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Yu Mingjia (Lorla) Profile

Yu Mingjia

Yu Mingjia(于明加) was born on October 16, 1982, in Changchun, Jilin Province, and is a Chinese actress.

Her main works include Legend of Chu and Han, Pretty Wife, Love is the Source of Joy, As We Wish, etc.

Basic Info

Yu Mingjia

Stage Name: Yu Mingjia
Chinese Name: Yu Ming Jia / 于明加
English Name: Lorla
Nickname: Jia Jie, Jia Jia, Gui Jie
Place of Birth: Changchun, Jilin
Nationality: China
Birthday: October 16, 1982
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 168cm (5’6″)
Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Fandom Name: Garfield / 加菲猫
Weibo: 于明加Lorla


  1. Yu Mingjia’s agent is 18 Culture.
  2. Education: Yu Mingjia studied at The Central Academy of Drama.
  3. She is an actor at Beijing People’s Art Theatre.
  4. In 2010, Yu Mingjia and Hu Jun got married.
  5. Yu Mingjia has 2 daughters.


  • Under the Skin(Du Qing)(2022)
  • As We Wish(Sister Shi)(2022)
  • Happiness Is Easy(Qiao Qing Qian)(2021)
  • The Good Times(Sheng Jie)(2021)
  • Sisyphus(Xiao Liang’s mother)(2020)
  • Twenty Your Life On(Qu Wan)(2020)
  • Second Time Is a Charm(Chen Yi Lin)(2019)
  • The Listener(Zhong Yi)(2019)
  • My True Friend(Lawyer Wu)(2019)
  • Beibu Gulf People(Support Role)(2018)
  • An Oriental Odyssey(Empress Wu Zetian)(2018)
  • The Rise of Phoenixes(Consort Chang)(2018)
  • Incredible Family(Mai Xiao Xiao)(2017)
  • The First Half of My Life(Angel CEO)(2017)
  • Love is the Source of Joy(Guan Mei Yang)(2017)
  • Medical Examiner Dr. Qin(Zhang Yi)(2016)
  • Beautiful You(Zhang Wei)(2016)
  • Pretty Wife(Bai Su Xian)(2015)
  • Cupid Above(Zhou Qing Qing)(2015)
  • You Are My Sisters(Shi Ruo Lan)(2015)
  • Mao Zedong(Song Mei Ling)(2013)
  • Only Hero(Bai Shuang Feng)(2013)
  • Legend of Chu and Han(Cao Shi)(2012)
  • The City of Fog(Zhou Zhi Lan)(2012)
  • Cell Phone(Wu Yue)(2010)
  • Golden Marriage(Tong Duo Duo)(2007)
  • The National Treasure Box(Feng Er / Qian Er)(2007)


  • Ladies in Beijing(Tao Zi Jun)(2019)
  • The Blizzard(Hu Zi Wei)(2018)
  • One Night Only(Xiao Min’s aunt)(2016)
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