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“Youth With You 3” Liu Jun’s Performance Is Wonderful, Lisa’s Praise Of him Is Enviable

Liu Jun

The most attractive thing about “Youth with You 3” is definitely the mentor line-up!


The first batch idol of the talent show Chris Lee, the walking CD Li Ronghao, the rap instructor Wilber Pan, and the dance teacher Lisa make this combination both interesting and professional.

For the trainees, only a few trainees attracted viewers’ attention. However, some netizens found that Liu Jun who used to be the mentor of “We Are Young” came to participate in the “youth with you 3”.

Netizens joked that the contestants did not work hard, the teachers have to joined by themself!

Liu Jun

When he finished dancing “负重一万斤长大”, not only did he receive an A grade, but also he received Lisa’s compliments. As expected Liu Jun’s initial stage infected everyone present.

As we watched Liu Jun’s dance, we were slowly infected with his every movement. We felt the story he was telling through his dance, so it was right that he got an A for the first stage.

Netizens guess it’s because Lisa couldn’t come to the live recording, so “Youth With You 3” hired a free dance teacher to help the trainees?

Liu Jun

As an outstanding dancer, he also has several excellent works, such as “大鱼”, “青花瓷” and “狼少年”. And he also choreographed “MY BOO” for Jackson Yee. This time he came to chase his dream and stand on the stage to shine.

In fact, all of these outstanding trainees have studied and practiced in their field of expertise for many years and have put in a lot of sweat to make them shine today.

However, we often see trainees in talent shows who have only been practicing for a month or two. If they have the talent to sing or dance well, that’s all. Some of the trainees were not good at singing and dancing, but shouting that they love the stage.

Liu Jun

One minute on the stage needs ten years practice off stage. If you love the stage, you should take every stage seriously and do your best for every stage.

Don’t go on stage easily when you are not ready. If you love the stage, you should respect the stage!

Talent shows are also for people who love the stage and are hardworking. If you’re just trying to make a name for yourself, you should not come to the talent show.

Hope that Liu Jun will make his debut in “Youth With You 3” finally!

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  1. Liu Jun Is a humble guy from Malaysia who is trying to break into China entertainment industry. Not everyone in China know about him but those who know him will acknowledge that he was a very good dance choreographer from 1Million dance studio.
    His good choreographed dance videos got him a job with TNT as a dance mentor and the trainees of We Are Young. I would say he helped TNT improved in their dancing (Typhoon Project) and TNT is now the top boys group in China. Hopefully his participation in YWY3 will get his talents recognized wider, and along the way will help the other trainees especially those in his group to improve.
    Remember to vote for him.
    The 2 videos I am attaching here is to show how much effort he put into his work for the dance “Grow Up With High Pressure”. (Liu Jun’s interview recording with song creator Tai Yi.) (Liu Jun’s Full dance choreography)

  2. I don’t like this news title. did someone say Lisa inferior? no.. write a title like this do you want to bring hate to this trainee? at least for me, I feel negative toward him already.

    1. there’s bound to be people better than Lisa in dancing, what do you expect, this guy himself is a choreographer and dancing all his life. Why would someone hate him? Just because they can’t accept someone better in dance than Lisa?