night.

Seeing how attentively her son cared for Xu Meng, Linglan couldn’t help but worry. Ren Xinzheng understood her concerns. It was normal for a girl like Xu Meng, who had good looks and came from a well-off family, to be liked by boys. The more Linglan thought about it, the more sleepless she became. She regretted agreeing to let Xu Meng stay with them and reminded Ren Xinzheng to ask Xu Meng to move back home the next day.

Despite all the events that took place in the evening, Sun Toutou slept through it all and couldn’t be awakened even when Linglan called her. The next day, Sun Toutou revived with energy and happily bounced into the living room, asking for food. Linglan instructed her to wait until the whole family was present before eating. In order to have the barbecue buns made by the teacher’s wife as soon as possible, Sun Toutou obediently complied and quickly took care of the teacher’s grandparents. Finally, it was time for the meal. Before eating, Linglan asked Sun Toutou to learn how to feel the pulse. The morning pulse was the best for diagnosis. Sun Toutou was amazed by this family tradition; growing up in an orphanage, she had never seen family members examining each other’s pulses to determine their health. It was truly interesting to her.

In the morning, a patient arrived at the traditional Chinese medicine clinic. She had been feeling unwell for a long time and had consulted various Chinese medicine practitioners after experiencing health issues. She had thought that if she turned to Chinese medicine after Western medicine, it would most likely be a terminal illness. However, Ren Xinzheng diagnosed her pulse and confidently said it could be treated. He asked if she had ever killed animals when she was young. The elderly woman replied that she had never killed chickens or geese but enjoyed eating snails. Over a decade ago, her husband fell ill, and she had killed several pigeons. Ren Xinzheng nodded, indicating that the problem lay there. He advised the old woman to find a friend and travel around the country together, visiting temples and paying respects to Buddha. This way, her karmic obstacles would be eliminated, and her health would improve quickly. It turned out that traveling and sightseeing could be a cure for illness. After hearing Ren Xinzheng’s enlightenment, the old lady returned home feeling relieved.

Sun Toutou couldn’t help but feel guilty, realizing that she had eaten more crayfish than the old lady had snails. Her accumulated karmic obstacles seemed too great, and she was frightened. She quickly requested time off to visit a temple and pay respects to Buddha. Ren Xinzheng glared at her and reminded her to get back to work.

Zhao Liquan pushed Jianxi for a follow-up visit and encountered a patient at the clinic. They suddenly rushed towards each other and started fighting as if they had gone mad. Chaos ensued, and Ren Xinzheng and the others quickly intervened to separate them.

Ren Xinzheng finally learned the details and finally knew that Zhu Xia’s daughter was paralyzed by Cheng Ying’s accidental collision. At that time, Cheng Ying saw her husband buying a luxury sports car for another woman while driving, and in a moment of distraction, she accidentally hit Jian Xi, causing the tragic accident. After the accident, Cheng Ying deeply regretted it. She would rather be the one hit by the car herself. Now that her husband is having an affair, Zhu Xia harasses her every day, even causing trouble at her workplace. She is now afraid to go to work, and her life has almost reached a dead end.

With Zhu Xia pressing on step by step, Cheng Ying is really feeling depressed. Ren Xinzheng asked Linglan to give Cheng Ying acupuncture treatment while he went out to meet Zhu Xia and tell her that Cheng Ying had died, finally fulfilling his wish. Zhu Xia curses Cheng Ying every day, wishing her death. Now that she hears Cheng Ying has been harassed to death, she finally understands the seriousness of the situation. She caused a big scene at the clinic just now, and many people saw it. When the police inquire, she will definitely go to jail. Zhu Xia is trembling with fear. Ren Xinzheng reminds her to quickly find a way to take care of Jian Xi. Zhu Xia regrets it deeply. If she is caught and imprisoned, there will be no one to take care of her daughter. As she thinks about it, Zhu Xia regrets it to the point of kneeling in front of Ren Xinzheng. Later, when she heard that Cheng Ying was not dead, Zhu Xia was overjoyed. If Cheng Ying is alive, she doesn’t have to take responsibility and stay in jail. After the thrilling experience just now, Zhu Xia dare not curse Cheng Ying anymore and believes that she will not continue to stalk and harass her.

Ren Xinzheng knew that Zhu Xia was a single mother and that living alone was not easy. But he also encouraged her to learn to let go. Since the situation had already occurred, she needed to face it calmly. Forgiving others is also forgiving oneself. Currently, the Chinese medicinal herbs for Jian Xi had not been found, so the urgent task was to find the lead on the herbs.

In the evening, Shiyan waited for Yang Xiaohong at a food stall. Since he still had to work, he asked Yang Xiaohong to help him with his studies at intervals. This time, they agreed to meet at the food stall, and Shiyan treated Yang Xiaohong to barbecue. However, Yang Xiaohong had always been fastidious about cleanliness, so this time she sat on her seat wearing a raincoat, waiting for Shiyan. Yang Xiaohong didn’t like greasy food, but Shiyan warmly entertained her and ordered sugar-free yogurt from the boss. After they finished their studies, Yang Xiaohong confessed that it was Ren Xinzheng’s idea to have her go out for tutoring. Although she knew that Shiyan attended the Chinese medicine apprenticeship class to make trouble, Ren Xinzheng didn’t hold grudges and was still willing to teach him. This is the magnanimity of Chinese medicine. Hearing Yang Xiaohong’s account, Shiyan felt even more in awe of the vastness of Chinese medicine.

In the evening, Sun Toutou noticed that Ren Tianzhen went out alone to play skateboarding, and there were many people around engaged in extreme sports. She was envious and insisted that Ren Tianzhen teach her; otherwise, she would report to their teacher. Ren Tianzhen had no choice but to temporarily agree and then find an opportunity to play a prank on her.

Zhao Liquan had graduated and could no longer stay in the school dormitory. He often caused power outages in the dormitory by secretly using electrical appliances to cook noodles or dumplings. When caught by the dormitory supervisor, he was immediately kicked out. He couldn’t stay at the school anymore, so Zhao Liquan had to find a cheap place to live off-campus. When Ren Tianzhen found out, she took out a simple bed and gave Zhao Liquan the key to the Chinese medicine clinic, allowing him to temporarily stay there after work and fold up the bed early in the morning. It indeed solved Zhao Liquan’s urgent need, but Ren Tianzhen insisted on not taking a single penny from him.

Cheng Ying went for her regular follow-up appointment and heard that Ren Xinzheng was teaching a class. Ren Xinzheng was educating everyone in the class about knowledge related to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and health preservation. TCM not only focuses on treating the root cause of the disease but also pays attention to “Qi circulation.” Poor emotional state can also lead to a series of complications. Therefore, one must overcome inner fears, hesitation, avoidance, and wishful thinking, adjust these emotions, maintain a positive mindset, and many things can naturally improve without treatment. It seemed like what was being said was very similar to Cheng Ying’s condition, and listening to Ren Xinzheng’s lecture provided her with a lot of relief.

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. Zhao Liquan’s parents said they would come to visit. Recently, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic just announced that they would select a few students to participate in a TCM forum. Zhao Liquan called his parents and asked them to come later.

Ever since Sun Toutou found out that Ren Tianzhen can skateboard, she would pester him every day to teach her how to play. Ren Tianzhen couldn’t stand it anymore, but this time he finally agreed readily. He made careful plans and brought some snacks and a large jar of yellow wine. The yellow wine was stolen from his grandfather, all to settle the personal grudge from the last time Sun Toutou splashed him with rice.

Ren Tianzhen told Sun Toutou that if she wanted to learn skateboarding, she had to show respect to the master by offering wine. Unfortunately, Sun Toutou was a bit reckless. She grabbed the wine jar and started drinking without hesitation. Ren Tianzhen, on the other hand, had a few cans of beer and was very satisfied to see Sun Toutou making a fool of herself while intoxicated. Last time, he was drenched in takeout food by Sun Toutou, and now he finally had his revenge. Seeing Sun Toutou lying drunk on a recliner in the neighborhood, Ren Tianzhen left on his own.

Sun Toutou originally wanted to learn a few moves from Ren Tianzhen while making medicine, but she ended up forgetting everything due to drinking. The pot of medicine boiled until the soup dried up and even cracked the pot. The sharp sound of the smoke alarm came from the kitchen, waking up the family. Ren Xinzheng rushed to the kitchen and saw the ruined pot. He immediately asked Linglan to call Sun Toutou and ask where she was.

Meng Meng was also awakened and started screaming in the house. Ren Tianzhen quickly ran to Meng Meng’s room to reassure her that everything was fine. Sun Toutou still hadn’t returned, and Ren Tianzhen started feeling anxious. After a long time, Linglan finally got through on the phone. The security guard in the neighborhood said they only found the cellphone and noticed a woman’s shoe by the riverbank. Due to a previous incident of someone drowning in the river, he replied in surprise that the owner of the phone might have jumped into the river.

Ren Xinzheng and Linglan were shocked and hurried to the riverside to search for people. They shouted for a long time, but there was no response. Linglan carefully examined the scene and found several boxes of takeout food on a bench, a jar of yellow wine, and a porcelain wine cup, which belonged to their household. Based on Sun Toutou’s careless nature, she wouldn’t use such a nice wine cup for pouring. Finally, Ren Tianzhen found Sun Toutou in the river. Because she had drunk too much yellow wine, Sun Toutou felt uncomfortable and jumped into the river to cool down.

They rescued Sun Toutou and brought her back home. Linglan privately called Ren Tianzhen into a room and sternly criticized him. Fortunately, Sun Toutou wasn’t in danger that night, but if anything had happened to her, Ren Tianzhen would have to eat prison food for many years. Linglan scolded Ren Tianzhen severely, reminding him that he was the only male in the family and would have to take responsibility for the clinic in the future. He couldn’t act recklessly without considering the consequences. She also solemnly warned him to maintain distance from Meng Meng and not entertain any inappropriate thoughts.

In the morning, Ren Xinzheng and the family sat together to have breakfast. They saw Sun Toutou, completely exhausted, leaning on the railing and staggering down the stairs. After a night of turmoil, Ren Xinzheng asked her who she had been drinking with. Sun Toutou insisted that she was alone, repeating it a hundred times. Ren Xinzheng asked her again, warning her about the consequences of being expelled from the clinic. Sun Toutou still didn’t even look at Ren Tianzhen and focused on her bowl, saying that each person should be responsible for their own actions.

Ren Xinzheng naturally knew that Ren Tianzhen was also drinking with them, but his carefully educated son kept his head down at the dinner table, too afraid to speak up, which disappointed Ren Xinzheng. A few days later, Ren Xinzheng took his disciples to participate in a TCM forum. Ren Tianzhen was worried about leaving Meng Meng alone at home. However, the spots were limited, so without hesitation, Ren Tianzhen let Zhao Liquan go back first. Zhao Liquan had been eagerly anticipating this opportunity and hoped to meet some influential figures, which would enhance his resume. He was struggling with the decision when the principal noticed and immediately asked Zhao Liquan to ride in the same car with him.

In the car, Zhao Liquan was very grateful to the principal for giving him this opportunity. The principal couldn’t help but express that when he saw Zhao Liquan, he saw a young version of himself. In the past, the principal also had feelings for Linglan when they were young, but in the end, Linglan chose Ren Xinzheng.

During the observation period at the Traditional Chinese Medicine forum, a friend’s daughter fell ill and the situation was quite difficult. They approached Ren Xinzheng directly, hoping he could help diagnose and treat her. Both Peng Shiyan and Zhao Liquan were eager to try their skills and wanted to show off in front of the patient. However, Ren Xinzheng pointed out that although Peng Shiyan was a pediatrician, he belonged to Western medicine, and the experts present were all masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine, not Western medicine practitioners. The other party understood and expressed the desire for Ren Xinzheng to personally diagnose the case. Ren Xinzheng specifically named Peng Shiyan and Ren Tianzhen to accompany Sun Toutou and test her abilities.

