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Michael Miu (苗侨伟) Profile

Michael Miu

Michael Miu(苗侨伟), born on June 18, 1958, in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, China, is a Hong Kong actor and businessman.

His major works include The Legend of the Condor Heroes, Hero of Tomorrow, Line Walker, Pandora’s Box, etc.

Basic Info

Michael Miu

Stage Name: Michael Miu
Chinese Name: Miao Qiao Wei / 苗侨伟
Nickname: A Miao, San Ge
Place of Birth: Zhoushan City, Zhejiang
Nationality: China
Birthday: June 18, 1958
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 180cm (5’10”)
Weight: 75kg (165 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Weibo: WeareMiu苗僑偉戚美珍


  1. Michael Miu’s agent is Television Broadcasts Limited.
  2. Education: Michael Miu studied at Heung To Middle School.
  3. Likes to play golf.
  4. Michael Miu’s wife is Jaime Chik Mei Chun, an actress.
  5. Michael Miu has a daughter and a son.
  6. In 1982, Michael Miu and Jaime Chik Mei Chun, met in the drama “You Only Live Twice, and married in 1990.


  • Flying Tiger III(Xu Jun Fei)(2021)
  • Pandora’s Box(Yamazaki Daisho / Shan Qi Da Chang)(2021)
  • Line Walker: Bull Fight(Cheuk Hoi / Cheuk Sir)(2020)
  • Flying Tiger II(Lo Ga Sing)(2019)
  • Guardian Angel(Cheung Dong)(2018)
  • Flying Tiger(Nip Yu Hong / “Victor”)(2018)
  • Line Walker: The Prelude(Cheuk Hoi / Cheuk Sir)(2017)
  • Come Home Love: Lo and Behold(Himself / spokesperson)(2017)
  • The Legend of the Condor Heroes(Huang Yao Shi)(2017)
  • Goddess of Struggle(Luo Tian Ming)(2015)
  • New Way of the Dragon(Du Ying Hao)(2015)
  • Line Walker(Cheuk Hoi)(2014)
  • Flower Pinellia(Cheng Hao)(2013)
  • A Change of Heart(Fong Zi Lik / “Power”)(2013)
  • Highs and Lows(Heung Wing / “Gordon”)(2012)
  • L’Escargot(Kwan Ka On)(2012)
  • Gun Metal Grey(Mai On Ting / Mad Sir)(2010)
  • My Better Half(Ching Sum)(2010)
  • E.U. (Emergency Unit)(Kong Sai Hau)(2009)
  • Au Revoir Shanghai(Nip Jun)(2008)
  • Love Exchange(Yiu Lap Tin / Mike)(2008)
  • ICAC Investigators 2007(Chan Kwok Wai)(2007)
  • The Drive of Life(Wah Man Shek)(2007)
  • Devil’s Disciples(Szema Fei-sing)(2007)
  • On the First Beat(Lee Man Sing / “Sunny”)(2007)
  • Dicey Business(Kiu Ching Chor)(2006)
  • Into Thin Air(Ko Chung Ching)(2005)
  • The Academy(Lee Man Sing / Sunny)(2005)
  • Two Most Honorable Knights(Kong Fung)(1988)
  • The Dragon Sword(Yung Chi Wan)(1987)
  • The Legend of Dik Ching(Dik Ching)(1986)
  • The Yang’s Saga(Yeung Yin Fai /Yeung Say Long (4th son))(1985)
  • Sword Stained with Royal Blood(Ha Suet Yee)(1985)
  • The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung(Chor Lau Heung)(1984)
  • The Fearless Duo(Szeto Man Mo)(1984)
  • The Foundation(Lee Sai Mun)(1984)
  • The Legend of the Condor Heroes(Yeung Hong)(1983)
  • The Radio Tycoon(Lui hei)(1983)
  • The Legend of Master So(Ma Kwan)(1982)
  • Hero Without Tears(Ko Jin Fei)(1982)
  • The Lonely Hunter(Au-Yeung Gong)(1981)


  • The White Storm 2: Drug Lords(Lam Ching Fung (Narcotic Bureau chief inspector))(2019)
  • New York New York(Mr. Mi)(2016)
  • Good Take!({We Are Ghosts})(2016)
  • I Love Hong Kong(Write Character name in English)(2011)
  • Brothers(Yiu Tam (Tam Chung Yiu))(2007)
  • Wo Hu(Superintendent Wai)(2006)
  • Jiang Hu(Figo)(2004)
  • How to Meet the Lucky Stars(Pagoda / Ginseng)(1996)
  • Don’t Give a Damn(CID)(1995)
  • Lord of East China Sea II(General Ku Yu)(1993)
  • Lord of East China Sea(Colonel Ku Yu)(1993)
  • Come Fly The Dragon(Chiu)(1993)
  • The Tigers(Wah / Ma Lung)(1991)
  • The Killer From China(“Black Eagle”)(1991)
  • Forsaken Cop(Fang Guo An)(1990)
  • Midnight Angel(Chief Yau)(1990)
  • Family Honor(Officer Koo)(1990)
  • The Outlaw Brothers(Tai Hwa Wang)(1990)
  • Magic Cop(Sergeant No. 2237)(1990)
  • The Fortune Code(Little Robot)(1990)
  • City Cops(Ching Shing)(1989)
  • News Attack(Chui Kit)(1989)
  • Close Escape(Lam Wai Tung)(1989)
  • Return of the Lucky Stars(Pagoda / Cone / Ginseng)(1989)
  • Burning Ambition(Wai)(1989)
  • Proud and Confident(Wai)(1989)
  • Hero of Tomorrow(Lee Sam)(1988)
  • Love Soldier of Fortune(Lam Shu Fu)(1988)
  • The Big Brother(Willie)(1987)
  • Edelweiss(Li Hsiao Chen)(1987)
  • Eastern Condors(Col Young’s commando)(1987)
  • Scared Stiff(David / Miu Dai Wai)(1987)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Lucky Stars(Pagoda)(1985)
  • Men from the Gutter(Qiu Zhenming)(1983)
  • Centipede Horror(Pak Kai Lum)(1982)
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