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The Listener – Nie Yuan, Song Yi, Lu Fangsheng

The Listener is an urban suspense drama directed by Gong Zhaohui and starring Nie Yuan, Song Yi, and Lu Fansheng.

The drama is based on the novel "Ting Shi / 听尸" by forensic doctor Zhu Mingchuan, which tells the story of Ming Chuan, a forensic doctor in Penghai City, who has solved numerous cases and was known as the "Listener". But he was suspected by Luo Bixin because of the "murder doctor" case. Luo Bixin, together with Ming Chuan, solves a number of strange cases.


The Listener

English Title: The Listener
Chinese Title: 心灵法医
Genre: Urban, Suspense, Thriller, Medical, Crime
Episodes: 36
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Gong Zhaohui
Writer: Jiang Yang, Li Qiguang, Zhang Qingyue, Xu Hui, Li Yihan, Hou Qingchao, Wang Zijian
Producer: Dai Ying, Dong Jun
Product Company: iQIYI, China Wit Media
Released Date: 2019-11-18
Broadcast Website: iQIYI, 爱奇艺



Ming Chuan, a talented forensic doctor of the Penghai City Police Force, has outstanding skills.

When Ming Chuan stands in front of the autopsy table, he becomes the well-known "corpse listener" in Penghai City.

With the smallest clues, he is able to find the truth and solve one bizarre case after another.

But apart from the search for the truth, he also cares about things that have nothing to do with forensics - the last wishes of the dead, and the regrets of the living.

The detachment from the living and the warmth for the dead make Ming Chuan a mystery.

No one can understand his past, nor can anyone predict his future.

In time, a serial murder case occurs in Penghai City. The murderer kills 4 or 5 people one after another in just a few years, each time disemboweling the victim.

These cases are so unique that the police judge the killer to have been trained as a medical professional and call him a "killer doctor".

The "killer doctor" case attracts the attention of Luo Bixin, a female police captain who is a newcomer to the police force. She locks her eyes on the mysterious Ming Chuan and begins to follow him in his work and life...


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