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WayV – Domino (多米诺)

Name: Domino (多米诺)
Singer: WayV
Genre: Electronica
Language: Chinese
Released Date: 2020-06-09
Label: LABEL V
Album: Awaken The World
Chinese Lyrics by:Kinyo Lim
Composed by E. Kidd Bogart/Jakob Hazell/Svante Halldin/Tiyon TC Mack/Rick Bridges (X&)/Linnea Södahl
Arranged by E. Kidd Bogart/Jakob Hazell/Svante Halldin/Tiyon TC Mack/Linnea Södahl
Vocal Directed by:Maxx Song (ICONIC SOUNDS)
Background Vocals by:TEN/XIAOJUN
Recorded by:Min-Kyu Lee @ Big Shot Studio/Min-ji No @ Yellow Tail Studi
Pro Tools Operating by:Maxx Song (ICONIC SOUNDS)
Digital Editing by:Eun-Ji Kang @ SSAM Studio/Maxx Song (ICONIC SOUNDS)
Engineered for Mix by:Min-Kyu Lee @ Big Shot Studio
Mixed by:Chul-Soon Kim @ Blue Ocean Studio
Original Title:Bones
Original Writers:Evan Bogart/Svante Clas Halldin/Jakob Gustav Hazell/Linnea Anna Södahl/Tiyon TC Mack
Original Publishers:That Was EZ (BMI) Administered by:Songs of Kobalt Music Publishing/S.C.H! Publishing/Warner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB/Big Noise Publishing/Warner Chappell Music Ltd/ICONIC SOUNDS
Domino” expresses that in love, you can’t control yourself even when you feel the unfairness of your feelings. The lyrics that compare this unstoppable relationship to domino are fascinating.


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