This was Sun Toutou’s first time diagnosing a patient. She noticed that the little girl not only had a fever but also had eczema. Since the girl didn’t like acupuncture or taking medicine, Sun Toutou incorporated medicinal ingredients into the food and prepared a delicious and nourishing dish. She also made a special egg yolk butter by stir-frying several egg yolks. Knowing that the little girl came from an affluent family, she gave the egg yolk butter a clever name. She instructed the parents to apply it on the child three times a day, and the results were remarkable. The child’s mother personally went to express her gratitude and specifically asked where she could buy the oil used in the previous preparation. Ren Xinzheng was clueless and could only promise to bring some next time.

When Sun Toutou told the master that she had made egg yolk butter, Ren Xinzheng was surprised. It was just a casual mention during class, but Sun Toutou remembered everything. Yang Xiaohong also sighed secretly, realizing that despite memorizing numerous prescriptions, she couldn’t recall any of them when needed. Ren Xinzheng inspired Yang Xiaohong to not only learn but also apply what she learned in practice.

After Cheng Ying achieved enlightenment, she no longer clung to attachments and decided to release herself from the pain that had troubled her for many years. She approached Ren Xinzheng for advice and suggested starting an online course to treat people who were suffering from the same illnesses as her. Previously, Cheng Ying had always held onto fantasies, hoping that her unfaithful husband would have a change of heart. Now she felt that it was completely impossible. Once she severed ties with him, she found that life suddenly became clear and bright.

At the clinic, Cheng Ying overheard Zhu Xia’s plan to find a herb gatherer and that she would be gone for ten to fifteen days, worrying about who would take care of her child. Cheng Ying took the initiative to approach Zhu Xia and offered to take care of Jian Xi during that time. She would bring the child to the clinic during the day and then take her to her own home at night. Cheng Ying would also prepare the medicine, conveniently making some for Jian Xi as well. As she spoke, Cheng Ying handed Zhu Xia a bank card. It was the compensation money she received after her divorce, and she entrusted it all to Zhu Xia to be used for Jian Xi’s treatment.

Ren Xinzheng attended a dinner gathering in the traditional Chinese medicine community. This dinner was intentionally arranged by Liu Changqing with the purpose of winning over Ren Xinzheng to join his industrial park so they could all make money together. People around were trying to persuade Ren Xinzheng, stating that although he treated and saved people, he should also pursue personal wealth. Nowadays, ordinary people value money, and in ancient times, people would pay respect to one’s attire and status before respecting the person. Ren Xinzheng remained clear-minded and was not swayed by these arguments. After listening to their persuasion, he concluded that traditional Chinese medicine did not pursue wealth, and unexpected wealth should not be sought after either. It required a considerable amount of energy to handle such wealth.

Sun Toutou was punished by Ren Xinzheng to copy the Great Physician’s Manual for drinking outside. When it was time to submit the assignment, Sun Toutou had still not prepared it. To make up for the previous incident, Ren Tianzhen helped Sun Toutou with copying the medical manual. Ren Xinzheng and Linglan knew about it but didn’t expose them. When collecting the assignments, they saw a thick stack of copied pages. Ren Xinzheng didn’t make things difficult for them anymore and only advised Sun Toutou to continue copying every day. It was no longer a punishment but a daily assignment.

After a month of study, Sun Toutou successfully completed her studies, and Ren Xinzheng wanted to reward her. Sun Toutou was curious and spent the whole day wondering what the reward would be. In the evening, Ren Xinzheng taught her how to drink alcohol. This was something Sun Toutou had never thought of. The master told her that drinking alcohol could be beneficial and harmful to the body. For example, Sun Toutou’s binge drinking was not acceptable. The best time for drinking was from 5 to 7 in the evening, and common accompanying snacks were peanuts and pig ears. One should maintain a calm state of mind, take small sips, savor the taste in the mouth, and avoid excessive drinking.

As Ren Tianzhen went downstairs and saw the setting sun, Ren Xinzheng held a glass of wine and explained the relationship between alcohol and Traditional Chinese Medicine to Sun Toutou. It was as if her father always had a patient and benevolent demeanor when teaching others, but with his own son, he always wore a serious expression and had high demands for his actions.

Ren Xinzheng taught Sun Toutou to drink, but his own alcohol tolerance was poor. He started to feel discomfort in his stomach at night. Linglan cooked hangover soup for him and asked why he was so patient with Sun Toutou. Ren Xinzheng spoke his true feelings after drinking, saying he believed Ren Tianzhen would eventually return to the medical clinic. On the other hand, Sun Toutou, who currently lacks proper guidance, will have no connection with traditional Chinese medicine in the future.

At the Chinese medicine clinic, it was discovered that Zhao Liquan had put his clothes and luggage into the medicine cabinet. Ren Xinzheng was surprised to see that the cabinet meant for storing medicinal herbs now contained Zhao Liquan’s unwashed clothes. Sun Toutou whispered that Zhao Liquan had gone out to work and earn money.

Linglan, knowing about Zhao Liquan’s family difficulties, advised Ren Xinzheng to let Zhao Liquan work as a medicine worker at the pharmacy when he wasn’t busy, and attend classes when necessary, so as not to interfere with his studies. Initially, Ren Xinzheng was reluctant, but after both Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen pleaded with him, he finally agreed.

Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen went to find Zhao Liquan and discovered that he was working as a masseur at a massage parlor on the street. Ren Tianzhen felt that Zhao Liquan’s part-time job was an insult to traditional Chinese medicine, but Zhao Liquan didn’t think it was a big deal. He explained that his family had been covering all the expenses, including his college education. Zhao Liquan and Ren Tianzhen started arguing back and forth, while Sun Toutou watched anxiously. She immediately intervened and told both of them to calm down. She informed Zhao Liquan that Ren Tianzhen had good news for him. He could work part-time at the Chinese medicine clinic, which would be a win-win situation. Upon hearing this, Zhao Liquan became immediately happy. Being able to study and earn money at the same time resolved his urgent financial situation.

Unable to stay at the Chinese medicine clinic anymore, Zhao Liquan arrived at Sun Toutou’s best friend’s place in the evening with his luggage. Sun Toutou had arranged for him to temporarily stay at Star’s place. When Star saw Zhao Liquan carrying his suitcase, she started to have second thoughts and immediately called Sun Toutou, questioning why she had allowed a man to stay at her place. Sun Toutou vouched for Zhao Liquan’s character, assuring Star that he was trustworthy and there would be no issues living together. She even mentioned that it wasn’t safe for Star to live alone and having Zhao Liquan around meant she would receive free massages even when her neck hurt. Seeing that it was already late, Star allowed Zhao Liquan to stay temporarily.

One of Ren Xinzheng’s friends, Zhu Changming, had been troubled by insomnia for many days. Thinking it was due to poor health, he started obsessively taking supplements. As his family was wealthy, he chose expensive medicinal ingredients such as ginseng and cordyceps. When he saw Ren Xinzheng, he exchanged pleasantries and couldn’t help but ask him to prescribe some expensive medicinal ingredients. Ren Xinzheng kindly advised him to eat radishes and cabbage for good health and explained that taking supplements should be targeted to specific needs. A massage therapist hired by Ren Xinzheng noticed Zhu Changming’s subconscious frown when he turned around and immediately diagnosed him with thoracic misalignment, which was causing pressure on his heart and leading to insomnia. Zhu Changming agreed, mentioning that he usually played golf but had lost interest recently due to his lack of energy caused by insomnia.

The Chinese medicine clinic started offering courses on lumbar and spinal health. Zhao Liquan enthusiastically pushed a swivel chair for the teacher, who then took the opportunity to explain to everyone that sitting on such chairs is not good for the lumbar spine. The teacher went on to explain the structure of various joints in the human body. It has become a trend for everyone to use smartphones frequently, and in the future, cervical spondylosis will certainly be a common ailment.

Suddenly, a group of construction workers entered the classroom, claiming that they had a contract signed by Liu Changqing for renovation work. Ren Xinzheng was surprised and immediately called Liu Changqing. Liu Changqing admitted that although he had a passion for traditional Chinese medicine, he still needed to earn a living. The initial intention of lending the classroom to Ren Xinzheng was for collaboration, but Ren Xinzheng had shown no interest in any of his proposed projects. Now, Liu Changqing wanted to take back the promises he had made to Ren Xinzheng, including the classroom and even the dormitory.

The Chinese medicine class had a few days off, so Shiyan suggested that the classmates go together to the Qixi Temple Fair. Everyone applauded and formed a group to go. Ren Tianzhen also brought Mengmeng along, and when playing the ring-toss game, he successfully won a beloved stuffed toy for her.

Ren Xinzheng contacted several classmates with resources but none of them were able to solve the problem of finding a place to study medicine. He felt frustrated, and that night, the family discussed this matter together. Ren Xinzheng confessed that ever since the incident of publicly drinking the “break-up wine,” he had been feeling uneasy and it had truly become a burden on his mind. His father-in-law encouraged him not to be discouraged and reminded him that from childhood to now, Ren Xinzheng’s academic and professional life had always been smooth. This current adversity was deliberately giving him an opportunity to grow and develop.

Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen went to a temple fair and ate a lot of seafood. That night, they started having stomachaches, and everyone rushed to the restroom together. Sun Toutou had never experienced this before, and she urgently needed to use the restroom while her stomach was in great pain. Unable to bear it, she couldn’t help but call her teacher’s wife, asking for help.

Late at night, the teacher’s wife, concerned for her students, started preparing Chinese herbal medicine for them. Sun Toutou held the herbal medicine, finding it bitter and hard to swallow. But good medicine is bitter. After the teacher’s wife left, Shiyan took out some antibiotics and asked if anyone wanted to have some. The pain from the stomachache was unbearable, and some couldn’t resist and began taking Shiyan’s antibiotics. Sun Toutou firmly refused to take Western medicine, feeling that it would be unfair to Linglan and Ren Xinzheng. She stood up in front of everyone and drank the traditional Chinese medicinal soup in one gulp.

After a long night, they were able to get up and go to the medical clinic the next day. Ren Xinzheng sternly criticized them, emphasizing that the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes responsibility. Just as they had started their vacation, they couldn’t control themselves and ended up overindulging in food, resulting in the consequences they faced. Ren Xinzheng was very angry, and after his scolding, he decided to disband the apprentice class.

Yang Xiaohong immediately raised her hand, stating that she didn’t participate in the temple fair the previous night and should not be implicated. Yang Xiaohong rarely spoke up, but now she was so courageous in fighting for herself. Ren Xinzheng acknowledged that they were all in the same boat and had their own shortcomings. Yang Xiaohong explained that she had advised them not to go, but they didn’t listen.

Sun Toutou bravely took the responsibility upon herself, claiming that it was her who had encouraged everyone to go and enjoy the seafood. However, the truth was that the suggestion had come from Shiyan, and everyone was happy to follow along. Sun Toutou and Shiyan both felt guilty, with Shiyan admitting his responsibility as well. But Sun Toutou insisted that they should stay and focus on their studies while she alone faced the consequences. As a result of Ren Xinzheng’s criticism, Sun Toutou ended up being expelled from the school.

Zhao Liquan followed her, remembering how Sun Toutou had let him stay at Star’s house in the past. Now that she had been kicked out of the medical clinic, she had no place to go. However, Sun Toutou assured Zhao Liquan not to worry about her and to continue living at Star’s house in peace. She believed in her own abilities and was confident that she could find another place to stay. Ren Tianzhen witnessed this interaction and felt guilty as well, seeing their classmates taking the blame for them.

The apprentice class still needed to continue, but there was currently no suitable place for it. Linglan suggested to Ren Xinzheng that they should approach Wang Changqing. In fact, Wang Changqing wanted to borrow Ren Xinzheng’s name to establish a renowned industrial park. Since Ren Xinzheng was unwilling, they could find someone else to help. With Linglan’s advice, Ren Xinzheng’s frustration eased, and he immediately called Liu Changqing to invite him to a banquet, also asking Wu Shandao to join. Wu Shandao was the president of the Traditional Chinese Medicine University and had the support of a university behind him, so it wouldn’t be a problem. Wu Shandao was good at cooperation, and he and Liu Changqing instantly hit it off.

