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Ariel Ann (安唯绫) Profile

Ariel Ann

Ariel Ann(安唯绫), born on March 5, 1985, in Taiwan, China, is an actress.

In 2008, she made her acting debut in the TV series Prince + Princess 2.

In 2013, she got more attention with the role of Hua Fulong in the sci-fi drama KO One Re-act.

Her main works include Love Is Sweet, etc.

Basic Info

Ariel Ann

Stage Name: Ariel Ann
Chinese Name: An Wei Ling / 安唯绫
Birth Name: Hong Zi Han / 洪子涵
Place of Birth: Taiwan
Nationality: China
Birthday: March 05, 1985
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 165cm (5’4″)
Blood Type:
Instagram: annweiling
Weibo: 安唯綾


  1. Ariel Ann’s agent is Shanyingzhizuo.
  2. Education: Ariel Ann graduated from the department of music,  National Taiwan Normal University.
  3. She is specialized in piano and cello.


  • Love the Way You Are(Xu Yuan)(2022)
  • Love Once Again(Flora)(2021)
  • Lover or Stranger(Song Xiao Dong)(2021)
  • Dt. Appledog’s Time(Tian Na [Ai Qing’s colleague])(2021)
  • Love Is Sweet(Linda / Du Ling)(2020)
  • Marry Me(Lin Yue Yao)(2020)
  • Flipped(Xun Xue)(2018)
  • Always Be With You(Tao Xiao Nong)(2017)
  • Karoshi(Wang Yi Chen)(2017)
  • Game(Guo Li Wen)(2016)
  • Memory(Chen Rou Zhen)(2016)
  • Lonely Gourmet: Taipei(Lin Zhen Li)(2015)
  • Dear Mom(Chen Qi Pei)(2014)
  • Angel ‘N’ Devil(Xiang Qing)(2014)
  • I Do²(Chen Mo Li)(2014)
  • Prince William(Zhao Kai Di)(2014)
  • Marry or Not?(Guan Yi Fei)(2013)
  • Bra Girl(Fion)(2012)
  • PM10-AM03(An Qi)(2012)
  • In Time With You(Zhang Mei Mei)(2011)
  • 33 Story House({Story 4} Chou Qian Tong)(2011)
  • MoMo Love([Teacher] /)(2009)
  • Prince + Princess 2(Zhao Mu Fan)(2008)


  • Monkey King: The Bottomless Hole(White Rat Ghost)(2022)
  • Elves in Changjiang River(Jiang Xiao Yu)(2022)
  • The Legend of Kunlun(Ryomi Chiba)(2022)
  • Chinese Painting Password in the Middle of the Antique Bureau(Woman in Red Dress)(2021)
  • Taoist Priest(Yu Feng Huang)(2021)
  • Fantasy Magician(Chun Chun)(2020)
  • Out of Control Memory(Yang Tian Ying | Xi Ying)(2018)
  • Campus Confidential(Lin Yu-Chien)(2013)
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