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Rocket Girls 101 was disbanded on June 23rd, 2020

Rocket Girls Disband


On June 23, 2020, at the Rocket Girls 101 Farewell Ceremony, the Rocket Girls once again wore the pink contestant, affixed to their own nameplate, once again dancing “Produce 101”. At this point, the story of this limited girl group came to an end.

Because it is a time-limited group, it is limited to a two-year duration. The 11 members selected from the Tencent video program “Produce 101” include Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuan Yi, Yang Chaoyue, Duan Aojuan, Yamy, Lai Meiyun, Zhang Zining, Fu Jing, Xu Mengjie. And on June 23rd, 2018, the show finals officially formed a group and debuted.

At this point, it has been two years since the rocket girl’s formation night. Two years ago, they were selected from 101 members of the talent show to start the new idol era, and in a flash, the two-year deadline has ended.

After a long period of stagnation in domestic girl groups, many people were apprehensive about the future of the Rocket Girls after the formation of the group, while some have directly expressed their disappointment. But in two years, more than 500 rocket girl topic were appeared on Weibo hot search.

Although there is a time limit and the future is uncertain, Rocket Girls is destined to leave a significant mark in the history of Chinese idols.

Let’s take a look back at how they’ve grown over the past two years



April 21: The show “Produce 101” was released.
On 23 June, “Rocket Girls 101” official debut and released the single “Rocket Girls”.
On July 12, the first group reunion “Rocket Girls 101 Institute” premiered on Tencent video, recording the girls’ Daily.
On July 23, released the short film “There’s Always an Answer to Youth”.
On July 26, the episode song “Calories” for the movie “Hello Mr. Billionaire” was released.
On August 18, the first mini-album “Bump” with the same name of the title song “Bump” was released.
On December 18, won the 2018 Tencent Video Starlight Festival annual group, the second song of the album “Bump”, “Light’s MV won the most popular music video of the year.
On December 31, They were invited to attend Hunan TV’s “Happy China 2018-2019 New Year’s Eve Concert” and sang the song “Sailor Moon” “Calories”, and “Light”.



On January 12th, the first concert was held at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, with the theme “Power”.
On January 13, they participated in the Tencent video “Yin- 2019 POP Music Release Night”, and perform the track “calories”, “Sailor Moon” and Born to Win (adapted version).
On January 28, the promotional theme song “Galactic Disco” for the movie “Crazy Aliens” was released.
On February 1, participated in the finals of Tencent Video’s “Rave Now”, where the 11 members were divided into 6 groups for the 6 producer Feat, Sunnee was the special guest host for the finale of the show, which was co-hosted With Hua Shao.
On February 23rd, they held the second concert at the Cadillac Center in Beijing, with the theme “Light”.
On March 30, the third concert was held in Guangzhou Baoneng International Sports and Performing Arts Center, with the theme of “Flower”.
On April 8, released for the basketball World Cup group soul theme song “Planet of Honor”, and on the same day on the NBA Houston Rocket’s home field live performance.
On April 24, as a youthful and energetic representative, they attended the “Dreaming of Space – 2019 China Space Day” cultural and artistic evening party“, and performed “Born to Win”.
On June 8, the entire team joined together for the finals of Tencent Video’s “Produce Camp 2019,
On July 12, Rocket Girl 101’s second album “Li Feng” was released.
On October 25, rocket girls 101 spring bud 101 action public welfare song “a little light” was released.
On October 31, nine members participate in the Asian New Song Chart, they performed the “wind”, and won the award “Asian New Song Chart 2019 Annual Ceremony “Most Popular Group”.
On November 10, the entire group joined together for Hunan TV’s Hippest Night, bringing opening performances of “Born to Win,” “Calories” and “Sailor Moon.
November 16, to help 2019 Bazaar Star Charity Night, performing “Light” and “Miss Sa”.
On December 28, they took part in the Tencent Starlight Festival, bringing cooperation stage “Produce 101” + “Call My Name” and “Miss Sa”, won the title of “Girl Group of the Year” in the 2019 Tencent Starlight Awards.
On December 31, they attended Hunan TV’s “Happy China 2019-2020 New Year’s Eve Concert” and sang the song “Rampage to the Next Stop”, “Miss Sa”.



On January 11, they participated in the Weibo Night, bringing their opening performance “Miss Sa” and won the “Weibo Annual Best Group”.
On January 17, they collaborated with Shanghai Rainbow Chamber Choir on their New Year’s Eve single “Yao Hei Sen”.
On January 25, they performed the song “Born to Win” at the Beijing TV Spring Festival Gala 2020.
On February 10, they sang the public welfare song “Until Dawn” with 88 volunteers.
On February 13, “Rocket Girl Cloud Connection” officially aired, meeting with the girls in the cloud during the epidemic.
On February 24, the girls attended in “Sweet Mission”.
March 15, ” Rampaging 20’s S2: Nice to meet you” spring episode was aired.
On April 26, TouchArcade Anniversary single “On Fire” was released.
May 4, in the “Believe in the Future” Benefit Concert, singing the song “A Little Light”.
On May 17, the summer episode of “Rampaging 20’s S2: Nice to meet you” was aired.
On May 25, the first single “The 11th Heartbeats” from the farewell group special “Meet-Bye” was released.
On June 1, the second single of the farewell group “Meet-Bye”, “Hush! I’m Talking to You” is officially released.

Everyone grew up a lot during the two years and released many singles. The hottest one is “Calories”.
Time went by and the beautiful summer in many people’s hearts stayed there. Although the rocket girls will soon be disbanded, I believe that you will meet at a higher peak, I wish you, the best rocket girls 101 in our hearts, go to the brighter future.

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