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Lu Keran

Lu Keran (K,陆柯燃) born on November 7, 1995 in Nanjing, Jiangsu, is a Chinese singer, and member FANXY RED and THE9.

On April 28, 2017, Lu Keran with FFC-Acrush released their debut single and music video “Action”, thus officially debuted. In 2018, they signed with TOV Entertainment in Korea, while the group name was changed to FANXY RED. In August 2019, the group released their debut EP “ACTIVATE”, which led to their official debut in Korea.

In January 2020, she participated in the “Youth with You 2” and finally joined THE9 in 9th place.


Basic Info

Lu Keran

Stage Name: Lu Keran(陆柯燃)
Birth Name: Lu Jie (陆婕)
Nickname: Keke, Ran Mei
English Name: K
Birthday: November 7, 1995
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Place of Birth: Jiangsu, China
Blood Type: O
Height: 174cm
Weight: 51kg
Fandom’s Name: Ke Song
Fandom Color: #F2D846#EE781E
Fanchant: yī lù rán qǐ, fèng péi dào dǐ(一陆燃起 奉陪到底)
Weibo: THE9-陆柯燃
Instagram: @k_lukeran

Lu Keran Facts

  1. Her agency is TOV Entertainment.
  2. He studied finance and securities at Nanjing Commercial College.
  3. He studied fencing as a child and practiced sports for 6 years.
  4. After meeting An Junxi(a member of FANXY RED) while working in Beijing, she became obsessed with singing and dancing.
  5. In March 2016, after a year of training and screening, Lu Keran, along with An Junxi, Min Junqian, Peng Xichen, and Lin Fan, formed FFC-Acrush and began their year-long career as trainees.
  6. Likes to eat wonton and hot pot.
  7. Do not like carrots and eggplants。
  8. Likes to study perfume, fragrance
  9. Favorite Idol: Jackson Yee.
  10. Likes to travel to German and France.
  11. She doesn’t like winter and dark places.
  12. She is afraid of Butterfly and Cockroach.
  13. Can speak a little Korean.
  14. She doesn’t stay in bed in the morning.
  15. When the mood is bad will listen to songs to relieve it.

Album & EP

  • SphinX(The9)(2020.8)

Lu Keran Singles

  • Action(行动派)(FFC-Acrush)(2017)
  • I’m Sorry(FFC-Acrush)(2017)

Variety Shows

Youth With You 2(青春有你第二季)(2020)

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