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Could You Don’t Leave Me – Joe Chen, Jia Bing

Could You Don't Leave Me is a romantic film directed by Wang Ziming and Xiao Fei, starring Joe Chen, Jia Bing, Guo Tao, Celina Jade, and Wu Yue.


Could You Don't Leave Me

English Title: Could You Don't Leave Me
Chinese Title: 可不可以不要离开我
Genre: Romance, Drama
Duration: 91 min.
Director: Wang Ziming, Xiao Fei
Writer: Xiao Fei, Zhang Tan
Released Date: 2023-02-14
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Is it true that even the strongest love can be shattered by reality?

Four pairs of lovers, each with their own unique stories of joy and sorrow, are experiencing the ups and downs of relationships.

Despite facing hardships, they remain pushed ahead with it.

The most touching words on Valentine's Day 2023: "I will never leave you."


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