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The Story of Pearl Girl – Zhao Lusi, Liu Yuning, Daddi Tang

The Story of Pearl Girl is a historical romantic drama directed by Xie Ze, led by Zhou Lusi, Liu Yuning, and Daddi Tang, co-starring Shang Xinyue, Tang Zhenchao, and Xie Keyin.

The drama is adapted from the novel "Kun Shan Yu Zhi Qian Zhuan/昆山玉之前传" by Tan Tianyin, which tells the story of Duan Wu, a young girl who picks pearls, escapes from the pearl farm in order not to be abused and joins a merchant caravan from Yan Zijing and goes to Yangzhou together. With her wisdom and courage, she breaks through the limitations of local jewelery merchants by using her jewelery harness and earns herself a place in the guilds, and eventually becomes a generation of businesswoman.


The Story of Pearl Girl

English Title: The Story of Pearl Girl
Chinese Title: 珠帘玉幕
Other Titles: 昆山玉前传
Genre: Historical, Romance, Business, Drama
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Xie Ze, Chen Xitai
Writer: Fu Tian, Zhang Rong, Wang Chen, Ma Shasha
Producer: Wang Ying, Dong Run
Released Date: -
Broadcast Website: Youku



In the early Tang Dynasty, Duan Wu, a young girl from Hepu, escapes from the pearl factory in order not to be abused. At the critical moment, Yan Zijing, the leader of the merchant team, passes by by chance and helps her to escape from the danger.

To find out who she is, Duan Wu joins the caravan and makes a fortune in jewelery business with her flexible mind. At the same time, she opens the door to the world of jewellery because of Yan Zijing's advice, but Duan Wu is caught in a death trap set up by Yan Zijing, which nearly kills her.

To find out the truth, Duan Wu travels to Yangzhou and makes a name for herself. Together with Yue Yunxiu, she creates the "Mingjingtai", breaks through the restrictions of local jewellery dealers to gain a foothold in the guild, and brings coloured jewellery to Yangzhou, where white jewellery is the norm, broadening the local aesthetics and making her the head of the guild.

By coincidence, she reunites with Zhang Jinran, and they never miss each other again.


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