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Rocket Girls 101 Disband is only 31 days away!

On May 23, the countdown to the disband of Rocket Girls 101 officially began.


Members of the group, Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuan Yi, Yang Chaoyue, and other members have sent messages of farewell.

It’s been two years since the Rocket Girls 101 was formed, and now the final month of the countdown has officially begun, meaning Rocket Girls 101 is coming up on its own disbanded season.


(i) Talent shows

Chinese talent shows got a late start, certainly for groups is even later.

Ten years before, Supergirl and Happy Boy, the show was the beginning of China’s talent show and produce a number of quality idols, who have now become the leaders in the industry.

Since then, mainland talent shows have sprung up, with shows like Go! The Good Boys, Dream China, and other talent shows, etc.

Later, there was the hit “The Voice of China” and “Sing My Song”, but these shows did not go on for a long time.

Of course, this is due to competition in the industry, but also to the lack of innovation in the show itself.

But most of these shows are individual talent shows, and there isn’t an authentic group-type talent show.

However, at the same time, the foreign group shows have been going strong for a long time, such as Japan’s Janis and 48 Series, and Korea’s SM, JYP, and YG agencies have been sending KPOP to the world stage, and although China has also started to develop group idol groups such as SNH48 and TFBOYS, they are still limited and not enough to make a big splash in the whole market.


In 2018, that has changed.

The awkwardness was broken with the start of group variety shows like “Idol Producer” and “Produce 101.

In particular, “Produce 101” created Rocket Girl 101, which brought a girl group frenzy.

Since then, “Youth with” and “Produce Camp” have matured and become the mainstay of the two girl groups’ selection, and now this summer continues to fight for the new round.

But for Chuang 2020, there’s also the impending created a new girl group, and with it, the announcement of Rocket Girl 101’s disbanded, ushering in a new generation.

(ii) Rocket Girls 101

In the summer of 2018, a girl group talent show called “Produce 101” is hit all over China.

The 11 members, including Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuan Yi and Yang Chaoyue, etc, made up Rocket Girl 101, which began its two-year campaign.

From the group’s debut single, to the group’s debut show, to participating in various variety shows and contributing to movies, the two-year development has brought hot songs such as “Rocket Girls”, “Calories”, “Venomous Come”, participated in “Rocket Girls 101 Institute”, “Rampage 20” and other variety shows, has won the Asian New Song Chart 2018, 2019 Most Popular Group Award, Weibo Night Group of the Year Award, etc.

Yang Chaoyue

The creation of “Produce 101” was to create the best girls group in China.

The Rocket Girls 101 has undoubtedly achieved this goal. After a lot of competition, the 11 outstanding contestants of “Produce 101” finally stood out, with their beauty, temperament, voice, dance, and rap, etc. Each of the contestants has brought out their own talents and displayed their most unique aspects to enhance the strength of the group.

Although Yang Chaoyue is often criticized for her strength, she is undoubtedly the hottest in terms of topics. Yang is undoubtedly the one with the hot search idiosyncrasy that attracts everyone’s attention through her characteristics, creating continuous heat and attention for the group.

Of course, for the 11 members of the female group, not all of them will be able to make a big splash, although overall Rocket Girls 101 is the best, the 11 members are divided into several levels, in the first level, Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuan Yi, Yang Yue, no doubt receive more attention and resources.

Of course, Rocket Girl 101’s interior is also exposed to various conflicts, but the overall situation is still good.

But for Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuan Yi and Yang Chaoyue, in addition to their activities with the group, they have also joined the film industry, bringing many works.

“The Punisher I” by Meng Meiqi, “The Douluo Continent” by Wu Xuan Yi, “The Night of the Dragon 2” by Yang Chaoyue, “A Midsummer’s Heart” and “Listen to the Song of the Phoenix”.

Two years of development, everyone actually got the exposure they deserve, through the group exercise, all of them have a certain foundation in the industry, although the group can not take care of everyone, everyone can be promoted through the group.

III. The post-Rocket Girls 101 era


Now the Rocket girls 101 farewell countdown is officially underway, with just 31 days to go.

Each member of the group has been joining the group for two whole years, and it is with a grateful heart that they come to make the best arrangements for the next 31 days and welcome the official farewell day.

In the midst of a hotly contested “Youth With You 2” and “Chuang 2020”, the Girls group seems to be taking a new turn.

After Rocket Girl 101, there doesn’t seem to be a strong competing group to rival it, and now the new girls groups are coming to take over from Rocket Girls 101, but it will take a while to check, whether they can maintain the heat and popularity that Rocket Girl 101 has brought.

When the China talent selection system is not yet mature, group talent selection is often criticized, but competition is also fierce.

Each member of the group has worked tirelessly, rehearsing night and day to become famous, but very few of them have actually made it to the top.

After two years of development, growth, and metamorphosis, each of them is very different from two years ago. For the future, these two years are undoubtedly the most valuable treasure of their careers, and the road ahead is still long.

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