2022 Chinese Drama List

Lover or Stranger – Victoria Song, Ou Hao

Lover or Stranger is a romantic suspense drama directed by Huang Tianren, starring Victoria Song Xi and Oho Ou Hao, Ryan Zhang, He Dujuan, Dai Jingyao, Fan Jingyi, Wang Yizhe, and Tao Hai, with a friendly appearance by Tian Lei.

The drama tells the story of Luo Qianyi, a violinist, and her fiancé Huo Youze, who work together to clear the fog and pursue true love.


Lover or Stranger

English Title: Lover or Stranger
Chinese Title: 陌生的恋人
Genre: Suspense, Romance
Episodes: 40
Duration: 45 min.
Director: Huang Tianren
General Producer: Zhang Meng
Product Company: Shanghai Youhug Media Co., Ltd
Broadcasting Website: Youhug Media(Youtube), iQIYI
Released Date: July 12, 2021


Victoria Song Victoria Song as Luo Qianyi/Song Xiaodong
Ou Hao Ou Hao as Huo Youze
Ryan Zhang Ryan Zhang as Yu Hang
He Dujuan He Dujuan as Sun Lei
Dai Jingyao Dai Jingyao as Qi Fan


After an avalanche, a female violinist loses her memory. And she is about to get married to her fiance, a mysterious entrepreneur. Finally, they find themselves and their love through the fog.

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