Sun Toutou resumed her job delivering packages and take-out meals and temporarily stayed at Uncle Tao’s place. Uncle Tao had severe lumbar muscle strain, and his old problem had recurred, causing him intense pain. Sun Toutou wasn’t skilled in massage and bone-setting, so she had to seek help from Ren Xinzheng, hoping he could assist her.

Uncle Tao’s long-standing back problem was greatly relieved after Teacher Dong’s massage. He stood up and walked around feeling relaxed all over. Uncle Tao marveled at the miraculous effects of traditional Chinese medicine. Sun Toutou was very eager to learn this massage technique. Many of their colleagues had similar issues, but Teacher Dong showed no mercy and said that Sun Toutou was no longer a student of the apprentice class, so there was no need to teach her. Uncle Tao urged Sun Toutou to apologize to Ren Xinzheng as soon as possible. He even dragged her in front of Ren Xinzheng and explained that Sun Toutou, despite going back to delivering takeout, still copied a prescription of traditional Chinese medicine every day.

Standing in front of Ren Xinzheng, although Sun Toutou deeply regretted her actions, when she saw Ren Xinzheng’s stern gaze, she found it difficult to speak. She simply greeted her master briefly. Uncle Tao was disappointed that Sun Toutou ultimately didn’t apologize to her master.

Not long after, Sun Toutou encountered an unexpected incident while delivering takeout. It turns out the customer had written the wrong address. When Sun Toutou arrived and called the customer, they weren’t home, so they instructed her to leave the food at the doorstep. Sun Toutou followed the customer’s request and left the delivery at the doorstep. Later, she found out that the customer had indeed written the wrong address, and inside the package was an engagement ring. The customer took Sun Toutou to confront the wrong recipient. The recipient insisted they hadn’t seen anything and speculated that the cleaning staff from Procter & Gamble might have taken it. The problem was, during that time, there were no cleaning personnel going upstairs. Sun Toutou was at a loss and had no choice but to kneel in front of the recipient, begging her to search her room thoroughly. The recipient was aggressive and claimed not to have seen anything. Unfortunately, someone recorded this incident and posted the video online.

Seeing the heir of the prestigious Jiang’s Acupuncture Technique kneeling before someone over such a trivial matter, Ren Xinzheng couldn’t bear to watch. He immediately asked Ren Tianzhen about the price of the engagement ring, and upon hearing it was over 30,000 yuan, Ren Xinzheng was genuinely troubled. Suddenly, Ren Tianzhen remembered that Xu Meng had mentioned their cat’s eyes having built-in surveillance. Perhaps there was a camera across the room where the food was delivered. Ren Tianzhen quickly took Zhao Liquan and went to the scene to find Sun Toutou.

In the end, when the homeowner heard about the existence of surveillance footage, they retrieved the mistakenly delivered package. Everything was resolved, but it was clear that the homeowner had intended to keep it for themselves. If it weren’t for Ren Tianzhen’s timely intervention, Sun Toutou would have ended up in trouble again. Sun Toutou silently stood up, put on her hat, and left without saying a word. Seeing Sun Toutou’s retreating figure, both Ren Tianzhen and Zhao Liquan felt saddened. They had never seen Sun Toutou in such a desolate state at the clinic before.

That evening, Uncle Tao heard about Sun Toutou’s ordeal and marveled at how she was willing to kneel before an unscrupulous homeowner but couldn’t bring herself to kneel before her master, considering it a reversal of priorities. Uncle Tao advised her that if she could practice medicine in the future, not only would she be able to treat illnesses and save lives, but she would also have more dignity. At least she wouldn’t encounter disgusting customers like the ones she faced today. Uncle Tao’s words struck a chord with Sun Toutou. The next day, she brought the notes she had written after leaving the apprentice class to the clinic and sincerely apologized to Ren Xinzheng, hoping that he would allow her to continue her studies.

Initially, in order to teach Sun Toutou a lesson, Ren Xinzheng didn’t readily agree. However, later on, the students from the apprentice class pleaded on behalf of Sun Toutou, and she expressed deep remorse, promising to study medicine diligently and never misbehave again. Ren Xinzheng then allowed her to continue her studies in the class. After returning this time, Sun Toutou did indeed behave honestly for a long period of time.

The apprentice class went out together to gather medicinal herbs, and Ren Xinzheng assigned tasks to each student. He instructed them to prepare dishes using the herbs they collected that could be consumed directly. Additionally, they were asked to compose a poem related to the medicinal herbs. Everyone was eager to give it a try. Sun Toutou made lotus seed porridge and specifically asked Zhao Liquan for related verses, which she copied onto her palm.

That evening happened to be Teacher’s Day, and Meng Meng picked two bouquets of flowers. She gave one bouquet to Ren Xinzheng and the other to the herbalist Qiu Jianxian. Looking at the large bouquet of flowers, Ren Xinzheng was in a playful mood and asked Sun Toutou to wish him a happy Teacher’s Day. Sun Toutou was busy washing dishes at the time, and she candidly expressed that her gratitude towards her mentor was not confined to just Teacher’s Day. She felt grateful every single day of her life. Ren Xinzheng advised her to learn how to express herself, emphasizing the importance of not keeping everything bottled up inside. He suggested expressing oneself at the appropriate moment, as it could help resolve many unnecessary misunderstandings. Sun Toutou countered by asking why, in the morning, when his wife asked him to wear a scarf, Ren Xinzheng not only didn’t express his gratitude but also took off the scarf and glared at his wife. Sun Toutou’s remark left Ren Xinzheng speechless.

Ren Xinzheng originally wanted to educate Sun Toutou, but unexpectedly, he was taught a lesson by Sun Toutou. She analyzed everything thoroughly, and Ren Xinzheng realized that he was in the wrong. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that what he did in the morning was incorrect. Finally, he recognized his mistake and called Song Linglan to apologize. It was the first time he received a call from a man, and it was about an apology. Song Linglan was a bit puzzled and asked her mother if something unusual had happened. After all, men are usually late bloomers, and her mother advised her to be patient.

In the evening, everyone was discussing local delicacies, and “jerk chicken” was one of them. Sun Toutou heard for the first time about the method of cooking chicken with mud and lotus leaves. She found it very intriguing and stole a chicken that same night. However, while she was enjoying her meal, the owner of the chicken discovered her in the act. Sun Toutou was caught red-handed, with her mouth full of oil. Ren Xinzheng had never been caught for such a thing before, but it turned out that his apprentice had stolen someone else’s chicken!

Ren Xinzheng criticized Sun Toutou in front of everyone, calling her a devil. In the afternoon, he had taken Sun Xiaohong to the hospital, and in the evening, she went and stole a mountain villager’s chicken. It was truly ironic. After the master left, Sun Toutou’s classmates couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Sun Toutou only felt embarrassed, not only losing face but also finding the stolen chicken not as delicious as rumored.

Ren Xinzheng took his students to the mountains to identify herbs. Sun Toutou, having nothing else to do, helped a farmer clean the chicken coop. As a token of gratitude, the farmer gave her two chickens. To praise Sun Toutou for her good deed, Master Ren Xinzheng gave her a piggy bank and told her to put a coin in it every time she did a good deed until the piggy bank was full. This way, Sun Toutou could graduate. The idea was great, and on that day, Ren Xinzheng showed off his skills. He used some Chinese herbs to remake the “jerk chicken.” The meal was especially delicious, and even Sun Toutou couldn’t help but say that the chicken was extremely tasty. She was puzzled why it was much better than what she made the previous night. Ren Xinzheng reminded her that he had added various herbs and carefully cooked it for three hours, which naturally made it taste better than the chicken she hastily cooked while feeling guilty.

Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, and in the evening, Ren Xinzheng cooked glutinous rice dumplings for everyone. Sun Toutou felt a bit down because the apprenticeship class was going on a break. She had no family, and usually at this time, she would work overtime like crazy to earn triple wages. Now that she was studying medicine, she no longer delivered takeout. Ren Xinzheng suggested that they celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at his house, which made Sun Toutou extremely happy.

During the break, Ren Tianzhen told his father that he planned to go to the library to read books. Ren Xinzheng asked him to bring Sun Toutou along and urged her to study hard and make up for the lack of cultural knowledge. Sun Toutou obediently followed Ren Tianzhen to the library, accepting the blame from Ren Xinzheng for her low level of education.

Leaving the house, Ren Tianzhen reminded Sun Toutou that they could arrange to meet in the evening because he wanted to do his own thing. Sun Toutou disagreed and insisted that Ren Tianzhen take her along. Since Sun Toutou swore that she would not tell her father, Ren Tianzhen decided to take her with him to play.

Normally, Ren Tianzhen appeared well-behaved and sensible, but in his leisure time, he engaged in extreme sports such as skydiving and bungee jumping. Sun Toutou, who usually acted carefree, became weak-kneed when they arrived at a high-altitude mountain and dared not participate in such extreme sports.

Ren Tianzhen enjoyed activities like bungee jumping, car racing, and skydiving. During their rest time, he talked with Sun Toutou. Ren Tianzhen openly admitted that although he was born into a better environment than Sun Toutou, he could feel countless eyes watching him, as if they were scrutinizing the very essence of his family’s existence. Therefore, even though Sun Toutou didn’t have the same favorable family background, she lived a free and easy life, seemingly understanding this principle. Sun Toutou used to believe that her humble origins were a disadvantage, but now she realized there were also advantages.

Ren Tianzhen took Sun Toutou to an antique shop and, in front of her, took off the pendant around his neck. He only knew it was made of agarwood, but he had no idea of its priceless value. When the shop owner offered him a hundred thousand yuan for it, Ren Tianzhen proudly sold the pendant.

In the evening, during a family dinner, Ren Tianzhen claimed that he accidentally lost the pendant. Linglan and Zhao Liquan were astonished because the pendant was worth at least several hundred thousand yuan. Sun Toutou, with wide-eyed amazement, couldn’t help but mutter that she should have kept it for herself if she had known.

The next morning, Sun Toutou went to the antique shop where Ren Tianzhen sold the pendant yesterday. The shop was still closed, and Sun Toutou noticed that Linglan was also there. Both of them understood without saying a word, knowing why the other person appeared here.

Linglan asked the shop owner about the pendant Ren Tianzhen sold here yesterday. She was prepared to buy it back at the original price. The shop owner said that the item was sold last night, and even the surveillance cameras were broken, so they couldn’t find it at all. Linglan felt that the shop owner was playing tricks and being dishonest, but she had no evidence, so she could only bear the loss silently.

Linglan returned home and kept spacing out. Ren Xinzheng noticed that something was wrong and asked what was going on. Linglan stuttered and said that it seemed like their child’s chest badge was really lost. Ren Xinzheng finally understood that it must be Ren Tianzhen who had done something wrong. He angrily went to Ren Tianzhen’s room and gave him a severe scolding. He punished Ren Tianzhen for being careless and losing things from a young age. The pendant was so important to him, yet he managed to lose it. He demanded to know where Ren Tianzhen went yesterday and where exactly the item was lost. Ren Xinzheng became angrier as he spoke, but Sun Toutou couldn’t bear to let Ren Tianzhen and Ren Xinzheng ruin the Mid-Autumn Festival with such tension. She immediately stepped forward and whispered that she took Ren Tianzhen’s belongings because she was a bit tight on money recently, so she stole the items and sold them to a pawnshop.

Ren Xinzheng was very angry and immediately punished her by making her stand in a fixed position. Sun Toutou obediently went out and stood in a horse stance without saying a word. The sun was shining brightly, and this time she truly endured the punishment under the scorching sun. Linglan asked Ren Tianzhen to provide some support for Sun Toutou’s waist, but Sun Toutou refused, afraid that Ren Xinzheng would become even angrier if he saw it. So Ren Tianzhen decided to share the punishment with Sun Toutou. Linglan went to speak to Ren Xinzheng, trying to persuade him to not be so harsh on Ren Tianzhen in the future, to refrain from physical punishment and verbal abuse, and to have a proper conversation instead. Linglan was about to let the two of them take a break when Sun Toutou suddenly fainted.

