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Tik Tok – Wallace Chung, Lee Jung Jae, Lang Yueting

Tik Tok is a suspenseful action film directed by Li Jun, starring Wallace Chung, Lee Jung Jae, and Lang Yueting.

The film focuses on a battle of wits between a mentally ill patient and the police.


Tik Tok

English Title: Tik Tok
Chinese Title: 惊天大逆转
Genre: Action, Crime, Suspense, Thriller
Duration: 110 min.
Director: Li Jun
Writer: Ding Xiaoyang
Producer: Zhao Haicheng, Han Ken
Released Date: 2016-07-15
Broadcast Website: 腾讯视频



Chinese Guo Zhihua who returned from abroad, met Yang Xi, a psychologist who was in Seoul for academic exchange, and asked her to provide post-traumatic psychological counseling for his brother Guo Zhida, who had suffered from burn injuries and disfigurement.

At the same time, there was a fierce Sino-Korean football match taking place in Seoul. During the final battle, the Chinese team captain suddenly learned that his fiancée had been kidnapped by a mysterious person, and in order to rescue her, they had to win the match. After receiving the report, the Korean police quickly locked onto a masked suspect, with team leader Kang Chengjun leading the operation to successfully rescue the hostage.

However, after what they thought was the end of the crisis, Kang Chengjun discovered that the masked person's plan had just begun. The hostage incident was only the beginning of a larger crisis, as three incredibly powerful bombs had been placed inside the stadium for the finals. If they could not decipher the masked person's puzzle, then the stadium and its 50,000 spectators would disappear in the explosion, and the danger continued.


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