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Discovery of Romance – Janice Wu, Qin Junjie, Yang Bingzhuo

Discovery of Romance is a romantic web comedy directed by Yu Zhongzhong and Jiang Jizheng, led by Janice Wu and Qin Junjie, co-starring Yang Bingzhuo, Sun Yining, Li Jiajie, Xia Zhiyuan, Liu Dan, and Liu Yiwei.

The drama tells the story of Xia Tian, a furniture designer, who has very different modes of getting along with her ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend.


Discovery of Romance

English Title: Discovery of Romance
Chinese Title: 恋爱的夏天
Genre: Urban, Romance, Comedy, Life
Tag: Love Triangle, Ex-Boyfriend Comes Back, Jealousy, Break up, Second Chance Romance, Misunderstanding
Episodes: 26
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Yu Zhongzhong, Jiang Jizheng
Writer: Cai Yaoyao, Huang Qingjiao, Guo Jinwei, Wu Keji, Zhao Yichen
Producer: Zhang Meng, Xia Rui
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, UMG
Released Date: 2022-08-28
Broadcast Website: WeTV, Viki, 腾讯视频



Xia Tian, an up-and-coming furniture designer in her thirties, encounters her ex-boyfriend Xu Zehao, the owner of a design company.

Under the pressure of Xu Zehao's plea to get back together, Xia Tian's feelings for her current boyfriend Guan Xin, a plastic surgeon, begin to change.

On the other hand, Guan Xin meets his long-lost "sister" Lu Xi from the orphanage, and by chance, they have an ambiguous relationship.

Ex-boyfriend or current friend, friend or lover, misunderstanding or clarification, reunion or rejection, break-up or marriage, a series of sharp emotional stories revolve around the lives and work of thirty-year-old urban women.


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