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Bai Xueyun (白雪云) Profile

Bai Xueyun

Bai Xueyun(白雪云), born on February 7 in Jilin Province, China, is a Chinese actress.

Her major works include Bosom Friend, Behind the Scenes, Time Seems to Have Forgotten, etc.

Basic Info

Bai Xueyun

Stage Name: Bai Xueyun
Chinese Name: Bai Xue Yun / 白雪云
Place of Birth: Jilin
Nationality: China
Birthday: -
Height: 167cm (5'5")
Weight: 46kg (101.2 lbs)
Blood Type: O
Instagram: -
Weibo: 白雪云


  1. Bai Xueyun's agent is Beijing Film Studio.
  2. Education: Bai Xueyun graduated from Beijing Film Academy.
  3. She can speak English.
  4. She is good at singing and piano.



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