Ren Xinzheng immediately instructed Linglan to use moxibustion to help Sun Toutou regain consciousness. Sun Toutou had a weak digestive system, so Ren Xinzheng prepared two sets of medicine for her. Sun Toutou slowly regained consciousness, and she told Ren Tianzhen that the reason Ren Xinzheng was strict with him was because he loved him. She also mentioned that Ren Xinzheng could understand any mistakes she made, except when it came to Ren Tianzhen. This alone proved it. In the end, Sun Toutou expressed her deep admiration for Ren Tianzhen and urged him to be sensible in the future. She emphasized that he was the only child in the family and the only grandson of the two elderly people at home, and without him, it would be less lively and boring.

On the first day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Xu Meng’s parents called Ren Xinzheng, informing him that Xu Meng was missing. Xu Meng’s mother had taken a break from work and invited many relatives to have a gathering at home. She wanted Xu Meng to come out and meet the relatives, but Xu Meng ran away from home instead. Ren Tianzhen went with his father to Xu Meng’s house and learned about the situation. Ren Tianzhen was very angry and criticized Xu Meng’s mother for forcing her child. He believed that she should consider their perspective, respect their decisions, and give them freedom. Ren Xinzheng immediately stopped Ren Tianzhen from saying more, and Ren Tianzhen ran out to find Xu Meng.

Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen searched the whole day, but they still had no clues. When they returned home in the evening, there was still no sign of Xu Meng. Ren Tianzhen softly called out Mengmeng’s name in the narrow corridor at home, and the door slowly opened. Xu Meng was really at home! Ren Tianzhen patiently called out Xu Meng’s name, never before had he seen his son so earnestly. Linglan even felt a bit angry and immediately called for a family meeting.

In front of the family, Linglan announced that there shouldn’t be so many girls in the house and asked Ren Xinzheng to call Xu Meng’s parents. She wanted Xu Meng to return home the next day. This time, Xu Meng had run away on her own. What if one day she ran away from the clinic? How would they explain it to Xu Meng’s parents? Linglan’s reasoning made sense, but Ren Tianzhen immediately stood up and said that if Xu Meng was really going to be kicked out, he would move out and live with Xu Meng. Linglan was furious, and in the evening, she couldn’t contain her anger when she saw Ren Xinzheng. However, Ren Xinzheng tried to console her, saying that women shouldn’t be too narrow-minded. If Ren Tianzhen was really doing it for the sake of his patients, it showed the spirit of a benevolent doctor.

Sun Toutou saw that Ren Tianzhen was going out to find a house to live in. She tried to persuade him, saying that no one would want to hurt their own mother’s feelings for the sake of an outsider. Sun Toutou couldn’t help but remind Ren Tianzhen not to act foolishly. If she were Ren Tianzhen’s mother, she would definitely set clear boundaries with him and not tolerate this cunning person. Ren Tianzhen firmly believed that his mother was only temporarily angry, and he was confident that he could persuade her to let Mengmeng stay.

Linglan quietly went to find her son and asked if he had feelings for Mengmeng. Ren Tianzhen immediately denied it, stating that Mengmeng was a patient and he was only fulfilling his responsibility as a doctor to take care of her. In order to keep an eye on her son, Linglan agreed to let Mengmeng continue staying with them.

In a few days, it would be the beginning of frost, and Ren Xinzheng took the students from his apprenticeship class to gather medicinal herbs. This was a critical time for the growth of Aconite, and the environment for its growth was extremely unique. Ren Tianzhen drove on the mountain road for a long time.

It was originally a dull journey, but with Sun Toutou around, the car was filled with singing and laughter. The whole process felt relaxed. Ren Tianzhen heard Sun Toutou selecting a quiet song in the car, and he couldn’t help but be curious when he saw her looking thoughtfully out of the window through the rearview mirror. Sun Toutou was indeed a person with delicate thoughts.

After parking the car at the foot of the mountain, the students from the apprenticeship class had to hike for a long time to gather medicinal herbs. The process of collecting herbs itself was challenging, but nobody complained about being tired. The local villagers knew they were coming and had carefully simmered chicken soup for over five hours. As the aroma filled the air, everyone eagerly picked up their chopsticks and started eating.

Ren Xinzheng explained to his family that this chicken soup was very nourishing and contained Aconite, which had a mild toxicity, so it needed to be simmered for over four hours. Sun Toutou enjoyed it with relish. When she heard that there was a mild toxicity, she pretended to be surprised and claimed that as an inheritor, she couldn’t eat anything poisonous. After all, countless people were still waiting for them to make contributions. Sun Toutou’s words made everyone laugh.

The local villagers greatly admire Ren Xinzheng. Originally, their area was a remote and underdeveloped place, but when Ren Xinzheng arrived and assessed the mountain road, he found it suitable for growing Aconite. He led the villagers in cultivating medicinal herbs and implemented a system for timely collection. Finally, the villagers received wages, and many of them were lifted out of poverty. Ren Xinzheng provided planting techniques, signed contracts, and ensured that the villagers had no worries about future sales.

Ren Xinzheng not only inspected the growth of the medicinal herbs but also provided free medical consultations to the local villagers, spreading knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine. The numerous students around Ren Xinzheng could always feel his immense love and outstanding virtue. “Deyi shuangxin” seems to be the perfect phrase to describe him.

Yang Xiaohong checked in with everyone at the hotel. Despite having two staff members at the front desk, only one of them was busy. Yang Xiaohong had some complaints about this level of service but stopped pursuing the matter when Shiyuanyan was present.

Upon entering the room, Yang Xiaohong noticed that none of the towels had been changed since check-in. She believed that hotel towels should be changed for each guest, and she couldn’t accept the situation. She demanded that all towels must be dry and clean. However, the staff member insisted on not changing them. Just as the two were about to argue, Sun Toutou hurriedly came over with clothes in her hands and asked if there was a washing machine available. She wanted to use it to wash her dirty clothes. Sun Toutou and the staff member were able to communicate, and they discovered that the hotel’s washing machine was filled with potatoes and sweet potatoes. They removed the produce and cleaned the machine before starting to wash the clothes.

Originally, the hotel staff didn’t know how to use the fully automatic washing machine. Sun Toutou wrote down detailed instructions for the staff to follow. However, the staff member was worried about taking on too much responsibility and making mistakes in the future. They couldn’t help but complain. Last time, they fell off a chair and broke their leg because they took the initiative to clean the windows. So, the staff member had learned a lesson and no longer volunteered for tasks.

Upon hearing the staff member’s concern about injuring their leg again, Sun Toutou brought out a window cleaning tool—a long retractable pole—to clean the windows. Not only did it eliminate the worry of reaching high windows, but it also ensured a thorough cleaning. The staff members were delighted to use the window cleaning tool. Ren Xinzheng noticed that everyone in the hotel, led by Sun Toutou, was enthusiastically cleaning the windows, and he nodded in satisfaction. He took this opportunity to give Yang Xiaohong some advice, encouraging her to learn from Sun Toutou’s down-to-earth attitude and patience. Inspired by Sun Toutou’s influence, Yang Xiaohong finally understood where she had gone wrong.

Liu Changqing brought his son, Liu Zihong, to the clinic to see Ren Xinzheng. He pleaded with Ren Xinzheng to provide a diagnosis certificate for his son’s depression. Liu Zihong had excellent academic performance, but during his senior year, he became obsessed with street dancing and insisted on joining a training group. Liu Changqing didn’t know how to handle his son’s behavior and sought help by visiting Ren Xinzheng.

Ren Xinzheng asked Liu Zihong a few questions and found that he had a clear mind and answered fluently. It would indeed be fraudulent to provide a depression diagnosis for someone like him. Worried about offending Liu Changqing, Ren Xinzheng left the decision to Sun Toutou. Sun Toutou believed that issuing the certificate would have a negative impact on Liu Zihong’s future. If he were to apply for a government position or enter prestigious universities like Tsinghua or Peking, it could affect his political clearance. Sun Toutou spoke to Liu Zihong, advising him to focus on studying this year instead. However, Liu Zihong was determined to participate in the dance competition this year and pursue an artistic path. Seeing the determination in the boy’s eyes, Sun Toutou comforted Liu Changqing, suggesting that they grant the child the freedom to follow his passion for this year and openly request leave from school.

After being reminded by Sun Toutou, Liu Changqing realized that giving a diagnosis of depression to a child would have a negative impact on their future, so he decided to drop the matter. This time, Ren Xinzheng learned to handle the issue tactfully, and Sun Toutou’s words were very reasonable. Liu Changqing got the answer he wanted.

Early in the morning, Yang Xiaohong encountered a pregnant woman named Chen Hui in the mountains. To her surprise, she turned out to be her former colleague and was now experiencing a difficult childbirth. There was no one around, and Yang Xiaohong called an ambulance but couldn’t provide the exact location. Seeing Chen Hui in excruciating pain and realizing that her husband had collapsed and died right beside her, Yang Xiaohong couldn’t let the same thing happen again. With this in mind, she gathered her courage and decided to help Chen Hui deliver the baby.

At that time, Ren Xinzheng was examining Jian Xi’s illness. Jian Xi’s condition was deteriorating, and she even suspected that the 300-year-old tile was just a deceptive facade to encourage her. Ren Xinzheng examined her pulse and then persuaded her carefully. Jian Xi had reached the point of despair and even contemplated suicide. Ren Xinzheng encouraged her to continue cooperating with the treatment, reminding her that life is not just about herself. The prescription was recorded in ancient books, proving that there were precedents, so she should not give up hope.

With Yang Xiaohong’s help, Chen Hui finally gave birth. Shortly after, the ambulance arrived, and Chen Hui received medical assistance. Yang Xiaohong finally breathed a sigh of relief. She had learned how to deliver a baby and prevented a recurrence of similar sudden deaths. She gained great confidence. Ren Xinzheng answered the phone, and Yang Xiaohong excitedly reported the thrilling scene that had just unfolded.

The Chinese New Year was approaching, and Linglan chatted with Ren Xinzheng about their daily lives. Mengmeng would be taken by her parents to an amusement park and a museum abroad, but Sun Toutou had nowhere to go. Ren Xinzheng suggested that Sun Toutou celebrate the New Year with them. Linglan still couldn’t fully accept Sun Toutou, mentioning that Sun Toutou had accumulated too many negative points in the past. Although there had been some progress recently, Sun Toutou still caused trouble from time to time. Hearing that his wife was busy with household chores all day long, Ren Xinzheng declared that he would take care of the household chores this year.

In the early morning, Linglan came out of the bedroom and was surprised to see Ren Xinzheng mopping the floor. It was like discovering a new world. After decades of marriage, she had never seen a man doing household chores. Linglan happily went downstairs but unexpectedly stepped on the wet mop, causing her to slip and fall down the stairs. However, despite this, she was still delighted with her husband’s progress. She urged him not to stop and to continue mopping.

Sun Toutou secretly glanced at the medical book her master had taken out. She wanted to see the traditional Chinese medicine prescription for Jian Xi’s illness. However, she discovered that the medical book in her master’s hand was actually an account book. It turned out that the 300-year-old tile Ren Xinzheng mentioned earlier was just an excuse to delay. Ren Xinzheng earnestly advised her that as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, she should give hope to patients. Life is a wonderful thing, and one should not give up hope just because they can’t stand up. Moreover, Zhu Xia and Jian Xi were dependent on each other. If anything happened to Jian Xi, what would happen to Zhu Xia in the future?

After her master’s enlightenment, Sun Toutou suddenly felt that she was too superficial. Even honesty should be adapted to different situations. If she were to tell Jian Xi that there was no cure, how desperate would the heart of this young girl in her flowering age be? Living every day in the shadow of darkness is a terrifying thing.

Sun Toutou heard that Ren Tianzhen was planning to go bungee jumping. During the Chinese New Year, she couldn’t allow such a risky activity. She immediately stopped Ren Tianzhen from doing any dangerous projects and earnestly told him that everyone only has one life, and his life is not just his own. Hearing these words, Ren Tianzhen was very curious. Sun Toutou surprisingly knew about his daily adventures, such as running red lights and various acts of bravery, and yet she still advised him to cherish life.

