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The Invisible Guest – Janine Chang, Greg Hsu

The Invisible Guest is a crime thriller film, directed by Chen Zhuo, led by Janine Chang and Greg Hsu, with special appearances by Kara Wai and Yin Zheng.

The film is adapted from the Spanish film "Contratiempo/看不见的客人".


The Invisible Guest

English Title: The Invisible Guest
Chinese Title: 瞒天过海
Other Titles: 中国版看不见的客人
Genre: Crime, Suspense, Thriller, Drama
Duration: 105 min.
Director: Chen Zhuo
Writer: Shi Guang, Tian Liu, Jiang Miaomiao, Chen Zhuo
Product Company: iQIYI
Released Date: 2023-12-08
Boradcast Website: -



The greedy and relentless police chief Zheng Wei, upon learning that the wife of a wealthy businessman, Qiao Wenna, was wrongly implicated in a locked-room murder case, took the initiative to visit and proposed a deal. He demanded a huge sum of money to help her clear her name. As the deal unfolded, Hong Jie, a helpless mother who lost her family, revealed being oppressed by those in power. The son of a ruthless legislator, Minghao, and Qiao Wenna's past relationship also came to light...

Within the case, there are hidden secrets, and within the scheme, there are deeper plots. What is the truth concealed beneath the transactions of money and power?


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