X NINE – May I Have Your Heart-IP? (永不下线的,才算爱吗)

Single Name: May I Have Your Heart-IP? (永不下线的,才算爱吗)
Singer: XNINE
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2018-02-1
EP: Keep Online — YES Version
Label: Wajijiwa
Lyricist: Tian Qia
Composer: SUSUSU, Zheng Nan
Arranger: SUSUSU, Zheng Nan
On February 1, 2018, nine very different teenagers, based on the love issue of “Is it only love if you never get off the line?” Each person gives his or her answer: the heartbeat and the heartache are often caused by an unpredictable Emoji expressions of true meaning, as a little uncertainty, people begin to doubt that loneliness is the eternal destiny of mankind…
Nine voices with each emotion, stepping out of the love category to discuss loneliness and desire and express their thoughts and attitudes about online love with their fans, also This is a song that will resonate with more people’s emotions and help them ask questions about love and find answers in 2018.
“The more I want to cry out the more silent I am, the more you say you love me the more lonely I am”, 2018, February, X Nine with a love song, triggering a round of thought-provoking questions about love: is it only love if you never get off the line?
What would be your answer?
The answer doesn’t have to be rushed, you may have already found resonance in the music.

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