Zhao Liquan also returned home, and the whole village greeted him. Zhao Liquan brought some local specialties for his hometown elders, and his younger brother tasted the candies from the city and kept saying how delicious they were. Liquan’s father had been suffering from knee pain for a long time, so Zhao Liquan gave him a massage. He analyzed that his father must have had long-term anger causing blockages. His father couldn’t help but complain. Zhao Liquan’s younger brother insisted on going to school, but given the current situation at home, they couldn’t afford to support two university students at all.

Zhao Liquan felt that without education, there would be no way out. However, his parents had their own thoughts. The two elderly people needed a son by their side as they grew older. If both sons moved to the city, there would be no one to take care of the family or inherit the family business. Moreover, the elderly couple insisted on arranging a blind date for him and suggested that the village chief’s daughter would be a perfect match. If his family established a connection with this relative, he could have a prominent position in the village in the future. However, Zhao Liquan was unwilling to go and kept dragging his feet, refusing to move forward.

For the first time, Sun Toutou celebrated Chinese New Year at home. She made dumplings, put up spring couplets, and had a reunion dinner with her family. Everything was fresh and exciting for her. Nowadays, people in the city are not allowed to set off firecrackers, so Sun Toutou blew up many balloons instead and invited the two elderly people to step on or pop the balloons together. The house became lively with Sun Toutou’s presence, and Song Linglan felt her heart racing at the sound of the bustling activities.

In the evening, Zhao Liquan’s mother asked him why he didn’t want to go on a blind date, wondering if he had someone he liked already. Zhao Liquan thought for a moment and said no, but if he did, he would definitely bring that person home to meet his mother. In the quiet night, he walked outside and looked at the fireworks in the sky, unable to help but think of the stars in the city—the roommate he shared the accommodation with, that warm and cheerful city girl. It was just regrettable that he came from a poor background and had nothing.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, Ren Tianzhen’s grandparents gave red envelopes to the younger generation. It was the first time Sun Toutou felt such a sense of ceremony. She even invited the master and his wife to bow and wish them good luck. The red envelopes she received from the elders were unexpectedly thick, and Sun Toutou was overjoyed. Sun Toutou often called Ren Tianzhen “grandson” on regular days, so Ren Tianzhen asked her to give him a red envelope as well. When Ren Tianzhen actually started calling her “grandma,” Sun Toutou tightly held her wallet and hurriedly ran away.

During the Lunar New Year, Sun Toutou originally planned to rest for two days. However, the number of patients at the clinic kept increasing, and there was even a fight over queuing. Sun Toutou utilized her expertise without mercy and gave them a stern lesson. Soon, everyone obediently lined up and stopped making a fuss. One of the patients always felt unwell after overeating and drinking. In such situations, he would anxiously cling to Ren Xinzheng’s leg. This person was already a regular visitor to the clinic, so whenever Sun Toutou saw him, she teasingly asked if he had overeaten again.

One day, Zhao Liquan arrived late at the clinic. Sun Toutou asked him what happened, and Zhao Liquan was sweating, saying that Xingxing (referring to a pet or someone close) was sick. Xingxing had a fever in the morning, so Zhao Liquan just finished making medicine and gave it to Xingxing. Upon hearing that her best friend was ill, Sun Toutou took leave from the clinic and hurriedly went to visit her.

Sun Toutou checked Xingxing’s pulse and noticed the sweet expression on her best friend’s face when talking about Ren Xinzheng. Since the two had been together for a while, Sun Toutou tentatively asked her best friend about her impression of Zhao Liquan.

Sun Toutou’s best friend doesn’t have any objections to Zhao Liquan himself, but she feels that living with him in the future would bring a lot of pressure. Xingxing’s thoughts are understandable. She wants to find someone with better family conditions. Sun Toutou asked her best friend why she didn’t find someone at her hospital. Her best friend candidly admitted that nowadays, marriage is not only about emotions but also about evaluating economic conditions. Everyone wants to find someone with a good financial situation and a strong family background. So, they would rather stay single than settle for a hasty decision.

As they chatted, Xingxing asked about Sun Toutou’s current situation and the future of her marriage. Sun Toutou had indeed considered it, but her own conditions were too poor. Zhao Liquan at least had a family, but Sun Toutou didn’t even have a home. So, finding a partner was simply out of reach for her, especially considering all the different measures and comparisons in the city. Now Sun Toutou just wanted to study medicine well, acquire some skills, and have a decent livelihood in the future. Sun Toutou’s words were all true, and Xingxing asked her if she didn’t have any thoughts about Rentian Zhen. Sun Toutou speculated that Ren Tianzhen liked Xu Meng, and Linglan also knew that her son had a liking for Xu Meng.

Shiyan went on a blind date, and coincidentally, Yang Xiaohong was also at the same restaurant. Shiyan overheard Yang Xiaohong evaluating the blind date man in various aspects and asked detailed questions about his family medical history, monthly income, and even sent him an IQ test form. When the blind date man heard that Yang Xiaohong had a previous annual salary of three million, he treated her with special attention and said that Yang Xiaohong met his standards. However, when Yang Xiaohong noticed that the blind date man had severe myopia, she completely eliminated him. She believed that the chances of inheriting severe myopia were high, and in order to have a perfect next generation, Yang Xiaohong decisively rejected him without hesitation.

Shiyan found it very interesting listening to the conversation. He was also on a blind date, and the girl he met criticized the lack of reputation of the hospital where Shiyan worked. Anyway, Shiyan didn’t like that girl either. After sending her off, Shiyan confidently sat in front of Yang Xiaohong and introduced himself. Yang Xiaohong didn’t mind much since she had another blind date lined up, but the other person had to leave suddenly. So, Yang Xiaohong decided to visit Chen Hui and asked Shiyan to accompany her to pick a gift.

As someone with no parenting experience, Yang Xiaohong had no idea how to choose a gift. Fortunately, Shiyan was a pediatrician and had a good understanding of what babies needed. He quickly helped her pick a gift.

When they met Chen Hui’s baby and heard that the baby’s name was “Nianhong,” Chen Hui explained that she named her daughter after Yang Xiaohong to express gratitude. It was because Yang Xiaohong had saved a mother and child in heavy rain. Yang Xiaohong’s eyes immediately turned red. She had been busy with her career, but suddenly she witnessed the unpredictability of life. After studying traditional Chinese medicine, she had the opportunity to bring a new life into the world. It was a precious experience for her. Hearing Chen Hui’s story, Shiyan realized that Yang Xiaohong had this gentle side as well, which gave him a deeper understanding of her.

Shanmin took Ren Xinzheng and the disciples of the apprenticeship class to see the ginseng in the mountains. Sun Toutou heard the story told by Ren Tianzhen and Shanmin and realized that a thousand-year-old ginseng could be worth billions. It was an incredible opportunity for Sun Toutou. Guided by Shanmin, they finally managed to see the century-old ginseng plant. They were about to pray to the mountain god when suddenly there was thunder and lightning, followed by pouring rain. Shanmin’s face turned pale, and he immediately decided to stop and told everyone to hurry back. The ginseng was protected by the mountain god, and the sudden change in weather indicated that the mountain god did not approve of them digging the ginseng. Since Shanmin said so, everyone quickly retreated from the mountain.

Liu Changqing urgently looked for Ren Xinzheng upon hearing that he had taken the apprenticeship class students to search for treasures. He also went up the mountain afterwards. When he heard that Ren Xinzheng and the others had found a century-old ginseng, he immediately had thoughts in his mind. He mentioned that he had been deceived and lost his money for buying medicine. Now he planned to mortgage the Chinese Medicine Park land. Once it was auctioned off, there would be no more apprenticeship class in the future. Ren Xinzheng stated that they couldn’t dig the ginseng now and even if they went back to search, they wouldn’t find it. After the master left, Shiyan couldn’t help but mutter that Sun Toutou had secretly tied a fluorescent rope, which should help locate it.

In the evening, Liu Changqing described his bankruptcy situation with tears and misery. Sun Toutou couldn’t help but be moved, but the master had warned them not to dig the ginseng, and she firmly believed in not doing so. However, Ren Tianzhen had other thoughts. He wanted to save the apprenticeship class, so he decided to take a risk and dig the ginseng. Sun Toutou tried to dissuade him in every possible way, but he wouldn’t listen. Since Ren Tianzhen was determined to dig the ginseng, Sun Toutou was worried about his safety alone and decided to accompany him.

Sun Toutou was worried about Ren Tianzhen and Liu Changqing going to dig ginseng together, so she followed them. While they were digging ginseng with their bare hands, a poisonous snake suddenly appeared nearby. Ren Tianzhen and Sun Toutou looked at the hissing snake, and Ren Tianzhen told Sun Toutou not to be afraid and asked her to give him her hand. At that moment, the snake bit Ren Tianzhen’s wrist.

Sun Toutou was alarmed to see Ren Tianzhen bitten and immediately asked Liu Changqing to find help. However, Liu Changqing was afraid of getting lost in the mountains and hesitated on the side. Sun Toutou quickly thought of a solution. She had heard from her master that wherever snakes were present, there would be antidote herbs. Sun Toutou hurriedly searched for the antidote nearby, chewed it into a paste, and applied it to Ren Tianzhen’s wound. Then she used acupuncture to control the situation.

After a while, people from the apprenticeship class arrived, and they all worked together to rescue the unconscious Ren Tianzhen. Sun Toutou anxiously stood outside all night. If anything happened to Ren Tianzhen, how could she explain it to the master and the master’s wife? Sun Toutou was very afraid. After the long night, Ren Tianzhen still did not wake up. The master’s wife couldn’t take it anymore and rushed out to scold Sun Toutou. She believed that Ren Tianzhen had always been obedient and would never go to the mountains to dig ginseng in the middle of the night. It must have been Sun Toutou’s instigation. Sun Toutou explained that it wasn’t her but Liu Changqing who instigated it, but Linglan didn’t believe her and insisted on driving Sun Toutou away.

Seeing that the master’s wife was really angry, Sun Toutou cried and begged the master to help her plead her case. But at that moment, Linglan was still angry, so Ren Xinzheng asked Sun Toutou to leave the mountain first. Finally, Ren Tianzhen woke up and told his mother the whole story. It wasn’t Sun Toutou’s fault this time. Sun Toutou had been persuading him to listen to Ren Xinzheng from the beginning. Linglan realized that she had wrongly accused Sun Toutou and, upon hearing that Ren Tianzhen was worried about Sun Toutou going down the mountain, she quickly asked Ren Xinzheng to call Sun Toutou.

Originally, Ren Xinzheng wanted Zhao Liquan to escort Sun Toutou down the mountain, but Sun Toutou was concerned about Ren Tianzhen’s condition, so she asked Zhao Liquan to go back first and report to her immediately if anything happened. As Sun Toutou was descending the mountain, she encountered a child having a seizure, and the father was anxiously calling for help. Sun Toutou immediately rushed over and, following the first aid methods taught by her master, helped the child stabilize and recover from the crisis.

Sun Toutou personally accompanied the child’s father to take the patient to the town’s health clinic, finally ensuring their safety. The child’s father was extremely grateful to Sun Toutou and couldn’t help but kneel down to express his thanks. Sun Toutou immediately helped him up. She had never imagined that she could help a child in such a critical situation. To show his gratitude to Sun Toutou, the child’s father gave her a flute as a thank-you gift.

Finally, the phone call went through. Ren Tianzhen and Ren Xinzheng went to the town’s health clinic and found Sun Toutou. Sun Toutou was now very interested in studying medicine and couldn’t wait to learn the true skills of the trade and save lives. She pleaded with Ren Tianzhen to forgive her previous willfulness and promised to behave well in the future. She even asked the master to draft a letter of apprenticeship, but Ren Xinzheng reminded her that he had already written the letter. Sun Toutou just needed to focus on her studies from now on. Sun Toutou remembered the first day she went to the medical clinic when Ren Xinzheng urged her to go early and even gave her a salary. He was worried that something might happen to Sun Toutou, so he wrote the letter of apprenticeship for her.

The students from the apprenticeship class returned to school and found that the traditional Chinese medicine classroom had been emptied, and the traditional Chinese medicine industrial park had been sealed off. Liu Changqing came with a mournful face, apologizing to everyone. The mountain ginseng had suddenly disappeared. Originally, he had carefully locked it in a small wooden box in the safe, but when he took it out to give to the sponsors, he found the box empty.

