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Lover or Stranger – Victoria Song, Ou Hao

Lover or Stranger is a romantic suspense drama directed by Huang Tianren, led by Victoria Song Qian and Oho Ou Hao, co-starring Ryan Zhang, He Dujuan, Dai Jingyao, Fan Jingyi, Wang Yizhe, and Tao Hai, with a friendly appearance by Tian Lei.

The drama tells the story of Luo Qianyi, a violinist, and her fiancé Huo Youze, who work together to clear the fog and pursue true love.


Lover or Stranger

English Title: Lover or Stranger
Chinese Title: 陌生的恋人
Genre: Suspense, Romance, Thriller
Tag: Amnesia, Aggressive Male Lead, Slow Burn Romance, Clingy Male Lead, Poor Female Lead, Secret
Episodes: 29
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Huang Tianren
Writer: Le Wulu, Ding Gougou
Producer: Zhang Meng, Yang Bei, Lu Ke, Wang Yecen, Wang Xiaoyan
Product Company: Shanghai Youhug Media Co., Ltd
Released Date: 2021-07-12
Broadcast Website: iQIYI



After an avalanche, a female violinist loses her memory. And she is about to get married to her fiance, a mysterious entrepreneur. Finally, they find themselves and their love through the fog.


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