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Zhao Wei Is Shut out From Showbiz? “My Fair Princess” Is Her Most Famous Work.

My Fair Princess

On the night of August 26, some netizens found that the works of Chinese famous actress Zhao Wei were removed from several video sites, including her famous work “My Fair Princess/Princess Pearl” and her directorial work “So Young”.


Zhao Wei’s name has also been removed from the synopsis of many of her works, including “Romance in the Rain”, “Painted Skin: The Resurrection”, “Moment in Peking”, “Tiger Mom”, and so on.

Searches for Zhao Wei’s name on major video sites show no results.

Zhao Wei

After that, Zhao Wei’s Weibo Super Topic was also blocked, showing that it did not exist. Huang Xiaoming, an old classmate with whom she has always had a good relationship, also deleted the content related to her on Weibo.

Zhang Zhehan

Earlier, Zhang Zhehan was shut out from showbiz. He is an artist of Zhao Wei’s company. Many netizens guess Zhao Wei may be implicated by Zhang Zhehan. However, there were a lot of precedents that bad artists were blocked and their company did not be involved, It is clear that Zhao Wei was not affected by Zhang Zhehan Incident.

A lot of netizens began to discuss the reason that Zhao Wei was defined as a bad artist and blocked. A Zhao Wei’s interview video caught everyone’s attention, Zhao Wei even boldly revealed in the interview: I killed someone!

In the interview video, the host said that each interviewer will give her a secret. Zhao Wei said she has no secret. The host still did not give up, said there will always be, followed by Zhao Wei said the secret that shocked countless netizens: “I have killed someone “.

The host was shocked to hear this, and said several times “this is great”, the host still wanted to dig deeper into the problem, so she continued to ask: “Have you really killed someone”, Zhao Wei did not continue the topic and changed to the next topic.

This interview video has been controversial on the net. Some netizens said Zhao Wei just loves jokes, and can not be taken seriously. But there were also netizens who think Zhao Wei’s attitude was not like a joke.

Zhao Wei

This interview again caused discussion at present, some netizens commented that:

“This rumor has been spread for a long time, but we do not know the truth, hope to check it together this time! ”

“She has so many things that you don’t know which one attracts the thunder” ;

“Abortion is also a kind of ‘killing”.

In fact, Zhao Wei’s reputation has been on the decline in recent years, especially after she and her husband Huang Youlong were banned from the stock market, and netizens have never had a better opinion of her.

At present, it is not clear why Zhao Wei was banned from the Super Topic and her works are difficult to broadcast, but Zhao Wei has been “flourishing” in the business world in the past few years.

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei was born on March 12, 1976, in Wuhu City, Anhui Province. She is a Chinese actress, singer, director, and producer. She graduated from the Acting Department of Beijing Film Academy and obtained a master’s degree in Directing department of Beijing Film Academy

In 1998, she starred in the Qing costume court drama “Still Pearl”, for which she won the 17th Chinese TV Golden Eagle Award for Outstanding Actress. In 1999, she released her first solo music album “SWALLOW小燕子”, thus officially entering the singing world. In 2000, she starred in the emotional drama “Romance in the Rain”. After that, she rarely appeared on TV screens, focusing on her movie and recording career.

In addition, on the night of August 26, the works of Gao Xiaosong, Zheng Shuang, and Huo Zun were also removed, and Zheng Shuang’s Super Topic was also banned. It means that these celebrity artists basically said goodbye to showbiz.

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