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“Youth With You 3” Debuted Boy Group “IXFORM” Finally.


On July 25, the Chengdu “Super Music Festival” drew a successful conclusion to the talent show “Youth With You 3”.


The popular trainees of “Youth With You 3” Luo Yizhou, Jojo Tang (Tang Jiuzhou), Lian Huaiwei, Neil (Liu Guanyou), Jerome.D (Deng Xiaoci), Kachine (Sun Yinghao), Liu Jun, Duan Xingxing, and Sun Yihang appeared at the festival.

IXFORM BOY GROUP Luo Yizhou Jojo Tang Lian Huaiwei

After the performance, they announced their debut as the members of a boy group. The group name is IXFORM. Luo Yizhou took the C-position and said that they will bring more works to fans.

IXFORM BOY GROUP Sun Yinghao, Deng Xiaoci, Liu Jun

In the first half of this year, the two talent shows “CHUANG 2021” and “Youth With you 3” were on the hot broadcast at the same time.

Finally, “CHUANG 2021” debuted the boy group “INTO1”. But because of pouring milk and Tony Yu Jingtian’s incidents led to the suspension of “Youth With you 3”.

The show failed to debut a group in the final stage. It has become the most regretful thing for many trainees and fans.

IXFORM BOY GROUP Sun Yihang Neil Liu Duan Xingxing

However, although the “Youth With You 3” failed to formally debut a group, it still did not disappoint the expectations of fans. Finally, the top 9 trainees debuted in the boy group “IXFORM”. Although it is late, fortunately, late but arrived

Congratulations to them and the new boy group “IXFORM”. Hope they have a bright future.

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    1. I love Xu Ziwei! I’ll be honest, he was my favorite vocalist. He is so talented that I think he can be a successful solo artist. I think being in a group doesn’t do him any favors since the rest of the members are so dance focused. He’d have to do more dances and get made fun of by Li Ronghao! Their albums can be edited by sound editors. I’m so impressed when I hear the bad live versions vs the edited versions on the show. I do wish they had a more vocal focused member though.

  1. All the boys are alike, in one word, too sissy. If one of them has big muscle or long beard, it will be different. But in that case, they will not be financed by sponsors and fans.

    1. Duan Xingxing aka X is not “sissy” but Insee what you mean about the others.

    2. Luo Yizhou is super athletic. Have you seen his ChongQing ad? Some of the boys can be on the more effeminate side, but obviously there is obviously a market for them because they won based on popular votes and their magazine sales have been bringing in the $$. I don’t understand where this comment is coming from and it is necessary. What popular boy group has long beard? lol.

      1. Still want the group to have Tony too, sad but really happy that others got to debute finally, they were talented and deserved this too.