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Jackson Wang’s Girlfriend Is Song Yuqi? Relationship Is Exposed?

Jackson Wang Song Yuqi

On February 22, 2022, gossip media revealed a video, suspecting that Jackson Wang, Song Yuqi, a member of (G)I-DLE girl group are in a relationship.


In the video, when Song Yuqi just arrived at the hotel, she was picked up to Jackson Wang’s house by his driver. They spent a night together. The next day, the driver sent Song Yuqi back to the hotel again.

When she got off the car, she had three roses in her hand. After netizens saw this video, they speculated that Jackson Wang is dating Song Yuqi.

On February 23, the media released another video: after Song Yuqi returned to South Korea for half a month, the driver sent Jackson Wang home, then went to a community to pick up two girls to his home.

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang’s company issued a statement in response to the rumors on the net: the self-media continuously released pieced together videos, deliberately distorting the facts and violating Mr. Jackson Wang’s reputation rights, the company has reported to the police.

However, many netizens questioned Jackson Wang studio’s statement was to accuse the tipster of malicious disinformation Jackson Wang secretly met two girls.

But for the dating rumor of Jackson Wang and Song Yuqi, the statement only mentioned the words “rose”. On the relationship with Song Yuqi, the studio did not give a proper response.

How did Jackson Wang Jiaer and Song Yuqi get together?

They were both trainees who came back from South Korea and seem to have no interactions. But careful netizens found that they had participated in the same variety show and had a lot of interactions.

After the dating rumor was exposed, Jackson Wang Jiaer and Song Yuqi both did not make a respond. Now they still keep silent, netizens are curious whether they will take the opportunity to acquiesce to the relationship.

In addition to the video taken by the media, many fans also found out more unknown details.

couple slippers
  1. In fact, after Jackson Wang Jiaer was invited to participate in the show “Keep Running”, many fans took the initiative to turn into their CP fans because of the sweet interaction between them.
Couple Bracelets

2. Reviewing the past details of them is indeed innumerable, such as wearing couple slippers, unapologetically wearing couple bracelets as well as the same black headband.


3. On Chinese Valentine’s Day, Song Yuqi received a bouquet of flowers, which was exactly the same as the flowers held in the hands of Wang Jiaer on the day.

4. Besides, NCT and Way V member Lucas Huang Xuxi has also revealed that the girlfriend of a male artist in Hong Kong and Taiwan is his friend. Then, the related male artist was exposed to be Jackson Wang, and the girlfriend was Song Yuqi who recorded the show with Huang Xuxi.

5. Song Yuqi’s first album was produced by Jackson Wang’s company. At the time, Jackson Wang also posted to support her. It seems that Jackson Wang also helped Song Yuqi a lot in her career.

6. As early as August last year, a fan left a message for JacksonWang, questioning his relationship with Song Yuqi. The message listed the details of their suspected romance, which can only be said that everything is traceable.

Jackson Wang Zhang Yuqi

It is clear that the news of love will have a greater impact on idols, Jackson Wang is now at the peak of his career, Song Yuqi is also in the rising period.

What’s the truth? let us continue to follow up on the development of this matter!

Is Song Yuqi the girlfriend of Jackson Wang? What’s your opinion?

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