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Dong Qing (董晴) Profile

Dong Qing

Dong Qing(董晴), born on March 8, 1988, in Zibo, Shandong Province, is a Chinese actress.

In 2007, she started her acting career by appearing in her first TV series 死去活来.

In 2011, she got attention for her role in the drama Da Tang Nu Xun An, in which she played the role of Xiao Fo Ye.

His main works include With You, Martial Universe, Detective Chinatown, Life is a Long Quiet River, etc.

Basic Info

Dong Qing

Stage Name: Dong Qing
Chinese Name: 董晴
Place of Birth: Zibo, Shandong
Nationality: China
Birthday: March 08, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type:
Weibo: 董晴


  1. Dong Qing’s agent is Jingjing Culture.
  2. Education: she graduated from Beijing Film Academy and majored in Performing Arts.


  • Life is a Long Quiet River(Ge Yue)(2022)
  • Great Age(Guan Tao)(2020)
  • Martial Universe: Season 2(Lin Qing Tan)(2018)
  • Martial Universe: Season 1(Lin Qing Tan)(2018)
  • Hello Dear Ancestors(Zhen Ke Yi / Zhen Xiang)(2018)
  • My Love To Tell You(Lei Mi)(2016)
  • The Last Ranker(Qin Zhen Niang)(2016)
  • With You(Jiang Nian Nian / “Beta”)(2016)
  • Red Fox(Shen Yue E)(2013)
  • Da Tang Nu Xun An(Xiao Fo Ye)(2011)


  • End of Summer(Chen Xiu Juan)(2018)
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