The apprenticeship class faced the danger of being disbanded again, and Sun Toutou’s classmates began to pack their belongings, preparing to find alternative plans. Sun Toutou comforted everyone not to lose heart. She knew many people and would inquire about affordable and suitable places to rent. She would then contact everyone to continue their studies together.

Cheng Ying went to the school to pick up the child after school and saw her mother-in-law, who had come to the school to pick up their child, Lele. The court had already granted custody rights to Cheng Ying, but now the old lady would often come to the school to pick up Lele, which made Cheng Ying feel a bit resentful. The mother-in-law was also impolite in her speech. Originally, the visitation period was scheduled for next week, but she clearly disrupted the rules and seemed impatient. Lele chose to go home with her grandmother, so Cheng Ying respected Lele’s choice and instructed her mother-in-law to make sure to bring the child over on Sunday afternoon.

Zhao Liquan was fetching medicine at the Chinese medicine clinic. Now that the apprenticeship class had disbanded, he was contemplating his own future. It was not easy for his family to support him, and now his younger brother was at risk of dropping out of school. With meager income, Zhao Liquan was indeed worried about his own prospects. Ren Tianzhen comforted him not to worry, saying that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Zhao Liquan ruthlessly retorted that it was easy for Ren Tianzhen to say since she wasn’t in his position. If she stood in his shoes, she might not be any more composed than him.

Yang Xiaohong wanted to learn traditional Chinese medicine massage techniques from Teacher Dong, who specialized in orthopedic massage. When Dong heard Yang Xiaohong casually say that she didn’t care about the future of other classmates, she felt that Yang Xiaohong was not the apprentice she wanted to accept. During their conversation, Yang Xiaohong mentioned that she had never been in a romantic relationship and felt that dating was a waste of time and had no meaning. Now, she was considering finding a high-quality sperm donor to have a child. Dong advised her, saying that there is great love between people, and if she can experience that selfless and beautiful connection, she would find life meaningful.

In the evening, Lele returned home, and at that time, Zhu Xia and Jian Xi came to visit. They heard about Cheng Ying’s ex-husband’s remarriage from Lele. Actually, the grandmother was not taking Lele out to play but to attend her father and stepmother’s wedding. They saw photos from the wedding on Lele’s camera and could empathize with Cheng Ying’s feelings. They comforted her and then left.

The ex-husband not only had an affair during their marriage but also quickly had a child with his new partner. Now they had even held a wedding and made Lele attend. How could Cheng Ying accept this calmly? She called her mother-in-law and asked why she had secretly taken Lele to attend her father’s wedding. The mother-in-law had nothing good to say and continued to pour cold water on Cheng Ying. As a result, Cheng Ying felt even more upset.

Ren Xinzheng had no choice but to discuss selling the house with the master, the master’s wife, and Linglan. Linglan found it unbelievable since Ren Xinzheng had not spent a penny from buying the house to renovating it, and now he suddenly wanted to sell it. Ren Xinzheng’s father-in-law agreed with his decision. Since Ren Tianzhen was about to get married, they couldn’t sell Ren Xinzheng and Linglan’s house, but they could sell the older couple’s house. Linglan disagreed with her parents selling the house for them. She felt that Ren Xinzheng had a high reputation in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. As he approached retirement age, he shouldn’t end up with an empty house. She was worried that outsiders would look down on him and said that great trees invite the wind, just like how Warren Buffett started out. Ren Xinzheng disagreed with his wife’s view, saying that traditional Chinese medicine is about healing and saving people, not about wealth and profit. Moreover, he needed the funds to establish the apprenticeship class.

Linglan couldn’t bear to let her parents’ house be sold, so she found the property deed for her and Ren Xinzheng’s house. Ren Xinzheng had lived an honest and upright life, curing illnesses and saving lives, and had never taken a single penny for himself. He had encountered such a good master and married such a understanding wife, truly making him a winner in life.

On that day, Liu Changqing’s son, Liu Zihong, came to find Sun Toutou. He mysteriously asked her to go out and then handed her a small wooden box. It turned out that Liu Changqing’s mountain ginseng had been stolen by his son! Sun Toutou had originally planned to be calm and composed in the future, but seeing such a despicable act, she couldn’t control herself and immediately confronted Liu Zihong.

That day, a foreign patient arrived at the Chinese medicine clinic. It was a French person who had lung problems. Western medicine treatment had been ineffective for a long time, so she inquired and came to China. Today, she came to the clinic for a consultation with Ren Xinzheng.

Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen saw the mountain ginseng brought by Liu Zihong and asked where it came from. Liu Zihong claimed that Sun Toutou had helped persuade his father to let him pursue a career in performing arts, and he wanted to repay her kindness. He saw the mountain ginseng that his father treasured like a precious treasure and couldn’t help but steal it to show his gratitude. Sun Toutou sighed and advised Liu Zihong to give up his pursuit of a career in performing arts, as his thinking was incredibly foolish and he wouldn’t achieve success in the competitive industry.

Ren Xinzheng carefully diagnosed the condition of the foreign patient and found it to be quite typical. He asked Sun Toutou to listen to the patient’s diagnosis as well. The patient had come all the way from France, and upon hearing that she was staying at a five-star hotel, Ren Xinzheng suggested a more affordable and closer hotel near the Chinese medicine clinic. This way, she could receive treatment for a few more days. The patient was very grateful for such thoughtful advice.

Sun Toutou personally prepared the medicine for the patient, and among the medicines given by Ren Xinzheng was a foot-soaking medicine. Sun Toutou also gave the patient, Mrs. Jasmine, a brand-new foot-soaking basin. Mrs. Jasmine’s granddaughter would come to take care of her in a couple of days, so Ren Xinzheng instructed Zhu Xia to take special care of the patient during this time.

Just when Lele had been picked up by her grandmother a few days ago, Cheng Ying arrived and found that her former mother-in-law had come to pick up the child again. Fearing for her son’s safety, she quickly took him away. The mother-in-law was not a kind person and started arguing, accusing Cheng Ying of trying to take her grandson away. According to the court’s decision, Cheng Ying was granted visitation rights every two weeks, but the mother-in-law insisted on taking Lele with her. Cheng Ying and her mother-in-law got into a physical altercation.

Finally, the kindergarten security guards separated the two, and the police arrived. Cheng Ying’s mother-in-law provoked her with her words, even calling her a crazy woman, which might explain why her son claimed that Cheng Ying had a mental illness. She even recorded a video of the incident. After her divorce, Lele was the only family Cheng Ying had left, and now her aggressive mother-in-law wanted to take Lele away from her. Naturally, Cheng Ying was feeling distraught. The police, out of goodwill, reminded Cheng Ying that since the court had already granted her visitation rights, she should let the child go with her grandmother. Otherwise, if the case were to be reopened, given her current state, she might risk losing custody of Lele. After mediation by the police, Cheng Ying’s mother-in-law took Lele and left immediately.

Cheng Ying returned to the Chinese medicine clinic in a daze. She didn’t know what to do. She had already tried to remain patient, but her mother-in-law was relentless. Seeing Cheng Ying’s state, Ren Xinzheng immediately advised her to sit down and told her that her ordeal had been resolved and it was now a time of rebirth. He encouraged Cheng Ying to take better care of herself and not waste energy hating those who treated her poorly. He even gave an analogy, saying that if she had one million, losing five yuan wouldn’t be a big deal. With Ren Xinzheng’s guidance, Cheng Ying found some inner peace.

Suddenly, Mrs. Jasmine began to cough up blood. Zhu Xia hurriedly reported the situation to Ren Xinzheng, and upon hearing it, he considered it serious. Ren Xinzheng asked about the patient’s blood pressure and overall condition and concluded that coughing up blood was a normal detoxification phenomenon and there was no need to panic. He estimated that the situation would stabilize the following morning. Yang Xiaohong arrived at the clinic excitedly. She had found a suitable place that met all the requirements to open a clinic and establish an apprenticeship class. Ren Xinzheng went to see the location and found it spacious, bright, and well-designed. It was suitable for consultations and providing training to students of Chinese medicine. Ren Xinzheng was very satisfied with the place, acknowledging that finding such a location wasn’t easy, especially at such a low rent. It was evident that Yang Xiaohong had worked hard in the past few days.

Ren Xinzheng recognized Yang Xiaohong’s abilities and was prepared to take her as his apprentice. Yang Xiaohong admitted that she had already decided to follow Teacher Dong and learn her techniques. Ren Xinzheng nodded in approval, stating that Teacher Dong was a very dedicated person and learning from her would be highly beneficial in the future.

Finding a suitable place also meant paying rent. Ren Xinzheng and his wife discussed selling their house, and Linglan specifically reminded them to move back to her parents’ house. There was no available space at the moment, so Mengmeng and Sun Toutou would have to go back to their respective homes. Linglan’s father intervened, stating that Sun Toutou didn’t have a home, so she could sleep on a small bed in the living room. However, Mengmeng had a home and should go back there. Linglan strongly agreed with this and was firm in her stance. She wasn’t particularly fond of Mengmeng.

Mrs. Jasmine’s cough had stopped. After receiving Western medical treatment for over three years with no improvement, her complete recovery after taking Ren Xinzheng’s Chinese medicine was truly remarkable.

After school, Lele’s grandmother hurriedly came to pick her up from kindergarten. Worried that Cheng Ying wouldn’t let go, she even specially called Lele’s uncle. She intended to give Cheng Ying a lesson, but Cheng Ying didn’t come to pick her up at all. She had already made an agreement with the kindergarten teacher that if her grandmother didn’t come, she would call her. Lele’s uncle didn’t want to come in the first place, but when he heard that his sister-in-law was so considerate, he immediately sided with her and said that the mother shouldn’t be so pushy.

Moli’s cough stopped for a few days, but then she started running a high fever again. Peng Shiyan hurriedly went to the Chinese medicine clinic to find Ren Xinzheng, thinking that this time it was serious. Even after taking antibiotics, there was no improvement, and the high fever didn’t go down. Ren Xinzheng took Sun Toutou to the hotel. After careful pulse diagnosis, Ren Xinzheng said that the fever was expected, indicating that the body’s functions were at work. He just needed to give a shot, and the fever would go down in half an hour.

When Ren Xinzheng took Sun Toutou to see Moli for consultation, Sun Toutou had already brought the possible prescription from the master. She even thought that after Moli’s fever subsided, the master might ask for some rice porridge. She was worried that there might not be rice porridge in the hotel where Moli stayed, so she immediately brought some from the pharmacy, and it turned out to be useful. Ren Tianzhen quietly brought the possible prescription for Guizhi (Cinnamon Twig) that his father might prescribe. It happened to be used to make Osmanthus Congee.

Peng Shiyan saw that even after using many antibiotics, the fever didn’t go down. But when Ren Xinzheng gave a shot, the patient’s high fever subsided in half an hour. He didn’t understand the principle behind it. Ren Xinzheng asked Sun Toutou to recite Chapter 15 of the book “Shang Han Za Bing Lun” (Treatise on Febrile Diseases and Miscellaneous Illnesses). Although Sun Toutou recited it flawlessly, she couldn’t fully comprehend it. After Ren Xinzheng explained the principles to them, Shiyan suddenly enlightened. It turned out that there were secrets in every aspect of Chinese medicine, and it couldn’t be determined by instruments like Western medicine.

Moli’s cough was cured, and after the fever subsided, she felt much more relaxed overall. She was amazed by the profoundness of traditional Chinese medicine. To express her gratitude, she had her granddaughter write a check, which she handed to Ren Xinzheng, saying it was a donation to their Chinese medicine clinic. She hoped that Ren Xinzheng could train more apprentices to help patients recover their health. Ren Xinzheng had never seen a foreign check before. He thought Moli was a foreign teacher who wouldn’t earn much money. If it affected their livelihood, he would feel guilty. Moli’s granddaughter laughed and called them nobles, saying that the amount was their heartfelt gratitude. With this check, Ren Xinzheng’s family finally kept their house.

