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The Enchanting Phantom – Eleanor Lee, Chen Xingxu

The Enchanting Phantom is a romantic fantasy film directed by Lin Zhenzhao and led by Eleanor Lee and Chen Xingxu, co-starring Yuan Wah and Norman Chui.

The film is based on the 1987 film "A Chinese Ghost Story". It tells the story of a scholar, Ning Caishen, who travels to Beijing for his exams and stays at Lan Ruo Temple, where he meets Nie Xiaoqian, a girl who sucks the essence out of men on behalf of her grandma, and after some trials and tribulations, they become a couple.


The Enchanting Phantom

English Title: The Enchanting Phantom
Chinese Title: 倩女幽魂:人间情
Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Episodes: 1
Duration: 96 min.
Director: Lin Zhenzhao
Writer: Ruan Jizhi
Producer: Hu Zhixin, Hu Xiaohong, Huang Lulu
Product Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures
Released Date: 2020-05-01
Broadcast Website:, Viki



The scholar Ning Caichen went to the capital to take the imperial examination. He spent the night at the Lanruo Temple and unexpectedly encountered Nie Xiaoqian, a ghost who specializes in seducing men and absorbing their essence under the guidance of her master, Granny Lao. In order to help Granny Lao absorb Yang energy, Nie Xiaoqian and her companions disguised themselves as dancers in a tavern, relying on their beauty to seduce men and lure them in. Once the men fell into the enchantment, even skilled martial artists would be easily captured. However, everything changed when Nie Xiaoqian faced the gentle and kind-hearted scholar, Ning Caichen.

Nie Xiaoqian was moved by Ning Caichen's innocence and willingly devoted herself to him. She was torn between the coercion of Granny Lao and the Black Mountain demon and her blossoming affection for Ning Caichen. She found herself in a dilemma. When Ning Caichen learned that Nie Xiaoqian was in danger because of him, his love for her grew even stronger. In addition to stopping the demon hunter Yan Chixia from harming Nie Xiaoqian, Ning Caichen had to rely on Yan Chixia's power to help himself and Nie Xiaoqian escape the imminent danger.

Despite his lack of martial skills, Ning Caichen was determined to protect this deeply affectionate love and face the uncertain challenges of life and death with Nie Xiaoqian.


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