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Who is Daddi Tang’s Girlfriend?

Daddi Tang

Daddi Tang was born on June 2, 1991, in Tianjin. He signed a contract with a modeling agency in 2012, officially launching his modeling career with his height and good shape.  He is a well-known model in China, later he became an actor by coincidence.


After playing in many dramas such as “Forever Young 2017”, “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” and “Bureau of Transformer”, his popularity has risen. His relationship is receiving some attention now.

In “My Little Happiness”, Wen Shaoqing and Cong Rong are childhood friends and together finally. Then netizens are curious about who is Daddi Tang’s girlfriend in reality. While who is his ideal type of girlfriend?

Wawa Wang Zinuo

1.Ex-girlfriend Wang Zhinuo

As it is known to all, Wang Zhinuo (Wawa), is Diddi Tang’s ex-girlfriend. She is a model. During their relationship, they used to show off their love in public on Instagram, but they eventually broke up.

Li Chenlin

2.Rumored girlfriend Li Chenlin

Born on December 7, 1995, Li Chenlin is a model with a lot of personalities. She was not only involved in Kan Qingzi and Ji Lingchen’s relationship some time ago, but she was also exposed to interfere with the relationship between Daddi Tang and Wang Zhinuo.

After Daddi Tang and Wang Zhinuo broke up, Li Chenlin did show pictures of herself with Daddi Tang . They were suspected to be together, but later broke up again.

He Sui

3.Rumored girlfriend He Sui

There were even rumors that Daddi Tang and He Sui were married, but it proved that they were peers and rarely interacted in private. He Sui was married to someone else in 2015. However, there are rumors that He Sui is divorced.

As for Tang Xiaotian, he should be single at the moment, at least he did not announce his girlfriend. Maybe he is engaged in his career, or he is in a low-key relationship?

Xing Fei

His interactions with Xing Fei in “My Little Happiness” is full of love. Netizens all hope they get together in reality. Do you think it’s possible?

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  1. On my side these two are nice couple though even me I have a crush on Daddi tang ???

  2. Totally up to them who they date. I like them both and loved MLH! Watch it over & over!
    Congrats on a great series!

  3. They are compatible each other. The important in relationship is the trust for both partner. The love that never fail till death do us part.

  4. Daddi Tang and Xing FEI do not suit each other at all. Daddi has a towering magnetic personality. Deserves someone really compatible

  5. You should watch his drama “to get her”.. his chemistry with the female lead hit different. It is such a light but a complete package drama.. perfect acting, perfect cast, perfect storyline.. wow i just lived it.. It is more interesting than “my little happiness” to be honest.. i watch to get her later.. but i got more fascinated by it..

  6. No i don’t want them(xing fei & Daddy) to date.. i always ship xing fei & lin yi to date ?

  7. Daddi Tang!.. kind of playboy time guy. He always complain about Xing Fei height.. Hopefully Xing Fei can fine real life boyfriend soon. Congratulations ? to your MLH drama se-ri.. it’s amazing. You both should’ve recognize to receive drama CP awards in ang aspects. Congratulations advance. Your fans from California USA ??

  8. for me they are perfect match…im so jealous…hope for daddy tang more dramas to come…jhayo…