When Linglan saw Ren Xinzheng and Ren Tianzhen return, she urged them to quickly tidy up the things in the room. The agent said someone would come to view the house soon, and they were interested in their three-story building. Linglan was reluctant to let go of the house. Ren Xinzheng took out the check and waved it in front of his wife. Finally, he could hold his head high and regain his confidence. The house no longer needed to be listed with the agent, and Linglan was naturally very happy.

Ren Xinzheng, Sun Toutou, Meng Meng, Ren Tianzhen, and Shiyan went together to clean the newly rented premises. They had never expected to have such a spacious place for their classes. Everyone present was very excited. Yang Xiaohong used to be proud and aloof, never willing to do things like cleaning. Now she finally asked Sun Toutou for a cloth. Ren Xinzheng had educated her before that one must personally participate. Now Yang Xiaohong was becoming more responsible.

At night, Ren Tianzhen took Sun Toutou to practice skateboarding. Seeing that Sun Toutou was not in a good mood that day, sitting alone stretching, Ren Tianzhen walked over and asked her what was wrong. Sun Toutou was thinking that recently, Meng Meng seemed absent-minded, as if something was bothering her. She cared about Meng Meng, so she quietly tried to unlock her phone when Meng Meng wasn’t paying attention. But when Meng Meng noticed, Sun Toutou was startled by her angry stare.

The teacher’s apprenticeship class finally started. Yang Xiaohong and Shiyan together brought a flower basket to the new classroom. The classroom was vibrant, filled with laughter. Liu Changqing heard that the teacher’s apprenticeship class was starting and specially brought a statue of the Medicine King from the Medicine King Mountain to give to Ren Xinzheng. Jiang Li, a patient who had been diagnosed with cancer by Western medicine a year ago, and originally thought she only had three months to live, came to the Chinese medicine clinic and saw Ren Xinzheng. As a result, she lived for over a year. Recently, she went back to the hospital for a check-up and found that she was not ill anymore, or rather, she had been cured without realizing it. Jiang Li admired Ren Xinzheng’s excellent medical skills. With the care and support of so many people, Ren Xinzheng felt extremely uplifted.

The first class of the teacher’s apprenticeship program began, and Ren Xinzheng invited his teacher to share his journey of studying traditional Chinese medicine. He explained the differences between Chinese medicine and Western medicine. When he used to diagnose patients’ pulses, he found that the mechanism of illness varied for each person. Western medicine treatments were like planting trees, a process of replicating prescriptions for similar conditions. However, Chinese medicine was different. It emphasized the “Dao” and had many profound theories. The body had untapped potential, and everything was interconnected. By accurately diagnosing the pulse and prescribing tailored treatments, the root cause of the disease could be eliminated.

Wu Shandao brought the school’s sponsors to experience a foot massage parlor. They discussed the start of the teacher’s apprenticeship program and admired Wu Shandao’s conduct and support for the school. They had never experienced foot massage services before. Two foot massage technicians were called, and among them was Zhao Liquan. Seeing the former principal as a customer made Zhao Liquan lower his head in embarrassment. Wu Shandao tactfully introduced Zhao Liquan to the sponsors, highlighting his outstanding academic achievements from undergraduate to master’s level. Although Wu Shandao temporarily preserved Zhao Liquan’s dignity, he had some reservations about his diligent work-study behavior.

During the teacher’s apprenticeship program, Shiyan discussed the differences between Chinese and Western medicine with Ren Xinzheng. He felt that many Chinese medicine prescriptions were from five hundred years ago and had not made any breakthroughs in recent years. With the continuous development of society and changes in people’s dietary structures, he wondered if Chinese medicine had lost its relevance. Ren Xinzheng mentioned the invention of the mobile phone in the 21st century. Despite technological progress, people’s attachment and obsession with mobile phones contributed to a thriving business in clinics treating cervical spondylosis. As long as young people dressed lightly throughout the year, the infertility and reproductive medicine specialty would also thrive. Ren Xinzheng used this example to illustrate his point, receiving enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Zhu Xia shared her personal experience. Before meeting Ren Xinzheng, she felt hopeless and trapped in a sea of suffering, unable to escape. However, Ren Xinzheng’s prescriptions provided her with relief during times of pain and frustration. Gradually, she emerged from the shadows of the past and began appreciating every day of her life. Zhu Xia encouraged her daughter, emphasizing that they should not let Ren Xinzheng down and should live well and cooperate with the treatment. Everyone present was either a friend or disciple of Ren Xinzheng and had received the blessings of Chinese medicine. It felt like they had found their faith, and spontaneously, they loudly recited passages from the great medical scriptures.

When Sun Toutou saw the excellent performance of the teacher’s apprenticeship program, she couldn’t help but marvel at Ren Xinzheng’s immense abilities in front of Ren Tianzhen. She remarked that Ren Tianzhen had an all-capable father. Ren Tianzhen couldn’t help but smile and jokingly told Sun Toutou not to idolize his father too much. He said that his father was not as extraordinary as Sun Toutou believed. Sun Toutou sensed that there was more to Ren Tianzhen’s words and immediately asked what secret he was hiding. Ren Tianzhen playfully responded by suggesting a secret exchange, asking Sun Toutou to share a secret in return.

After the start of the teacher’s apprenticeship program, Ren Xinzheng received many plaques, but he didn’t allow Ren Tianzhen to hang them on the wall. He believed that the patients’ recovery was their own efforts, and he was just a guide who provided prescriptions. He accepted the plaques with a sense of unworthiness. He also advised Sun Toutou to work hard in the future and not let down the title of the successor of the Jiang Family’s acupuncture technique.

In the evening, they gathered for a reunion hotpot dinner. The start of the teacher’s apprenticeship program brought joy to both generations in the family. Ren Tianzhen’s grandfather raised a toast to celebrate the successful establishment of his disciple’s program, which fulfilled his wish for passing on his skills and ensured the security of the house. The family was overjoyed. At that moment, Meng Meng’s parents arrived and informed them that Meng Meng’s condition had gradually improved. They planned to take her home and continue her studies. Ren Tianzhen knew he couldn’t compete with them and recognized that Meng Meng had her own family. Looking into Meng Meng’s eyes, he promised to keep his phone on 24/7 and urged her to call him immediately if anything happened.

Grandfather saw that Ren Tianzhen had been feeling down since after dinner. After Meng Meng left, Ren Tianzhen even had little appetite and ate very little. Worried about his grandson, Grandfather immediately prepared some small dishes and brought them to Ren Tianzhen. In his room, Ren Tianzhen was exercising intensely. Grandfather asked if he was suffering from lovesickness, and Ren Tianzhen nodded. However, he refused to reveal the girl he liked. Grandfather tactfully hinted and reminded Ren Tianzhen to find a suitable girl from a similar background for marriage. Ren Tianzhen already guessed that his mother would not approve of this girl, so he told Grandfather that he would rather remain single than obey his mother’s wishes.

Wu Shandao called Zhao Liquan into his office. He knew that Zhao Liquan had a difficult upbringing, similar to his own. Wu Shandao suggested that Zhao Liquan work as a pharmaceutical representative first. Zhao Liquan nodded and mentioned that his younger brother had recently been admitted to a prestigious high school, but their father had rheumatism and was currently hospitalized, requiring a significant amount of money for treatment. Wu Shandao advised him to work as a pharmaceutical agent first and continue studying at the traditional Chinese medicine clinic. This way, he could earn a salary and continue his education. Zhao Liquan was thrilled with the idea and went with Wu Shandao to the apprenticeship class the next day.

Wu Shandao took Zhao Liquan to the apprenticeship class and secretly told Ren Xinzheng that they were planning a class reunion and that “Xiao Bailin” seemed likely to attend. Ren Xinzheng immediately agreed to participate in the reunion. Sun Toutou overheard this and became suspicious. She had previously heard Ren Tianzhen mention that Ren Xinzheng had a girlfriend. When she heard the name “Xiao Bailin,” she thought it was a bird. Now, hearing Wu Shandao mention the name again, she was surprised to learn that Xiao Bailin was actually a girl.

Since Meng Meng returned home, she hadn’t replied to Ren Tianzhen’s WeChat messages. This made Ren Tianzhen feel lost and despondent. Sun Toutou offered her help and came up with a plan to get Meng Meng to go out with Ren Tianzhen. However, she asked Ren Tianzhen to tell her the secret about Xiao Bailin in return. Ren Tianzhen smiled and left without revealing the secret.

Cheng Ying’s father-in-law had a car accident, and coincidentally, her husband was on a business trip. Cheng Ying went to the hospital to visit her father-in-law and saw that the beds were crowded. She used her connections to secure a private room. She busily attended to her father-in-law, behaving as if she were a family member. Other patients nearby heard that Cheng Ying was the former daughter-in-law and praised her for being a good wife. They couldn’t understand why her ex-husband couldn’t appreciate such a good daughter-in-law.

Thanks to Zhu Xia’s continuous efforts, they finally found the tile from three hundred years ago, as Ren Xinzheng had mentioned before. They even had an authentication certificate. The disciples in the apprenticeship class were pleasantly surprised and carefully examined the ancient tile. They couldn’t help but wonder if this tile, when boiled together with child urine, could truly treat patients with hemiplegia. Sun Toutou quietly informed Ren Xinzheng about the discovery of the tile and asked what their next steps should be. This prescription was originally a ploy to buy time, but now that they had actually found the tile, they couldn’t let Jian Xi lose hope. Ren Xinzheng gave Sun Toutou some instructions, and she immediately knew what to do.

Peng Shiyan was the most concerned about this prescription. He wanted to witness the miraculous power of traditional Chinese medicine firsthand. Sun Toutou couldn’t switch the medicine, so she had to send everyone else away and tell Peng Shiyan the truth. This prescription was meant to bring hope to Jian Xi. Peng Shiyan couldn’t bear to tell them the cruel truth either, so he and Sun Toutou decided to keep this matter concealed.

Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen went to visit Mengmeng, and they found her screaming and shouting frantically on the balcony. The shouts were piercing, and her parents watched Mengmeng like she was a prisoner. Ren Tianzhen ran to talk to Mengmeng’s father, but he was obstinate and insisted on educating their child properly this time, not letting her continue her wild behavior. Sun Toutou thought that Mengmeng’s mother would help her daughter, but to her surprise, Mengmeng’s mother agreed with the father’s opinion. They both locked Mengmeng in her room, forbidding her from going out or having any contact with anyone. Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen wanted to fight for Mengmeng more actively, but Mengmeng’s father unexpectedly called the police.

Ren Tianzhen and Sun Toutou went to find Yang Xiaohong, asking if there was any other way. Yang Xiaohong, being a senior lawyer, informed Ren Tianzhen that it was not useful because Mengmeng had parents who claimed to be acting out of concern for her. Therefore, the law would not support Ren Tianzhen’s side.

With no other options, Sun Toutou went to seek help from Ren Xinzheng. In Sun Toutou’s eyes, Ren Xinzheng was like a divine being who could rescue Mengmeng. Upon hearing Sun Toutou’s urgency, Ren Xinzheng believed that if they didn’t act quickly, Mengmeng would be beyond saving. He also thought Sun Toutou was being too impulsive and advised her to be calm and cautious in her actions. Sun Toutou informed Ren Xinzheng of her observations at Mengmeng’s home and made him realize the seriousness of the situation. Ren Xinzheng immediately went to Mengmeng’s house, met with her father, and made efforts to establish equal communication and understanding with Mengmeng.

Mengmeng’s parents felt ashamed of having such a daughter. The mother still held a grudge about the ectopic pregnancy incident and believed that a daughter like Mengmeng did not resemble a child raised in an intellectual family. Even Mengmeng’s father, up until now, felt that Mengmeng was not like them, which left them very disappointed. Ren Xinzheng couldn’t understand why Mengmeng’s father was so dismissive of his own daughter. Mengmeng had lived with Ren Xinzheng and it was not as they described.

Ren Tianzhen went to meet Mengmeng’s mother, who showed Ren Tianzhen the paintings Mengmeng had made since childhood. Mengmeng’s mother hoped that Ren Tianzhen could help take care of their daughter and even mentioned their family’s substantial savings, saying that if Ren Tianzhen could be with Mengmeng, everything in the house would be left to them. However, Ren Tianzhen honestly expressed that he had a sibling-like affection for Mengmeng, and their bond couldn’t be bought with money. Mengmeng’s mother still tried to persuade Ren Tianzhen to reconsider, but then the phone rang, and the nanny tearfully reported that Mengmeng had jumped off a building and attempted suicide.

