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Seven Killings – Zhang Yi, Lang Yueting

Seven Killings is a spy film directed by Gao Qunshu, starring Zhang Yi, Huang Zhizhong, and Lang Yueting, co-starring Cheng Taishen, Sha Yi, Gao Jie, Jin Shijia, Li Chun, and Zeng Mengxue, with special appearances by Nie Yuan and Huang Lu.

Based on the novel of the same name by Mai Jia, the film tells the story of Nanjing in 1940 during the War of Resistance, where the Japanese and the Communist parties infiltrate each other, and where ace agents Jin Shenshui and Lin Yingying, along with a group of agents with their own ambitions, "walk above the tip of the sword" with the intention of certain death.


Seven Killings

English Title: Seven Killings
Chinese Title: 刀尖
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, War, Drama
Duration: 121 min.
Director: Gao Qunshu
Writer: Wu Ma, Mou Xiaoya, Mai Jia
Released Date: 2023-11-24
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In 1940, with various forces occupying Nanjing, secret agent Jin Shen Shui navigates daily between the Japanese military, the puppet government led by Wang Jingwei, and the military intelligence agency.

Like walking on the edge of a blade, he, with multiple identities, carefully survives in the devastated city of Nanjing. Concealing his true self, he searches for a path not only for himself but also for the entire nation.

It is not until he encounters Lin Yingying, who shares his deep-seated hatred for the enemy and appears even more adept at maneuvering through the chaos, that Jin Shen Shui, through their joint battles and struggles against various forces, truly begins to awaken in the midst of the turbulent times.


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