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Sweet Dreams – Dilraba Dilmurat, Deng Lun

Sweet Dreams is an urban romantic comedy directed by Jin Sha, led by Dilraba Dilmurat and Deng Lun, co-starring Zhu Xudan, Chen Yilong, Wang Ruizi, Zhang Haowei.

The drama tells the story of Ling Ling Qi, who has dreams of a career in floristry, and master florist Bo Hai, who bond over flowers and pursue their true love and dreams together.


Sweet Dreams

English Title: Sweet Dreams
Chinese Title: 一千零一夜
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 49
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Jin Sha
Writer: Qian Jingjing, Xu Ziyuan, Cheng Tingyu
Broadcasting Website: Tencent Video, YOUKU, Viki
Released Date: June 25, 2018


Dilraba Dilmurat Dilraba Dilmurat as Ling Lingqi
Deng Lun Deng Lun as Bo Hai
Chen Yilong Chen Yilong as Mo Nan
Zhu Xudan Zhu Xudan as Zhou Xinyan
Wang Ruizi Wang Ruizi as Lu Baoni
Zhang Haowei Zhang Haowei as Chen Mo
Zhang Junming Zhang Junming as Lv Dawei
Qu Gaowei Qu Gaowei as Wen Guangqi
Wang Bingxiang Wang Bingxiang as Shi Ji
Fu Jia Fu Jia as Ling Guoliang


Ling Lingqi, an employee of a floral technology company, is a good girl who is sincere, kind, and helpful, but has a low self-esteem and weak character.

This shortcoming seriously affects her life, making it difficult for her to work well and realize her ideal at work, and also afraid to express her affection to her beloved boss, Bo Hai.

An unexpected opportunity, she and Bo Hai participated in the Hao Meng technology company launching a high-tech sleep improvement bracelet test.

A malfunction in the bracelet’s functional magnetic resonance instrument mistakenly transmitted Ling Lingqi’s brainwave data to Bo Hai’s dream model. The error allowed Ling Lingqi to gain the ability to enter Bo Hai’s dream world.

Since she was only in the other’s dream, Ling Lingqi temporarily put aside his real-life shortcomings of low self-esteem and cowardice and tried to help Bo Hai overcome the psychological shadows left by his childhood.

The courage in the dream world made Ling Lingqi reflect on her own flaws in life, and she actively worked hard to change herself, gradually becoming confident and brave.

In the intersection of dreams and reality, the two young people heal each other and reap a beautiful career and love!

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