When Ren Tianzhen and Mengmeng’s parents rushed to the hospital, they saw Mengmeng’s body covered with a white cloth on the hospital bed. Ren Tianzhen burst into tears, and Mengmeng’s middle-aged parents realized that they had lost their only child. They had just said in anger that they didn’t have such a daughter, but now they were faced with such a tragic scene and realized how foolish their previous behavior had been.

This incident dealt a heavy blow to Ren Tianzhen. Mengmeng was his first patient, and since the moment of misdiagnosis, he had vowed to cure Mengmeng. But he never expected it would end like this. Mengmeng had just turned eighteen and abruptly departed from this world.

Unable to bear this kind of blow, Ren Tianzhen packed his bags and left alone. Ren Tianzhen’s parents were worried about their child being alone outside and had no idea where to find them. Sun Toutou muttered to herself, knowing where Ren Tianzhen had gone. She immediately took a taxi to the bungee jumping site. Whenever Ren Tianzhen felt uneasy, they would go bungee jumping. Indeed, when Sun Toutou arrived at the location to find Ren Tianzhen, there was an accident during the bungee jump, and Ren Tianzhen nearly drowned in the water.

Sun Toutou vaguely felt that something was wrong. When she saw Ren Tianzhen had already jumped down, Sun Toutou ran towards the landing point of Ren Tianzhen’s bungee jump like crazy. Ren Tianzhen dived into the river, and because the bungee cord couldn’t retract, he ended up drowning. Sun Toutou exerted all her strength to pull Ren Tianzhen out and then used first aid techniques to revive him.

As soon as Ren Tianzhen regained consciousness, Sun Toutou cried and laughed, scolding him for being reckless. She worried about what would happen to Ren Tianzhen’s parents and grandparents if she had arrived too late. Ren Tianzhen was the only heir of the entire family. After crying for a while, Sun Toutou suddenly turned pale. She endured the pain and told Ren Tianzhen that she had a stomachache and then fainted.

When Ren Tianzhen saw Sun Toutou faint and lose consciousness, he immediately carried her to a nearby farmhouse. Based on her pulse, Ren Tianzhen diagnosed that Sun Toutou might have a perforated intestine. It was late in the day, and going to the hospital in town would take another three or four hours on a mountain road, which was not feasible. So Ren Tianzhen mustered up the courage and prepared a strong dosage of Da Huang Tang (a traditional Chinese herbal medicine) for Sun Toutou. In order to treat her urgent condition, Ren Tianzhen increased the dosage. Sun Toutou took the medicine and slowly regained consciousness. In one day, Ren Tianzhen experienced great joy and sorrow. He almost lost his life, but then Sun Toutou saved him. And now, Sun Toutou was in a critical condition. Ren Tianzhen saw how weak Sun Toutou was and was unsure if his prescription would work. He suggested going to the hospital, but Sun Toutou wanted Ren Tianzhen to gain confidence from saving her. She insisted on not going to the hospital and even joked that if she died, he should help buy a cemetery plot, labeling her sacrifice as a result of experimenting with medicine. Ren Tianzhen murmured that he would bury Sun Toutou in their family’s graveyard. Sun Toutou was born into his family, and even in death, she would remain connected to his family. This could be considered a confession. Sun Toutou felt a bit at a loss and even suspected that there might be a problem with her hearing.

Sun Toutou started to have severe diarrhea, and Ren Tianzhen worried that she might fall into the pit toilet due to her physical weakness. He waited outside the toilet personally. Outside the toilet, Ren Tianzhen asked Sun Toutou if she was willing to be his girlfriend. Sun Toutou hesitated and said that Linglan’s mother would probably not approve. Even back when Ren Tianzhen wanted to date Mengmeng, she disagreed, let alone Sun Toutou, who didn’t even have a home. Sun Toutou couldn’t understand why Ren Tianzhen chose her as his girlfriend. Ren Tianzhen attributed it to fate. Besides, Sun Toutou had always been very lucky, while he wasn’t so fortunate. He couldn’t even save his first patient, and there was even an accident during bungee jumping.

Thinking that Linglan’s mother would definitely disapprove, Sun Toutou asked Ren Tianzhen to temporarily keep this matter a secret. Ren Tianzhen smiled and replied that poverty, coughing, and love were things that couldn’t be hidden. Seeing how weak Sun Toutou’s body was, Ren Tianzhen called his father and asked if the prescription he had given was appropriate. Ren Xinzheng heard that there was a large amount of Da Huang involved and had doubts. He secretly sought advice from his own master, asking for help in evaluating the prescription. The master heard that the prescription was for treating Sun Toutou and considered it for a moment, advising Ren Xinzheng to rest assured as there shouldn’t be any issues with the prescription.

Finally, after a long night, Sun Toutou’s condition improved significantly. Word spread in the mountains that Ren Tianzhen was Ren Xinzheng’s son, and people who had heard about Ren Xinzheng’s reputation as a doctor started coming, hoping that Ren Tianzhen could treat them. Sun Toutou voluntarily became Ren Tianzhen’s assistant, encouraging him to try boldly. If they were uncertain about something, they would directly call Ren Xinzheng.

When Linglan heard that Ren Xinzheng was going to attend a class reunion, she was surprised because Ren Xinzheng never liked to join in such gatherings. Later, she heard Ren Xinzheng say that “Little Nightingale” might also attend, and jealousy overwhelmed her. Her mother comforted her, saying that everyone was an independent individual and didn’t solely belong to her. Moreover, she couldn’t always expect others to live according to her own thoughts.

Sun Toutou immediately informed her best friend Xingxing about Ren Tianzhen’s confession to her. Currently, Xingxing and Zhao Liquan were living together, and Zhao Liquan also received the news about Ren Tianzhen and Sun Toutou dating. He genuinely felt happy for them and advised him to keep it a secret for now. When Xingxing heard that Zhao Liquan would be signing a contract with a client tomorrow, she took out the suit she had bought for him during the day. It was the first time Zhao Liquan wore a suit, and it was a gift from Xingxing, making him particularly happy.

During the days of providing free medical consultations in the mountain village, Ren Tianzhen felt very relaxed. He would diagnose the villagers during the day and sit by the stream with Sun Toutou at night, enjoying the peacefulness of life. Ren Tianzhen suggested that they should live here together for a long time, but Sun Toutou didn’t agree. She thought it would be good to occasionally visit but would eventually miss her master, master’s wife, and those lovely classmates. Sun Toutou understood that to go far in life, she needed support, and with the help of her master and master’s wife, their knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine could progress even further. When Ren Tianzhen asked Sun Toutou to choose between traditional Chinese medicine and him, she didn’t hesitate to choose traditional Chinese medicine. Nevertheless, Ren Tianzhen remained the center of her life.

Zhao Liquan’s confession to Xingxing was not accepted. Xingxing honestly expressed that living alone in the city was already challenging, and adding Zhao Liquan would make it even more difficult, especially when considering buying a house in a good school district for their future children. So Xingxing chose not to make Zhao Liquan her boyfriend. These words struck Zhao Liquan deeply. He already came from a humble background and had low self-esteem from a young age. Now, being rejected by the girl he secretly loved, he felt truly insignificant.

Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen returned to the clinic, where Ren Xinzheng immediately examined Sun Toutou’s pulse and believed that his son’s prescription was effective. Now, Ren Tianzhen had finally taken a step towards success in his life. Since they started dating, the two of them always wanted to find opportunities to be close, but as soon as someone appeared, they deliberately kept their distance. Peng Shiyan always seemed slow to catch on and thought that Ren Tianzhen and Sun Toutou were having another quarrel. He even teased Sun Toutou, saying not to fantasize about being able to peacefully live under the same roof as Ren Tianzhen.

Yang Xiaohong noticed that the clinic was still treating infertility, and she also wanted to have a child. She knew that she had a problem with coldness in her womb. When she heard that Ren Xinzheng’s wife was planning to start a preconception health class, she immediately signed up. Peng Shiyan asked her how she could prepare for conception without a boyfriend, but when she heard that Linglan’s mother said, “Be prepared and worry not,” Peng Shiyan also quickly raised his hand to sign up. He wanted to join the ranks of preparing for conception and quit smoking and drinking from now on.

Once, a patient named Zhu Changming, who Ren Xinzheng had treated before, was in the final stages of his illness. He specifically asked his wife to call Ren Xinzheng because he didn’t want to die. He was extremely afraid of death. Ren Xinzheng examined him and found that there was no hope for recovery. He then gave Zhu Changming a pearl that his master had given him, saying that this pearl could light his way forward.

One day, two unfamiliar faces, an old person and a young person, arrived at the clinic. They were carrying mountain products and repeatedly mentioned that they were looking for the legendary Doctor Ren. Seeing that Ren Xinzheng didn’t recognize their faces, they suddenly saw Ren Tianzhen and became extremely happy. This was the Doctor Ren they were looking for! Seeing his son being recognized by others, Ren Xinzheng was very happy.

The other party believed that Ren Tianzhen’s medical skills were higher than Ren Xinzheng’s and insisted on receiving treatment from Ren Tianzhen. Ren Xinzheng was pleased, but he also felt a bit sad in front of Linglan. He mentioned how he had traveled long distances and provided free medical consultations but had never been praised as a “divine doctor” like Ren Tianzhen, who was now being praised at such a young age.

Sun Toutou saw Yang Xiaohong deleting junk mail from her mailbox and Jian Xi talking about the “Life Clock.” Influenced by them, Sun Toutou also checked her own mailbox after work and unintentionally discovered a video from Mengmeng. Mengmeng had sent a video to Sun Toutou, in which she shared her experiences. She was born into a wealthy family and had traveled abroad with her parents since childhood. However, despite attending international schools and having chauffeurs, she envied the carefree lives of her peers, wishing she could freely visit bubble tea shops and go to bookstores together to do homework.

As Mengmeng grew up, she never experienced the feeling of being truly cared for. Her father only treated her well out of assumption. After seeing her comforting herself, they installed several cameras in Mengmeng’s room, claiming they could catch her mistakes immediately and help her correct them together.

In the video, Mengmeng also talked about a boy she met at an art exhibition. The boy always praised her eyes, saying they were beautiful, like a little puppy. It was the first time she had received such praise from the opposite sex, and she was extremely happy. As a result, she started doing everything to please him, trying to meet his every demand. However, as their relationship deepened, she realized that it was difficult to satisfy him. He would become cold and ignore her calls for long periods of time.

Mengmeng was grateful for the time she spent at the clinic with Ren Tianzhen and Sun Toutou, which made her feel incredibly relaxed. Smelling the scent of herbs every day in the clinic gave her a sense of peace. She shared her experiences of being controlled by her ex-boyfriend and then her parents’ surveillance after leaving the clinic. Mengmeng begged her boyfriend not to break up, but he still deleted her as a WeChat friend despite her pleading. And even in her final moments, Mengmeng worried that he would share those photos publicly.

Knowing Mengmeng’s story, Sun Toutou became angrier the more she thought about it. Mengmeng’s death was directly related to that boy. Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen went to find the boy at his school, but to their surprise, he portrayed himself as innocent and claimed that their relationship was consensual, refusing to acknowledge his mistakes.

Sun Toutou and Ren Tianzhen told Yang Xiaohong about the incident, and Yang Xiaohong naturally had a way to deal with such a villain. She wrote many posts exposing the guy’s true face and made it public. It served as an outlet for everyone’s anger and gave the scumbag the consequences he deserved.

Sun Toutou went to Xingxing’s house and found that Zhao Liquan had moved out. She asked her best friend what had happened. Sun Toutou knew that Xingxing liked Zhao Liquan a lot, but she still didn’t choose to be his girlfriend. Sun Toutou advised her friend not to care too much about superficial things, as wealth and possessions were ephemeral. When we are born, we bring nothing, and when we die, we take nothing with us. She also suggested that Xingxing carefully consider Zhao Liquan, as he was still an excellent classmate despite his slightly inferior family background.


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