X NINE – Big Show

Official MV

Official MV Dance Version

Single Name: Big Show
Singer: X NINE
Genre: POP
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2018-02-09
EP: Keep Online — YES Version
Label: Wajijiwa
Original Lyrics and Compose By Teemu Lillrank&Jan Hy ty&Coach&Sendo
Chinese Lyrics by Ge Dawei
It is more urgent to discuss whether or not one exists rather than what it means to exist. BIG SHOW” is an expression of an attitude that focuses on the “sense of existence” of modern people.
The lyrics ask questions about “existence” such as, “Everything is live and interactive, so how can we have time to muddle through? It’s not hard to get ahead if you dare to upload”, this is an objective statement, but also a reflection and irony. In the age of huge amounts of information, where people are recording their lives in the cloud every moment, the world has become a mega Live Show. In this big show, you have to try your best to make your presence in order to emerge in the sea of information!

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